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Indy Gaming Message Board LFG - Any kind of game, any side of town › West side gamers (in Avon, so if you are willing to drive there you are welcome)

West side gamers (in Avon, so if you are willing to drive there you are welcome)

A former member
Post #: 105
I had a long reponse but it disappeared somehow when I was wrapping it up....

To make a long story short, I'm not sure what you are asking, but I don't see that Josh and I would get into the game on the alternate Tuesdays, and I do not want to alternate GM's each week in the same campaign.
A former member
Post #: 41
No worries. I wasn't asking anything, I was saying, to sum up, that I think a 2 times a month game won't work for me. Since I initiated this whole idea of adding Tuesday night game to our schedule, and I can be there every night, it makes sense for me to GM it. If you, or others want to GM we can trade off or something - I am open to variations on the theme, I just want to have a campaign that is every Tuesday, not every other and it doesn't make sense for me to get involved in an every other Tuesday game.

I also feel a little guilty because I am not 100% sure I didn't twist your arm a little bit to GM this. If I did, I apologize for being a selfish twit - so it's also my attempt to make amends :)

Now if you want to run a Tuesday night game at your place, and Bill wants to play there, that rocks too. If you would like to play in whatever thing we decide to do there, that rocks even harder, even if it's only 2 times a month. I don't think your character's would fall too far behind in levels, but if they do, so what? We both know it's not all about the levels, right?

Whatever you guys choose to do - it's cool. I plan to start some game that will be played on Tuesdays at my place, depending upon what those interested in playing want to do.

Regarding tonight's game, we might be starting a little early tonight. We are planning to go to Iron Man at 1 or 1:40, and after that I will call everyone and let them know I am home. If everyone can come we will start the SW game early. If not, we will play DC or some board game until everyone can arrive. So in the back of your mind if 4 or 5 would work...that might be happening. If not, it's ok too.

See you later tonight.
Bill S.
user 10301657
Danville, IN
Post #: 18
I wasn't thinking of having two GMs running the same campaign. With the old group I was in we had 3 campaigns going with 6 people, and we very loosely scheduled who would be GMing their campaign in a given week. It gave everyone a chance to play a character and kept any single GM from getting burned out.

I just want to finally get to gaming, so it doesn't matter to me (though I prefer Pathfinder to Star Wars). I was only voicing a concern from previous experience that it seems really difficult to get into the habit of gaming when it isn't every week.
A former member
Post #: 42
I didn't realize what I said came across that way, sorry.

What I meant was that I will GM each week on Tuesdays, and then occasionally we could do 'something else', or run other campaigns..etc. As I think Dave said, running one compaign one week and then another the next - well I agree with Dave that's not what I any of us are looking for and I don't think it would work long term.

Bill let me bring you up to speed with my personal gaming plan so you know where I am coming from and see where you can fit yourself into the mix if interested.

Saturday nights we have a weekly Star Wars game. Very committed group with a core that has been gaming together for almost 3 years now. We are new to Star Wars saga, and are a little monty haul atm, but will probably moderate or reset that soon. With that said, 3 bugs almost handed the whole party their collective butts the other night, so we aren't completely OP.

We just started doing something on Thursday nights. It tends to be DC deck building, or X-wing miniatures, or some other game, until such time as our GM is available (around 7:30P). Lately, we have been doing our Star Wars game on that night as well, but that's mutable as well.

I realized last week that I now I have time on Tuesday nights to play - something. So I threw that out at our last game session. A couple of people were in, and a couple of people couldn't, and Dave mentioned he might be willing to run Pathfinder. I think I pounced on that. Maybe more accurately I pounded on it, begged, whined, etc. and practically forced the poor guy into it without realizing I was doing so until I looked back at the night later on. When I saw Dave's message about moving the game to his house, I realized that ya, I had probably asked more of him than he was willing to do, and I felt guilt. I don't know Dave well yet as we are new acquaintances, but I know he is a nice guy and I like him.

With all of that said, I have avoided GMing like the plague for a few years now because for many years I was 'it'. Talk about burn-out. Well it's probably time for me to start doing my part as GM again, and I am excited to give it a whirl again.

My wife and I recently built a room in the house that is primarily for entertainment, gaming etc. It sounds like as our group is growing I need to go buy a table that seats 8 now haha. But all teasing aside, that's where I am with this thing. I want my Tuesday night gaming experience to consist of a 'main' game that happens most of the time unless we all just need a break, or some new game comes out that we all want to try...whatever. I don't mind if everyone can't commit to come every week. It's preferable, but I realize that's not everyone's situation and am fine with people who will commit to at least 2 a month. Real life comes first.

