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Japanese Meetup Group Message Board › The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

Surrey, BC
Post #: 886
So at about Noon, Ki No Ronin came back up on Deck after his 3 Hours Rest. He bows politely to Capt Nobunaga-San and asks, "Genki Desu Ka?", to which Nobunaga replies politely with a bow of his Head, "Genki Desu Yo", to which Ki No Ronin replies with the normal responce of, "Okagasama Desu".

Ki No Ronin notes that the Wind Gage dicates that the Wind is at 3Kmh. He asks the Captain, "Kaze kara dono kurai Ikimashita ka?. Capt. Nobunaga when replies, "Go Kiro Dake Desu. Ima kara mada Shimpai Shiteimasen". Ki No Ronin replies with a polite "Hai" and takes to walking the Top Decks, while making sure that the Ship is in fine trim.

Eventually, Yoshimune ShOko-San comes up onto the Poop Deck. He Bows Respectfully to Capt. Nobunaga-San. Yoshimune-San has a Scroll in his Hands which turn out to the the Ship's Crew Manifest List. He unscorlls it, shows the Captain something in it, and then quietly says something to Captain Nobunaga-San.

Upon reading over the Scroll, Capt Nobunaga-San sort of Smiles, and then announces, "Sumimasen, Minna Funenori-Nin wa Kitekudasai. Fune no Aimono wa Hajimenakareba Narimasen".

Obediently, Ki No Ronin and Yoshimune-San went about making sure that all the Sailors got up on Deck to have a Ships Meetings with the Captain.

When all were assembled on the Main Deck, with Captain Nobunaga-San, First Mate Yoshimune-San, Officer at Arms Ki No Ronin, with Ships Cook and Carpenter Shooji Chorishi-San at the Wheel acting as Helmsman, then Captain Nobunaga-San cleared his throat and addressed the Crew.

"Sumimasen. Yoshimune-San kara atarashii Shirase wa Kisukimashita. Chodo mae ni Watashi de Iimashita.", Capt Nobunaga-San then holds up the Scroll while pointing to the appropriate Printed Information, "Fune no Funenari-Nin Meibo kara Manabimashita. Kyo no aida ni, Ki No Ronin-San no Tonjobu Desu. Bonzai!!!"

Ki No Ronin sorts of looks Surprised and when it is suddenly announced that the Crew's Lists shows that today is Ki No Ronin Birthday. Upon the Captain's Announcement, the Crew bursts out in a chorus of: "Bonzai!!!, Bonzai!!!, Bonzai!!!"

Ki No Ronin then comes forward, bows politely to the Captain, to Yoshimune ShOko-San, and then to the Crew, "Domo Arigato Gozaimasu. Kyo no aida ni, Watashi no Sai Suki na Gemu wa Asobitai Desu. Kyudo no Renshu wa Shitai Desu."

There is a brief Cheer as they quickly start setting up the Ship's Improvised Archery Range after Ki No Ronin's Announcement to the Crew that he would like to celebrate his Birthday by having an Archery Practise.

During the Afternoon, they had a series of Archery Practises, in which Ki No Ronin himself participated along with the First Mate Yoshimune-San. The Captain decided to maintain the Watch himself along with Carpenter Shooji Chorishi-San, who was still acting as Helmsman.

Ki No Ronin did a splendid showing at Archery taking two of the six games of closest to the center three arrow elliminations that they played that afternoon. Yoshimune ShOko-San won, with Uyehara taking two games, and Yoshida-San taking one games.

During the Archery Tournament, between games, Ki No Ronin called "Alarm!" for Emergency Drill and sent everyone into the Rigging doing their Practise Drills. The Crew did this joyfully, and they wished Ki No Ronin a Good Happy Birthday, and if that ment doing some Trapeze Style Tricks in the Rigging to do it, then so be it.

At around 6:00pm, the Archery Range was dismantled, and the days Bangohan was served out by the Ship's Cook Shooji-San.

After Bangohan, Ki No Ronin asked to be dimissed from the Top Deck so that he could get and bit of rest for his next Late Night Shift on Watch. The Captain and Crew wished Ki No Ronin a Good Birthday Nights Sleep. While on his way down to his bunk, the Captain followed him and made a motion for Ki No Ronin to follow. The Captain then invited Ki No Ronin into his Cabin. They sat down and the Captain pulled out a Bottle of Good Sake, uncorked it, and filled a glass for Ki No Ronin while saying, "Kampai". For about an hour, Ki No Ronin and the Captain had about 4 more glasses of the Good Quality Sake. Then the Captain said, "Ima kara tabun Nemuretai Desu ka?" Ki No Ronin nodded in agreement, and then sort of staggered back to his Bunk in the Officers Quarters and Mess. He lay down and went off to Sleep.

So when Ki No Ronin was roused for his Watch, he got dressed and put on his Katana Sword and went up to the Poop Deck. He immediately noticed that the Wind had diminished to only about 1 to 2 Kmh, so the Kawashima Maru was just creeping along at a Snail's Pace.

After bowing politely to First Mate Yoshimune-San, Yoshimune then informed him that the Wind Speed had really dropped off during his shift, and for some times, there was no Wind at all. After taking his post and granting Yoshimune-San permission to dismiss himself, Ki No Ronin started his Watch. He had on shift with him Yamazaki-San, who was at the Ship's Wheel, Fujii-San, who went up and got into the Crows Nest, and Muto-San, who took his position at the Bow.

