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Pathfinder - Would like to Join or Start Group

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Hey Guys and Ladies

Recently fell in love with the Pathfinder ruleset and looking to join an establish group of adults or start one. I prefer to run but always enjoy playing, especially if I'm meeting new people. I'm on the south side by beech grove but can get pretty much anywhere within reason. Currently my schedule is limited to nights and weekends.

Let me know.
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I live in Plainfield and my wife and I would like to play. We have a friend in Danville who might like to join. We've talked about starting a game, but haven't had enough players. Let me know if you feel that you have enough players!
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the minimum players I'll consider is four. I'd like to tackle one of the scenario series for pathfinder, but set it in a world more familiar to myself such as greyhawk or the realms, but still using the pathfinder ruleset.
Bill S.
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Danville, IN
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I'm the Danville person Dave was talking about. Weeknights are best for me, scheduling is sometimes an issue during the winter because I have Pacer season tickets, but I'm definitely in!

I have a long-running campaign setting (~30 years plus) that I was in the process of converting to D&D 4.0, but I think Pathfinder might be much more worthwhile. I can do that so no one person has to GM all the time, but I'm perfectly happy to play rather than GM.
Brian L.
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Indianapolis, IN
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Howdy, I saw this post & thought I would throw my hat into the ring. I live in Lawrence, but I have wheels, so no problem. NEVER played Pathfinder, but familiar w/ 3e & 3.5E (& previous editions, of course), & have Pathfinder books. Part of a current group (I think...long story), but we meet infrequently. Weekends or weeknights, but couldn't play every weekend, for sure, especially around government holidays / 3-day weekends (wife is govt. employee).

With those limitations, I would like to be considered! Do we need to meet & see if we're on the same sheet of music, campaign & RPG-wise?
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I'm the Danville person Dave was talking about.

Yep... that's him smile

I'd like to play (perhaps) twice a month. Once a month doesn't seem like it's enough and every week seems like it can be a little too much to me.

Most weeknights work well for us. (Gale works very early a couple of days... so maybe the best evening for us would be Tuesday... but that wouldn't rule out other evenings.)

I have four books now... The Core book, Advanced Player's Guide, The Inner Sea World Guide, and the Bestiary.

As to playing in another world... I'm not thrilled with the idea (now that I've spent a lot of time learning about the Inner Sea area), but I'd play in Greyhawk if I had to. I just don't want it to be a 3.5 Greyhawk game with a slightly different rule set.

Anyway, those would be my preferences FWIW.

Oh yes, I'm up to meeting to chat if that sounds good to everyone. I don't remember where Lawrence is... up north? What would be a good place to meet?
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Hmmm. That puts a dampener on things.. You see, I'm not familiar with Golarin and I'm wanting to stick with game settings that I know of, and would prefer the players to only have general knowledge of. Kinda hard to do with gamers as they absorb anything and everything with the realms factoring too much because of over saturation.

I was hoping to find a weekly game, with maybe one week off a month for family stuff.
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I can't join a weekly game. My job is too hectic the first week of each month. Maybe I could play each week except the first though. Maybe.

I don't understand why the players can't have knowledge of the world. Roleplayers should be able to separate personal knowledge from character knowledge.
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I know Robbie has already expressed little interest, but for a few of the others Pathfinder Society might be a great answer for you. Games are running weekly at Saltire Games and Arsenal Game Room and are very much hop in, hop out games that work for people with variable scheduling. Each session is a complete adventure that plays in about 4 hours, set in Golarion and after successfully completing 3 sessions you level up.

If you guys are interested in more information about Pathfinder Society Organized play let me know and I can get it to you.
Brian L.
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Indianapolis, IN
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First, Mark, I LOVE your persistence!! Anytime I see Pathfinder mentioned in the Meetup, you are there with the Pathfinder Society!! I live just down the street from Saltire Games, so I need to check it out one Saturday. Anyway, well done sir!

Regarding the Pathfinder game, weekly or bi-weekly is fine with me, but I agree I'll need at least one weekend off a month to keep the Frau happy. As stated earlier, weeknights are good with me also, but I assume it will be a short session(?). I'm no Spring-chicken anymore, and needs me sleep.

Dave, Lawrence is on the Northeast side of town, off Pendleton Pike. Still new to the area, so really can't tell you much else about it, but as I said, I have the means to travel. If everyone is south, might make more sense for me to head that way, but I'm good either way.

Regarding the world, I'm no help...really doesn't matter to me, as long as it's not TOO freaky (by that, I mean up is down, black is white, etc. routinely). I love Greyhawk, but I see Dave's desire to campaign in a new world, especially since he has the book. two will have to Rock-Scissors-Paper over it.

Let me know if and when you all want to meet. Unfortunately, I can say this weekend through Tuesday evening sucks for me; multiple guests plus a research paper due Tuesday evening. A little more flexible after Tuesday.
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