On another note, I often get pacer tickets from a couple of holders who don't want them, so if you ever need extras give me a shout and I might have a hook-up :P
A former member
Post #: 106
With Don running, it sounds as if Terry will play a Rogue of somesort, we'll have an NPC (aka GM) Oracle, and my son Josh told me just now that he wants to play a Fighter. What classes do you like, Bill? I'm willing to play whatever class we need to fill out the group.

I was going to restrict the game to Core / Basic (whatever the right term is) races. Since this will be your game, Don, which races will be available? (You can make your Aasimar Oracle now!)
A former member
Post #: 43
To clarify, I was saying I could bring an oracle if there was no one playing a healer, but preferably not. Sometimes I had done this and then used that character to play myself in campaigns others ran in the same world, but not this time.

Standard 15 point build from the Pathfinder book. has info if you need it, and if you can't make a character between now and this Tuesday at 6pm, we can try to meet at 5 to get you going. If that doesn't work, no worries, we will make it happen at 6pm.

For the gamblers out there, I will also give you the opportunity to roll 3d6, six times, and place the ability scores where you like them. It's either or...15 points, or roll and hope. All die rolls must be performed in front of the group, so if you want to go that way, make him or her up except for those related bits.

We have 5 players at this time. Most likely 4 will be present Tuesday. This Tuesday will entail a lot of massaging characters' info into place, getting fine details worked out, etc. We will also discuss my campaign world, its background as known by the characters (not much at this point unless you have a lot of knowledge skills...) and how you each fit into it.

Ultimately, this is supposed to be fun. If it isn't fun, we can make corrections to ensure it is - that is what is most important to me.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss your character, the group, etc., and I look forward to the game.
A former member
Post #: 107
To clarify, I was saying I could bring an oracle if there was no one playing a healer, but preferably not. Sometimes I had done this and then used that character to play myself in campaigns others ran in the same world, but not this time.

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood. I thought you said that was what you wanted this time.

For the gamblers out there, I will also give you the opportunity to roll 3d6, six times, and place the ability scores where you like them. It's either or...15 points, or roll and hope.

Wow... quite a gamble. 3d6 gives an average of 10.5 per roll, which would average to a 3-point buy. Good luck to anyone who tries this!

We have 5 players at this time.

Just curious: Cool... I only had four so far: Terry, Bill, Josh, and me playing. (I guess it depends if you consider the GM a player.)

I look forward to the game.

As do I. Apologies in advance for games that I end up missing due to work. I'll try to make it by 6 on Tuesday. It'll be day five of close, so I don't think I'll be later than that.

Oh, speaking of missing games... my daughter graduates Thursday night (in Terre Haute), so I won't be able to make SW that day this week.
A former member
Post #: 108

I still need to know which races are available (though I usually play a Human myself), what you are doing for traits (most games that I've seen allow the players to have two one way or another), whether any classes or archetypes are not available, and whether you are using hero points (and if so, whether anti-heroes [giving up the ability to use hero points in exchange for an extra level 1 feat] are allowed).

I put the question here so everyone can know. Thanks for offering to GM.
A former member
Post #: 44
Hi Dave,


A couple of the guys made characters last night. The races available for players are Human, Half-elf, Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Gnome.

Two traits is fine.

For now let's stick with character classes from the Core and Advanced Players guide.

I am ok with using Hero points, but it's a discussion we should all have Tuesday. Presume we will, and don't be dissapointed if the group decides no (I can't imagine that happening).

A quick discussion about alignment that will lead into character class. I don't require players to have an alignment as long as their class doesn't require it. For instance, if you are a fighter, or a thief, or a wizard, it's less important to me that you have that restriction. If you are a paladin, a cleric, or say a monk for instance then absolutely you must use an alignment and you must adhere to it.

With that said, no EVIL alignment's will be allowed at this time, therefore any class/anti-hero that requires an evil alignment is not playable. This may change in time as the players get to know each other, but for now I would like everyone to be shiny, happy friends if possible.

What exactly do you have in mind regarding anti-hero classes? Give me a call or email and let me review anything you think might push the boundries.

Thank you for the questions, and by all means ask any others that you have! Feel free to give Josh my contact info so he can contact me if he has questions.

FYI, the other guys made a half-elven rogue, and a bard (I think half-elven as well). I fell asleep on the floor at about 1 am as they were finalizing things so I don't remember for sure haha.

Bill S.
user 10301657
Danville, IN
Post #: 19
So it sounds like we're on for Tuesday, what time (or was it in the earlier part of the thread and I've spaced it?)

Pacers play the Knicks in NY Tuesday night, so I might have some distractions :)

I am willing play whatever character is needed. I'd prefer something a little more active than a healer, but as long as we can deal with a fighting-type cleric in the campaign I'm pretty comfortable with that. I prefer sorcerer to wizard just because I don't like spell memorization, and I'm good with a meat shield or rogue if needed. Should I roll up before Tuesday night?
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