After about an Hour into the Watch, the Wind disminished down to nothing, and the Kobayashi-Maru sat Dead in the Water in the calmed Ocean. During that time, Ki No Ronin and his fellow Watchmates discussed their worries about the lack of Wind.

With about a Half Hour of Watch that was left, Fujii-San shouted and pointed off to the Starboard. In the distance, a Pod of Dolphin Kujaku Dobutsu was swimming by. Dolphins do not pose much of threat to the ship, so Ki No Ronin and his fellow Watchmates made some shouts to the Pod to come closer, but the Pod did not seem to notice as they carried on and disappeared off into the Horizon.

When the Sun started to come up, the Sun's sudden irradiation of the atmosphere seemed to generate a bit of a Wind of 1 Kmh or so, but shortly after Captain Nobunaga-San came up on Deck for his First Watch of the Day, that 1 Kmh disappeared. Ki No Ronin reported to the Captain that for most of his Watch, there had been no Wind, so their progress was negligable during his Watch. After checking Navigations, the Captain agreed. The Captain then politely dismissed Ki No Ronin, and after bowing politely, Ki No Ronin went down below to get his 3 hours rest before going back up on Deck to help with the Afternnon Watch.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 888
So when Ki No Ronin was roused for his Watch, he got dressed and put on his Katana Sword and went up to the Poop Deck. He immediately noticed that the Wind had diminished to only about 1 to 2 Kmh, so the Kawa Shima Maru was just creeping along at a Snail's Pace.

After bowing politely to First Mate Yoshimune-San, Yoshimune then informed him that the Wind Speed had really dropped off during his shift, and for some times, there was no Wind at all. After taking his post and granting Yoshimune-San permission to dismiss himself, Ki No Ronin started his Watch. He had on shift with him Yamazaki-San, who was at the Ship's Wheel, Fujii-San, who went up and got into the Crows Nest, and Muto-San, who took his position at the Bow.

After about an Hour into the Watch, the Wind disminished down to nothing, and the Kawa Shima Maru sat Dead in the Water in the calmed Ocean. During that time, Ki No Ronin and his fellow Watchmates discussed their worries about the lack of Wind.

With about a Half Hour of Watch that was left, Fujii-San shouted and pointed off to the Starboard. In the distance, a Pod of Dolphin Kujaku Dobutsu was swimming by. Dolphins do not pose much of threat to the ship, so Ki No Ronin and his fellow Watchmates made some shouts to the Pod to come closer, but the Pod did not seem to notice as they carried on and disappeared off into the Horizon.

When the Sun started to come up, the Sun's sudden irradiation of the atmosphere seemed to generate a bit of a Wind of 1 Kmh or so, but shortly after Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San came up on Deck for his First Watch of the Day, that 1 Kmh disappeared. Ki No Ronin reported to the Captain that for most of his Watch, there had been no Wind, so their progress was negligable during his Watch. After checking Navigations, the Captain agreed. The Captain then politely dismissed Ki No Ronin, and after bowing politely, Ki No Ronin went down below to get his 3 hours rest before going back up on Deck to help with the Afternnon Watch.

So at about 12:00pm or so, Ki No Ronin stirs himself out of his Bunk, Dresses himself, puts on his Katana Sword with matching Wazizaki Sepuku Blade, and goes up on Deck. After asking permission for the Captain, he goes up on the Bridge.

After seeing that the Wind Gage is registering nothing, and all the Sails are Limp, he asks the Captain, "San ji mae kara, Kaze wa Ikimashita ka?", to which the Captain responds, "Kono Asa ji no aida ni Kaze wa Nanimo ni Fukimasen Deshita. Kono Taisetsu na Kaze wa Kiemashita". Ki No Ronin quickly bows in acknowledgement to what the Captain had just informed him and then looks out the Sky. It is a Nice Sunny Day, without a single Cloud in the Sky. Various Crewmen, who are on Duty, are at their Posts, but are not doing anything. Since the Rigging is now limp due to no Wind, there is practically nothing for them to do, since a Crews main job is to keep the Ships Rigging Trimmed to the Wind, which is no longer present.

For about an Hour, they are stand their posts watching for a gust of Wind, but nothing comes and the Kawa Shima Maru sits becalmed in the Water. Ki No Ronin occasionally walks the Deck making sure that all is in Good Condition. Ship's Carpenter, Shooji Chorishi-San informs him that a few Ropes needed to me Spliced during the Morning, and a loose Kleat needed to me Resecured, but since there has been not wear and tear from the Wind on the Kawashima Maru, that there is no more Maintenance required at the moment.

After noting that there is a few Fish Swimming about the Hull of the Kawashima Maru, Ki No Ronin asks the Captain while bowing politely, "Funenori-Nin wa Sakanatsuri tabun ni Suru koto ga Dekimasu ka?", to the Captain replies, "Sugoi na Idea Desu. Ichiji teki ni Sakanatsuri Suru koto ga Dekitte mo Idesu, Dozo."

Ki No Ronin then has the Crew get out one of the Ship's Launches and has it put down beside the Ship, lashed to the side. Three Crewmen are selected to go down into the Launch with some Fishing Equipment. That is Yoshida-San, Miyazaki-San, and Hirayama-San. Hirayama was off Duty, but he has experience along with Yoshida-San and Miyazaki-San as Fishermen, so he is called onto Duty in order to help with the Fishing Chore. Being someone who really likes Fishing, Hirayama-San is most Happy to Help.

