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What Involvement Means

The purpose of Ron Paul '08 for'Indy-pendence is to inspire a broad spectrum of support. This cannot be done half-heartedly. This movement will not have the funds, or the tools subsequent to the funds, of other movements. This is why any level of involvement undertaken must be enthusiastic and energetic.

What does involvement mean? It means that if you say you're going to do something or be somewhere you do or go as you promise. This movement cannot afford to have people making promises they won't or can't keep. This is not a scare tactic. It should be an inspiring truth: You have the power to make this movement grow. Your energy will carry our movement to victory. Your enthusiasm can be contagious enough to inspire everyone, both inside and outside the group, to get excited and active for the cause of freedom!

With that said, this is a group of free association. I cannot coerce you into going or doing. I am grateful that I don't have that power as it runs contrary to the philosophies of both the Ron Paul campaign and liberty itself. My job is to make involvement more palatable for the members of this group. I want you to attend as many events as possible and do as much as you are willing.

There is a reason we are here. We've gone through the looking glass and we see the other side of things. We cannot grow weary in doing right. I applaud you for taking the first steps.

I want you each to gauge your level of involvement over the next few months. This is important. I don't want a "shoot from the hip" response. Take an hour and mull it over.

I want you fired up and filled with explosive energy for whatever level of involvement you undertake. I believe that passion will win the day, and if you are passionate your message will mean so much more to those listening.

We are the ones with the power to change the world, one person at a time. We must be positive; we must be driven; they must know us by these characteristics.

We stand on the edge of greatness, and in the end, when our children's children ask why they live in freedom, we can say, "because we acted."

This is not a movement where activists kiss their families (or pets) goodbye and are vapors from the lives they once knew. I want you to bring everyone you can into the fold of this movement. We will come up with ideas for everyone to get involved, from the stroller, to the walker, to the leash.

This is not a movement of bitterness or vitriol. Ron Paul has demonstrated time and again, even when under the fiercest of attacks, that he is a gentleman and a scholar. As I've mentioned elsewhere, he returns every rebuke with a smile and the facts. This is a movement of education and good will; nobody will join us if we're a bunch of rock-throwing zealots.

This is not a movement of "us versus them." I firmly believe that every person with whom you and I make contact ultimately wants freedom for himself and his family. Some have lost their way and do not understand how liberty can be realized in the terrifying times in which we live. We must calm their fears and point them in the right direction. We must meet them where they are and explain the freedoms to which each is entitled.

This is not a movement of homogeneity. Each member of the group has strengths and skills which will prove valuable. Each member has the ability to reach those in his immediate circle or neighborhood. There are people whom I may not be able to convince because of some prejudice on their parts, but another member of this group may hold much sway. I want to help you to use your talents to support Ron Paul and the cause of freedom.

This is a movement of peace through strength. The most powerful person in the room isn't the loudmouthed bully who picks a fight with every person who looks at him sidelong; it is instead the person who extends grace to those who hurl insults, corrects them assertively and only acts in a show of force when in clear and present danger. This philosophy is true for the United States and for any person who loves liberty.

It is my sincerest hope that you will join Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy-pendence and help us fight the good fight for real freedom, not the watered-down jingoism passing itself off as freedom while our liberties continue to be stripped away ounce by ounce.

--Michael Hargett, Founder "Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'-pendence"

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