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Resistance - The Silent Killer

Robbie K.
Group Organizer
New York, NY
What have you done lately that really scared the shit out of you?

What have you done lately that pushed your comfort zone?

What have you done lately that made you slightly nervous?

If you answered "NOTHING" to the questions above then I've got one question for you. How do you feel right now?

I've spent the last week in sunny Florida.

I'm with my girlfriend, visiting my grandparents and her
grandparents and also spending some time at Disney World. I've been
eating lots of unhealthy food and spending a lot of time playing "Angry
Birds" on my new Droid smart-phone.

If you haven't heard of that game, don't bother checking it out, it is a tremendous waste of time as are most video games.

I realized this evening that I've spent the last few days really
beating myself up. I feel fat, I feel bored, I feel useless and I feel

What is going on?


I'm resisting my passion. My passion and profession is this blog,
it's helping people (mostly men) become more functional, confident and
get awesome results in their dating lives.

When I am working my passion, I don't think about "Angry Birds" or the number of hours until dinner.

Is it easy? Hell no. It's 2:06am right now and 10 minutes ago I
really didn't feel like writing this blog, but I knew if I didn't do
it, it might have been 3 days until I got it done. That is three days gone!

As I'm writing right now, I'm having fun and the words are flowing.
It's funny but this is almost always the case when I write but for some
reason I find it really hard to sit down and start.

So what is making it hard?


Resistance is our greatest saboteur. It is the mother of
procrastination. We feel resistance so we procrastinate and then we
rationalize the procrastination.

Before I started writing, I thought: "It's 2 am, you don't need to write now, go to bed and do it tomorrow."

99 out of 100 people would tell me that I had a totally valid and
logical excuse for pushing this blog off until later. But those 99
people are not living a life they are satisfied with.

They are not satisfied because they know they are turning their back
on who they really are the majority of the time. I'm not saying I'm
that other 1 our of 100, in fact, I'm in the 99% the majority of the

Rather then taking the action and doing the work that is calling to me, I typically let resistance take me out.

It's funny but the things that we resist and fear the most are
the things we know we need to do the most because they will be the most

If I just take one small action step each day by stepping into that
fear, my life changes for the better. So do yourself a favor and take
that step.

If you feel resistance then you know you're on the right track.

Hope to see you at tomorrow's meetup, click here to RSVP.

Robbie Kramer
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