So for the next 3 Hours or so, the Three Crewmen are down in the Launch Happily Fishing away. They manage to catch about a dozen Saba Sakana during that time when a small School of Maguro Sakana comes Swimming by. They manage to get a hook into one of the nice big fat Maguro Sakana, and after a Half Hour's Fight, manage to get it into the Launch. After Subduing and Killing the Maguro Sakana, they haul it up on the Main Deck. Captain Nobunaga has the Ships Cook Shooji Chorishi-San Clean and then Cut a few Fillets out of the Maguro Sakana. After having the First Taste, Captain Nobunaga rewards the Three Fishermen a Good Big Slice of Maguro Sakana for their very own. With the Dozen Saba Sakana, and the Big Maguro Sakana, Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San is satisfied that they now have enough Fresh Fish to last them at least the next 24 Hours, so he has the Launch brought back up and Secured to its davit.

By this Time, First Mate Yoshimune-San has come up on Deck to do his turn at Evening Watch. After asking permission from the Captain to take watch, the Captain retires below to his Cabin. Yoshimune-San then checks the Wind Gage and it is still indicating nothing. "Kaze wa Fukimashita Ka?", he asks Ki No Ronin. Ki No Ronin responds, "Kyo no aida ni Kaze wa Nanimo ni Fukimasen Deshita". Yoshimune then takes a few Navigational Readings and remarks, "Kono Fune wa Nanimo ni Ikimashita!", to which Ki No Ronin reassures him, "Kyo dake kono Kaze wa tabun Fukimasen. Shimpai Shinaidekudasai. Ashita, kono Kaze wa tabun Fukimasu."

Just as First Mate Yoshimune-San has taken his Post at Evening Watch, Chorishi Shoji-San has preprared Bangohan with nice fresh Saba Sushi and Maguro Sushi. After the Captain Plate of Sushi has been delivered to his Cabin, and Yoshimune-San and Ki No Ronin have received their Plates full, the rest of the Crew are then feed, who are delighted with having Sushi with nice fresh Sakana on it, instead of that Sour Salted Fish that they have to get used to on long Voyages such as this.

About Two Hours after Dinner, Ki No Ronin dismisses himself from the Poop Deck and goes down below to his Bunk to get his Rest for his next Early Morning Watch. Once again, he inspects and dresses both his Katana and Wazizaki Swords with Oil, and then lays down to Rest.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 896
At about 3:00am, Miyazaki-San politely wakes Ki No Ronin as it is time for the Late Evening Watch. Ki No Ronin thanks Miyazaki-San for waking him, and dismisses the Funenori-San and starts to dress and prepare for his Watch.

Upon going up onto Deck, Ki No Ronin finds that the Funenori-Nin who will be on Watch with him are Muto-San, Nishihara-San, as well as Miyazaki-San. Upon reaching the Poop Deck, he relieves First Mate Yoshimune-San. When doing so, Yoshimune-San reports to Ki No Ronin that the wind had failled to blow during the night in both his and Captain Nobunaga-San's Watch, and that the Kawashima Maru had not made any progress at all, and had been just sitting Dead in the Water.

So for the rest of the Night, the Wind continued to fail to blow and the Kawa Shima Maru continued to sit Dead in the Water. But they had to stay Alert in case the Wind should come, as that would necessitate redressing the Sails and making sure the Kawashima Maru would proceed on Course.

So for the Night, Ki No Ronin had some small talk with Miyazaki-San, who was at the Kawa Shima Maru's Wheel. They mused about the lack of Wind, and that if there is none soon that they may have to put the Kawa Shima Maru's Two Lifeboat Launches over, run a line to the Ship from them, and tow the Kawa Shima Maru along by rowing the Lifeboats.

So at about 7:00am or so, Captain Nobunaga-San came up on Deck asking, "Kaze wa Fukimashita Ka?", to which Ki No Ronin responded, "Sumimasen, Fukimasen Deshita. Fune wa totemo ni Ikimasen Deshita".

Seeing this, the Captain took his post and releaved Ki No Ronin. Ki No Ronin then went down below to have his quick Three Hour rest. During that time, Ki No Ronin didnt really sleep, as he is now worried about the lack of Wind that has been a problem for the last few days, so he would try to get a bit of sleep, but would end up waking every once in a while to look out the Porthole to see it there was any ripples on the Water from any Wind, but there were none. After only Two Hours, Ki No Ronin gave up trying to sleep, so he got up, strapped on his Katana Swords, and went up on Deck. Getting back up on the Bridge, and bowing politely to Captain Nobunaga-San, the Captain then asked, "Nemurimasen Ka?", to which Ki No Ronin replied, "Hai, Nemeru koto ga Dekimasen Deshita. Kono Kaze no Mondai ni ima Shimpai Shiteimasu". The Captain then replied, "Watashi mo Shimpai Shiteimasu. Sugu ni kono Fune wa tabun ni Ken in Shi Nakareba Narimasen".

So for the next few hours, until the First Mate Yoshimune came up on Deck, they walked the Poop Deck, everyonce in a while, sticking their fingers up trying to feel for any Wind at all. The other Funenori-Nin who were on Duty just sat at their posts, looking kind of Glum as the Sails continued to hang Limp.

Then at about 12:00pm, Yoshimune-San came up on Deck, and asked about the Wind, at the same time sticking his finger up feeling for the Wind as the same time checking the Weather Wind Gage, both showed nothing.

It is now at this point in time that Captain Nobunaga announced that he was not going to wait any longer for the Wind to Blow, but that it was now time to take things into their own hands and but the Kawa Shima Maru's Boats over the side and start towing the Ship with the ship's two Lifeboats.

