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From: Gerry G.
Sent on: Monday, July 20, 2009 9:15 AM
Shared SEO Staff

I am now willing to share my full time SEO and social media marketing staff in India. They have been working for for over four years with fantastic results. They are the number one ranked SEO firm in India producing superior results. has three blocks of 120 hours per month available to share at $10 per hour for those capable of managing their own staff using an extranet.

The team consists of three full time employees and one part time project manager. All overhead costs are included in the price. My consulting time is extra:

Full time Web Designer/Developer
An experienced expert designer or developer with a command of the latest technologies including photoshop, html, CSS for designer or html, php, mysql for developer. This means that they can set up dynamic web sites, Worpress blolgs and databases.

Full time Content Writer
The content writer has a PHD in Psychology, is trained in persuasive copywriting, latent semantic indexing and, of course, the basics of keyword density. My copywriter has produced thousands of pages for me. Like all copywriters it is best to proof and edit what is written.

Full time SEO consultant
The expert SEO consultant is competent in all aspects of SEO work (site optimization, links, submissions etc). Link development consists of bookmarking, directory submission, forum and blog participation. Now you can afford to submit to fifty to one hundred sites for each page of key content. A spreadsheet submission report will be sent to you.

Social Media Marketing
In support of these areas the team also supports social media marketing efforts, does research, prepares reports and creates web sites.

The full time team is bound by the company's non-disclosure agreement. As pronounced by the International copyright laws, they will also waive all rights to intellectual property created by them during the period for which they work for you.

This fully dedicated team is comprised of professionals who are experts in their own fields. They work exclusively on our projects and report directly to you. The full time team is available a minimum of 30 hours per week. They will be in touch with you through instant messenger, extranet, and daily work updates.

If you would like to be more valuable to your clients and get more done give me a call.

Gerry Grant

My Experience
About four years ago a wonderful thing happened to my business. After three years of searching I found a full time SEO staff in India. I am one of the pioneers of search engine optimization having started with it in 1994, but I was finding it hard to get the work done with US employees and still make money. The money came in and the money went right back out in salaries and overhead.

When I was finally ready to take the leap offshore I headed to the office ready to let the two employees I had go. One was being paid over $90,000 per year and the other one over $65,000 per year. Before I could open my mouth that morning they both resigned. Of course they had learned a great deal working for me and they were going to start their own company. They were gone by the end of the day taking the clients they had obtained during their employment. Within one week and some adjustments my full time staff of an SEO expert, a programmer and a writer with a PHD in Psychology were producing better results than the staff I had previously in about one third the time. Many times what used to take about a week with the old staff would be completed overnight. The new staff also included a part time project manager and his assistant.

The surprise bonus was the fact that they knew more than I did. At the time I was one of the top experts in SEO putting on conferences and speaking at marketing events. They would prepare the information for proposals, search optimization marketing plans and everything needed to obtain large clients. They then would implement these plans at a fraction of the costs that I used to spend. I now have them write my SEO blog as well as a number of other ones that include venture capital, automotive reviews, entertainment news and equestrian related content.

Like all staff they still needed to be managed and corrected at times. I still was the one to talk to the clients and guide them. But no more long days changing Meta data on pages, no more hours submitting to directories or writing optimized copy. I would review what they had done, proof some copy then write up what I wanted to have them do next.

The copy still needed to proofed and checked because the writer writes like an Englishman, but I was making fewer changes than what I would need to do with the writers in the US. All requests had to be written out, a practice I now prefer. If I got it to them before the end of the day the work was usually completed by about 7:00 AM the next day. This accelerates web design because the client could check it and have feedback to me before the day ended.

Microsoft, Google and the biggest SEO firms in the US use people offshore. Now I do to.

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