Conspiracies and Ron Paul

It is my sincere belief that there are forces at work, paving a path to destruction. Whether these forces be of malevolent or benevolent intent does not matter. However, in either case, our focus should not be on the mapping of threats, but on pursuing a solution of liberty for all who darken the door of the United States.

With that said, our time and energies are already taxed enough, literally and figuratively, with family, job, and life in general. There is, in my view, no need to add any further effort to consideration and promotion of theories of conspiracy. There are already enough facts to demonstrate what we already know: the United States government, in its current incarnation, wishes to rebuild the Middle East in its own image and promote "security" throughout the world. This, of course, includes national ID cards, tighter surveillance, and tracking of every human out of concern for "public safety." Ron Paul has brought these facts to the podium at the debates.

It is obvious that those entrenched within the government and the media licensed by that government have a vested interest in promoting the status quo, but we are capable of reaching people now through a new media. Ron Paul now lights up the internet with his presence. Grass roots campaigns have a new way of forming through websites, Yahoo! groups and, of course, our group.

What we must avoid, since we lack the power of the mainstream media, is the promotion of contestable conspiracies instead of sharing the hope and beauty of true liberty. We must turn our attentions away from the negative and focus on the positive. Ron Paul and the people who support him should hold a torch high, lighting the path and leading the way to liberty.

--Michael Hargett, Organizer "Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'-pendence"

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