Each Lifeboat has a set of Six Oars each, so each Lifeboat would have to be manned by Six Men each. In order to accomodate this, two out of the three daily watches would have to be on duty at the same time, so that the Lifeboats could be manned. One Lifeboat was run out with a boatlength more of extra line so that it would be out front of the other, so that their Oars would not tangle with each other. In the Front Lifeboat is Hirayama, Fujii, Miyazaki, Uyehara, Muto, and Yoshida. The other Lifeboat has Suzuki, Sakurazawa, Yamazaki, Ouchi, Yuju, and Yamashiro. So they rowed the Lifeboats for a about a Hour, with Ten Minute Water Breaks. During rowing, First Mate Yoshimune ShOko-San is at the Bow of the Kawashima Maru shouting down instructions and encouragement for the rowers. There is still three Crewman still on board in the Rigging, ready to catch any Wind should any come.

So for 4 hours, they rowed like this until it was time for the next Crew's Watch to come on Duty. When they did, they releaved the crew of one of the Lifeboats and carried on rowing. By the time that the Sun started going down, so they had to bring in the Lifeboats and put the two Tired Crews to Sleep, with a couple of Sailors on duty to do Night Watch.

When Ki No Ronin awoke for his Watch, he found out from Yoshimune ShOko-San informed him that there had still been no Wind. Glumily, Ki No Ronin took his post and did his Watch. For his 4 hour Watch, there continued to be no Wind.

The next Morning, the crew of the Lifeboat that had not had any break the day before were allowed to Sleep In while the other two Crews were put out to Tow the Ship. So for the Second Day of Rowing, the Crews were rotated every 4 hours. As far as Yoshimune ShOko-San has made out on his Navigation Calculations, that they had made maybe 20 Kilometers during the time of rowing.

So for the next few days, they made about 20 or so per day of rowing. After about the 3rd Day of having to row the ship, the Ships Cook Shooji-San reported that if the progress of the ship did not improve shortly, that they might start having trouble running out of Food. They did manage to catch the occasional fish, but not nearly enough to keep the Food Supplies restocked.

So it was after the 4th day of the Kawashima Maru being becalmed, Captain Nobunaga decided to conserve Food Supplies by reducing the ordinary crewman's Rations and Water by 1/3, and the Officers Rations (who did not do any rowing because of their Japanese Social Status) were reduced by 1/2 as they did not rowing, so therefore they did not need to replenish their energies as much. There was not much worry about Water to drink, as if they run out, then they could just dip into their stocks of Ales, Wines, and Champagnes that they had in their holds. Although the Booze may not make up for pure Water, it will be better than nothing.

So they carried on like this for another three days, with the crew getting loads of exercise, resulting in a lot of definition in their shoulder muscles coming to fore.

So on the Morning of the 7th day that there was no Wind, they had made maybe 140 to 150 Kilometes. So on the morning of the 7th Day, Captain Nobunaga decided to give the Crew a day off from rowing so they can recover from becoming exhausted. During that day, a light 2 Kmh Wind did come, and the Kawa Shima Maru did make about 20 or so Kilometers. But on the morning of the 8th day, the Wind again failed, so they had to go out rowing again. During this time, Yoshimune ShOko-San has calculated that they are at least 6 days behind schedule for making India, and if things did not get moving shortly, then they may be in danger of running out of Food during the trip and end up arriving in India Starving.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 904
On the 9th Day, things had gotten desperate enough that Ki No Ronin volunteered to help out by doing some rowing, releaving a thuroughly exhausted Crewman. And to save Strength, Ki No Ronin had totally cancelled all other ship activities such as Archery Practise or Security Alert Practise Drills.

But finally, on the afternoon of the 11th Day or rowing, a good light 5 Kmh Wind arrived. With that Wind, the Kawa Shima Maru's Sails filled with enough Wind that it was actually able to outpace the Lifeboats, so they were brought on board. After about a hour of the 5 Kmh wind, Captain Nobunaga sellected members of the Crew to continue doing the days watch, while the rest went below to have their First Big Rest in 4 days.

During the night, the regular Watches were posted and First Mate Yoshimune-San was glad to inform Ki No Ronin when his Watch started that the Wind had stayed constant in a range of 5 to 8 Kmh, and that the Kawa Shima Maru was now making 20 to 25 Kilometers per day.

So during the next 3 Days, the Captain had the each days Watch with Two Fewer Men than normal so that some of the Men can Rest and Recover from spending a Week and a Half rowing the Ship. During this, Ki No Ronin was keeping an ever vigilant eye out for other ships appearing on the Horizon, as now there was Wind for them, then there may be now Wind for another ship just over the Horizon to get them going, and that ship may just turn out to be a Pirate Ship that may have been becalmed as well, and therefore may be even more the hungryer for a conquest. Fortunately, nothing showed up.

Shooji Chorishi-San then reported that he calculates that in order for them to make the remaining Food to last a lot better, that the Daily Rations should be reduced by 1/4, including the Ships Officers. Reluctantly, Captain Nobunaga-San agreed and gave Shooji Chorishi-San permission to issue Rations accordingly.

After a further 4 more days of 5 to 8 Kmh Winds, a fairly Strong Gust of Wind came round of 15 to 20 Kmh. When the Captain announced they readings on the Weather Gage, the Crew yelled with delight: "Bonzai!!! Bonzai!!! Bonzai!!!". With the Wind now restored, Captain Nobunaga-San made the numbers of the Daily Watches to back as they had been before, since the Crew had now 4 days to recover.

