A Snowball's Chance

It has been said by certain "conservative" pundits that Ron Paul has a "snowball's chance" of survival. I agree with this. Before you challenge my assertion, hear me out.

A snowball is simply a small bundle of snowflakes, which are often themselves overlooked and viewed as seemingly harmless. Children hurl snowballs at one another in games. Sometimes clumps of snow fall from trees scarcely noticed during the spring thaw. There is, however, a circumstance where the snowball becomes fearsome.

In the right conditions, a miniscule snowball that begins a slow roll down a mountainside can be the beginning of something powerful. These snowflakes, thanks to their cohesive nature, draw more of the same, and what was once a tiny clump of white becomes a rumbling mass capable of carving a path and knocking down all that stand in its way.

This is the Ron Paul revolution. We do have a snowball's chance. We start from the peak of a mountain of ethical government, of individual liberty, of personal responsibility, and we will, working together, add to our number. Our enthusiasm will be contagious as we thunder downhill toward 2008 and capture the hearts and minds of voters across the fruited plains.

--Michael Hargett, Founder "Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'-pendence"

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