In order to help Celebrate the Wind coming back, Captain Nobunaga-San ordered a Ration Issue of Sake Rice Wine to be distributed amongst the Crew.

During the next Day in the Afternoon while Captain Nobunaga-San, First Mate Yoshimune-San, and Ki No Ronin had just so happened to be all on Deck, Uyehara-San, who was up in the Crows Nest watching, suddenly started shouting, "Oki Kyodai na Ika Desu!!! Oki Ika Desu!!!"

The Kawa Shima Maru's Officers then looked off the Port Side to where Uyehara-San was pointing excitedly to. Indeed, off the Port Side was a Gigantic Monstrous Kraken Squad, which had come up and attached itself to the side of the Kawashima Maru!

Ki No Ronin immediately sounded the Alarm by yelling, "Kiken na Desu! Kiken na Desu! Daishiku ni Atakai no Haishi ni Iki Nakareba Narimasen!!!"

The crew then ran to their Battle Stations, arming themselves with their Bows & Arrows, and Jarai Spears. After seeing that the Kraken was using is Sharp Beck to chew on the side of the Vessel, Capt Nobunaga shouted, "Kono Ika wa Daishiku ni Shindai ni Koroshi Nakareba Narimasen!"

Obediently as well as Frantically, started Shooting and Throwing their weapons at the Kraken Squid. At first, the attacks seemed to have no affect on the boneless lifeform. Frantically, it flailed about with is rubbery arms in search of the source of the attacks in order to stop the assaults, but after a while, the Spears and Arrows seemed to affect it.

Suddenly, it seemed that one or two Spears or Arrows had gotten its mark, and the Kraken Squid floated away from the Kawashima Maru listless and lifeless. Ki No Ronin mused to himself that one of the shots must have gotten its Brain or some other vital organ.

Seeing as the Kraken Squid was floating on the surface seemingly Lifeless, they cut Sail and put out one of the Lifeboats with the First Mate Yoshimune in command. Yari Ika as well as Ika Sushi is a delicacy in Japan, so if the Kraken is Dead, then this would be a great opportunity to get some Ika to have for Dinner that night.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 907
After striking the Sail, slowing the Kawa Shima Maru, the Lifeboat, with a static line attached for Safety, made its way to the floating Kraken Squid. After Yohimune ShOko-San himself prodded the Kraken Squid a couple of times with his Jarai Spear, he was then satisfied that it was indeed Dead. He then ordered Two other Funenori Crewmen who was at his side, Nishihara-San and Yoshida-San, to start carving off chunks of Squid from the Kraken with Sharp Cooking Knives, while Yoshimune ShOko-San continued to keep them covered with his Jarai Spear. The Kraken was indeed Dead, as it did not even Flinch as parts of its were carved off. They carved off Three Tentacles as well as a huge chunk of its Head. After filling the Lifeboat as best they could with Squid Meat, they then signalled the Men aboard to pull them in with the Safety Static Line.

Once the Lifeboat was alongside the Kawa Shima Maru and the Squid Meat was handed up to the Ship, the Lifeboat was then pulled up on deck and secured. Immediately, Captain Nobunaga-San ordered the Sail Set to catch the 12 Kmh Winds and they were on their way.

After a Half Hour later, the Chorishi Shooji-San had prepared a some Yari Ika and Ika Sushi for the Officers and Crew to enjoy. They now had enough Fresh Ika Meat to last that Evening and the rest of the next day at least. They ate with gusto.

Right after Bangohan time, Ki No Ronin asked permission to go below to rest for his Night Shift Watch.

So for the next Week, the Kawa Shima Maru proceeded along its way without incident. The Wind constantly blew at a good 10 to 15 Kmh and they made good time. There was one day when the Wind blew at a good 20 Kmh, so they were able to make up for some of the Time that they lost when the Wind did not blow for a little over a Week.

During the Week, while on Afternoon Duty, Ki No Ronin would amuse the Funenori-Nin by resiting off the various English Words that he had learned at the Pub of his English Acquantance Fixato-San. He would take a Drink, raise it up, salute the Crew while saying "Drinku Desu. Cheersu Desu" and then down the drink to demonstrate English Drinking Etiquette. He even had the Funenori-Nin practise the Kawashima Maru's Emergency Drill by making the Emergency Signal the English word for "Protect". Instead of shouting "Ki ken na Desu!", he would alert the Funenori-Nin by shouting "Shipu wa Protecto Desu!", at which the Funenori-Nin would then jump to their Battle Stations.

Then on a Morning Rollcall, the Ship's Cook, Shooji-San had to make a report to Captain Nobunaga-San. Since the Ship's Cook was skilled at using various Herbs and Spices within his Duties, he also was the Ships Medic and Physician.

On this morning, Shooji-San reported that Two Funenori-Nin, Sakurazawa-San and Yamazaki-San, had reported to him complaining of Soar Puffey Gums of their Teeth. He had give them some Garlic and Ginger to sort out the Infection and then reported it to the Captain.

For the rest of the Day, Sakurazawa-San and Yamazaki-San did their days duty without too much trouble, but their Gums did not go back to normal. That night, at Shooji-San's recommendation, the Captain left them off of Night Watch so that they can rest and recuperate. Suspecting that having to be on 66% rations due to the week after being bestilled in the water, so that may have weekened the two Funenori-Nin. So that night, Sakurazawa-San and Yamazaki-San was given a full ration of Gohan Steamed Rice with Salted Fish on the side. The Kraken Ika that they had caught before had long since run out.

So they were given their extra Rations and put to their Bunks to Rest and Recuperate.

A former member
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How is this relevant to 'Japanese Language Meetup Group'?

Should we all start posting unrelated stories just because we can? No, because that would be called "spam" and it goes against the policies of the website you're using.
Surrey, BC
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How is this relevant to 'Japanese Language Meetup Group'?

Should we all start posting unrelated stories just because we can? No, because that would be called "spam" and it goes against the policies of the website you're using.

Minna Monogatari no ShOsetsu na Jinbutsu-nin no Serifu wa Nihongo ni itsumo Hanashimasu. Wakarimasu Ka?

All of the Stories Fictional Character's Dialogue are all spoken in Japanese. Get it now?

Surrey, BC
Post #: 913
The next morning, it was found that Nishihara-San also had the same sort of symptoms and that Sakurazawa-San and Yamazaki-San has not made any improvements. They still have good strength it seemed, so they were put to their usual duties as normal. The ailment did not seem to affect their sense of balance and ability to climb up and down ropes, so they could still do their duty. Nishihara-San was given a full portion of Gohan Rice to help with his recovery.

Ki No Ronin goes to the Ships Stores and inspects them. "Shinsen na Tabemono wa dono kurai arimasu ka?", he asks Shooji Chorishi-San, who is not only Ships Cook, but also Purser of the Store.

"Sumimasen Ki No Ronin-San. Sonkai no aida ni takusan shinsen na tabemono wa shiyo shimashita. Kudamono Ringo wa tabun go ju wa arimasu soshite mikan wa tabun ni ju wa arimasu.", showing Ki No Ronin the two fairly empty bags of apples and oranges. Shooji conintues, "Shio Sekana to Shio Buta Niku soshite kome wa arimasu.", pointing to the remaining couple of barrels which hold salted fish and pork next to a couple of bags of uncooked rice.

Ki No Ronin, who has also had some training in japanese herbs as part of his Shintoistic Nature Worshipping Training, knows that a lot of ailments could be caused by bad nutrition. He then reports to the Captain Nobunaga who is up on deck doing watch.

"Shitsurei Suru Nobunaga-San", bowing politely, "Watashi wa ima hanashi tai desu."

Nobonaga-San replies, "Michiron ni Dozo!"

Ima mo sukoshi ni shimpai shiteimasu. Fune no bushi no naka ni no sukoshi desu. Mikan wa ni ju arimasu soshite Ringo wa go ju arimasu. Shio na tabemono wa takusan arimasu. Shinsen na tabemono sugu ni shina gire desu." Ki No Ronin reports that the oranges and apples are low in stock without going into further detail, fearing to insult his captains wisdoms and intelligent.

"Arigato Ki No Ronin-San, sudeni shirimashita", replies Captain Nobunaga, having over heard Ki No Ronin's discussion with the ships cook below and always priding himself on always knowing everything that goes on in his ship. "Kono yugatta no ban gohan no aida ni, minna funenori-nen han bun no Mikan dake wa taberu koto ga dekimasu." Ki No Ronin quickly bows to Nobunaga and turns to the wheel, which Katayama-San is maning and as he takes the wheel and quips to Katayama-San, "Nobunaga-San no Meirei wa kikimashita. Ima shite kudasai!" Katayama-San replies "Hai!" and runs down below and informs Shooji-San of the Captain's instructions that each man get a half of an orange with dinner instead of a whole one.

As soon as the message is delivered, Katayama then returns up on deck and reports "Shiage ni shimashita! Shooji Chorishi-San iimashita!" Ki No Ronin replies, "Arigato!" as he returns control of the wheel back to Katayama-San.

Ki No Ronin then turns and looks up into the sails and can tell by how full they are that the wind might be about around 12 Kmh at the moment. He speaks alound, almost to himself, "Kaze wa tabun 12 Kiro mai ji desu". Captain Nobunaga-San simple nods and grunts confirmation, "Tadashi, Hai."

The rest of the day they sail along with Katayama-San on helm with Suzuki-San and Sakurazawa-San tending to the decks either sorting some equipment or standing ready on the bow of the Kawashima Maru looking out to see if they might spot something that the bridge crew do not.

Hirugohan is prepared and Shooji Chorishi-San dishes out the usual half bowl of Gohan, today with some steams salted pork. After lunch is over, the afternoon shift goes onduty. Yoshimune comes ondeck and takes over from Ki No Ronin as officer on the watch. Fujii-San comes up and takes helm with Muto-San and Yuji-San working as deck hands.

Ki No Ronin goes down to his bunk, but doesnt feel all that tired, so he goes for a walk about on the Orlop Deck in order to be friendly to the crew.

There most of the crew is asleep or dozing. Toranaga-San and Yoshida-San are also not sleepy, so they have gotten out some old chunks of rope and they are practising lashing ropes together. Ki No Ronin stops and inspects their rope lashings, "Kono nawa musuberu no renshu wa yoroshii desu,". Toranaga-San and Yoshida-San nod happily.

Ki No Ronin has actually also been practising lashing secretly during his night shifts of watching the bridge, so he challenges then, "Ichiban Hayai na Hito Anata tachi do chi ra mo kara doyatte ni ikuru koto ga dekimasu ka?" They look at each other and turn back and and with Yoshida-San shrugging his shoulders, Toronaga-San replies, "Sumimasen Ki No Ronin-San. Musuberu no renshu desu. KyOso wa zettai ni shimasen deshita."

Ki No Ronin then makes a semi command, "Ima KyOso Shite Kudasai!" Ki No Ronin then takes up two long lengths of old rope, cuts then in half and hands the cut ropes to Toronaga-San and Yoshida-San. "Ima Hayai ni Shuri Shimasu!"

Torogaga-San and Yoshida-San both nod agreeingly and they both take up their chunks of ropes. They then prepare with their rope lashing tools and nod to Ki No Ronin when they are ready to start.

Ki No Ronin raises his hand, and after a few moments lowers his hands while half shouting, "Ima Hajimemasu!". He only half shouts as he did not want to disturb the rest of the crewmen who are in their bunks around them.

Toranaga-San and Yoshida-San now start racing to see who can lash their two chunks of rope back together. It takes about 3 or so minutes, but Toranaga-San finishes first, holding his finished lashing up to Ki No Ronin before Yoshida-San could.

Ki No Ronin takes Toranaga-San's finished work and inspects it to make sure that it is properly done. It is and Ki No Ronin hands it back to Toranaga-San, who is smiling happily now. By the time Ki No Ronin has finished inspecting Toranaga-San's lashing, Yoshida-San has also finished his work. Ki No Ronin then inspects that knot and it is good too, "Kore wa mata ni Yoroshii Desu, Yoshida Funenori-San". To that, Yoshida also smiles.

Then Ki No Ronin gets to more lengths of similar rope and cuts them in half. He hands one cuts half to Toranaga saying, "Watashi tachi wa ima KyOso suru." with a smile. Toranaga-San had been sort of expecting this and agrees.

Yoshida-San then hands his rope lashing tool to Ki No Ronin, and raises his hand, now sensing that he is to be the one to give the signal for Ki No Ronin and Toranaga's race. "Ima Hajimete Kudasai!" he says as he says as he drops his hand.

Ki No Ronin had pratised a lot during his night shifts and his fingers danced amongst the cordage at an astonishing pace that causes Yoshida-San to become wide eyed as he becomes amazed at how fast Ki No Ronin is going. Ki No Ronins fingers are almost like a blurr as he separates the cordage of the ropes apart and then braids the two ends back together. Ki No Ronin beats Toranaga by over 30 seconds. After about 10 seconds after Ki No Ronin finishes, Toranaga looks up to check his opponents progress and notices that Ki No Ronin has already finished and Yoshida-San is already inspecting the finished lashing. Toranaga-San then stops, looks sheepishly at both Yoshida-San and Ki No Ronin and then proceeds at a more leisurely pace to finish his own lashing, which turns out to be good.

Surrey, BC
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Ki No Ronin decides that this is enough fraternizations with the crew and decides to turn in. He goes to his bunk, does maintenance on his swords gets out of his work clothes and gets into his night clothes, crawls into his bunk and goes to sleep. He goes to sleep looking at the picture of his favorite Geisha girl that is on the wall next to his bunk.

It was the Ships Bell ringing time for Ban Gohan that rowsed Ki No Ronin from his rest. He sat up in his bunk, got some fresh clothes out of his personal storage locker and got dressed. After fashioning his Katana and Wazizaki, he goes up to the Bridge.

Captain Nobunaga-San and Yoshimune-San are still standing watch. Ki No Ronin greets them, "Kombanwa. Ima Ita Dakemasu!", said while bowing politely. The bow back both chanting in unison "Hai!".

Ki No Ronin then stands on Deck with Captain Nobunaga-San and Yoshimune-San while Shooji Chorishi-San is down below wth his prepared Gohan Steamed Rice with half of an Orange each. He portions out the Gohan to each Sailor and then quickly garishes the bowl with half of an Orange, each half sliced into quarters and each hurredly arranged in sort of fan shape on top.

Once the crew is fed, Shooji Chorishi-San then reports by shouting aloud, "Nogunaga-San! Minna Fune Nori-nin wa ima Dashimashita! Anata no Tabemono wa Ryori Shite mo ideasu Ka!"

To that Captain Nobunaga replies simply, "Hai!". Then Shooji Chorishi-San then hurriedly prepares three more bowls of Gohan Steamed Rice with Salt Pork with four orange slices, and brings them up to the Bridge. First, he gives Ki No Ronin his bowl, then Yoshimune, and then the Captain.

Shooji Chorishi-San then goes back to the gallery and prepares his own bowl. Now the entire crew has their bowls of Salt Pork Gohan, and all are waiting patiently as the Captain Nobunaga has not started his bowl of rice yet.

After a few moments of holding his bowl of rice, and seeing as everyone has been given theirs, Captain Nobunaga then takes hold of the chopsticks states, "Ima Itadakemasu!" and then starts eating. Almost at once, following their Captain, all the crew then starts their eating. After a fifteen or so minutes, all the bowls are empty.

The empty bowls are then collected and with Yamazaki-San's help, Shooji Chorishi-San helps to wash the dishes with bowled sea water.

Ki No Ronin then asks, "San Jikan no mae ni Tsuyoi na Kaze wa Arimashita Ka?" Yoshimune replies, "Tabun Roku - Nana Kiro Kaze dake deshita. Osoi ni Itteimasu", saying that the wind has not be strong and that they are once again making slow progress.

Ki No Ronin looks about and sees that the Sails are at the fullness that they usually are when the wind is aobut 6 to 7 kilometers per hour. He then pats his comrad Yoshimune-San on the shoulder and says "Yori Un no motto kono Yoru no aida ni tabun arimasu. Gogo Ju Ichi Ji made mata ne." To which Yoshimune replies, "Hai! Oyasumi Nasai." Then Ki No Ronin turns to the Captain and says, "Ima Shuppatsu Shite mo Idesu ka?", asking for permission to leave the Bridge. "Captain Nobunaga then replies with a polite nodding bow of his head, "Hai, Dozo!".

Ki No Ronin then goes back down below. After taking a quick walkabout of the ship to make sure everything below is in order, he then returns to his bunk and falls asleep for his night shift of watching the bridge. Upon finishing his quick inspection, he sees that Captain Nobunaga-San has also come down to his little cabin and bunk. He seems to be looking over some charts on the little table that is in his cabin.

Passing the cabin on the way to his bunk, he says "Kombanwa Nobunaga-San. Ima Hajime ni Yasumimasu ka?", to which the Captain replies, "Hai, Sugu ni Suru. Oyasumi Nasai." To which Ki No Ronin replies, "Hai" and goes on to his bunk. He serves his swords and begins his rest.

It is Muto-San who awakens Ki No Ronin, "Shisurei Suru, Ki No Ronin-San. Kon Yoru no Shigoto ima Hajimemasu". Ki No Ronin replies sternly, "Hai!". Ki No Ronin then gets up and gets equipped for the nights watch. He then hears as Muto-San is awakening his watchmates Hiruyama-San, Yoshida-San and Miyazaki-San. They sort of whine a bit upon being awakened, but quickly get themselve motivated in getting equipped for night watch as they dont want their stiff commander to have to come and see what has been keeping them.

Ki No Ronin sees that the Captain's cabin door is now closed and there is no light. The Captain is sound asleep. He goes up on Deck, "Kitemo Idesu Ka?" he asked of Yoshimune-San. Yoshimune nods, "Hai, Dozo.", to which Ki No Ronin then gets up on the bridge deck. Ki No Ronin looks around and sees that the oceans are bit rippled, but calm and the sails are still at the fullness of having no more than 7 Kmh winds. He stands by Yoshimune and then says aloud, "Watashi no Yoru no KOtaigumi no Fune Nori-nin wa doko ne to imasu ka?!"

Almost as soon as Ki No Ronin had shouted that then Hiruyama-San, Yoshida-San and Miyazaki-San all arrived on deck. Ki No Ronin then inspects them over and says, "Yoroshii Desu, Yoru no KOtai wa ima Hajimemasu!" He then turns to Yoshimune-San and exclaims, "Yoru no KOtai Fune Nori-nin ima to imasu. Ima Shuppatsu Suru goto ga dekimasu!" Yoshimune then replies, "Hai, Arigato!" and then turns to the Crewmen of his shift, "Ima Shuppatsu Shiteimo Idesu, Dozo!" Ki No Ronin then motions to Miyazaki-San to take the ships wheel from Fujii-San and with that Fujii-San, Muto-San and Yuji-San then make their ways down below to get into their hammocks to sleep. After seeing that all the crews have not changed position, Yoshimune then salutes Ki No Ronin and goes down below to his bunk, which is right next to Ki No Ronin's.
Surrey, BC
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Then Ki No Ronin takes his watch. He checks the compass and the wind speed and records them down in the log as the first readings of his watch. He then spends about an hour watching from the bridge while the rest of the crew goes soundly to sleep below.

Now it is Ki No Ronin's favorite time of day when most of the crew and officers are asleep below. This is when he gets to have his secret practises with the crewmen who are sworn to secrecy about his night time activitiy. For it is no accident that Ki No Ronin usually prefers having Hirayama-San, Yoshida-San, and Miyazaki-San on his night shift. They are sworn to secretly teach Ki No Ronin how to do things on a ship that ships officers are not usually allowed to learn because it is supposed to be below their station. But Ki No Ronin believes that an officer of a ship must know how to do everything on a ship in case of emergencies and then have to be willing to help pitch in. When Ki No Ronin signed aboard this ship in Japan for this voyage to far off England to visit the Village of the Maidens, he had been a landbased Ronin who only worked to serve the Shinto Temples that he served for. Although his father had fully trained him to be a full fledged Samurai to serve the local Lord around Sasabo, which is a Castle Town that is a part of the Nagasaki Prefecture, Ki No Ronin grew up with a longing to serve the interests of the Shintoists of Japan. As a boy, he would spend all his free time going to the local temple of the Shintoists and pray to the Nature Kokoro Spirits and also help out with their temples upkeep and participated in all their Festival and Ceremonies. So when it came time for him to go swear alligiance to the local Sasabo Lord, Ki No Ronin stated that he desired to instead of become a Servant Warrior to the Shintoist Temple of his town. It had been a family tradition for their males to serve the local Sasebo Lord, but since Ki No Ronin had an Older Oni-San Brother Toshi Kosaka-San (Kosaka being Ki No Ronin's orginal family name) and could fulfill that function and with the petitions of the Shinto Priests who desired having Ki No Ronin amongst their ranks, his feudal Sasebo Lord Hidenari Mori allowed Ki No Ronin relented and allowed Ki No Ronin to go serve the Shintoist Temple instead of being a part of his Samurai Army. But Ki No Ronin's father was upset about it and decried that if Ki No Ronin was not going to follow in family tradition, then he could never be allowed to call himself Samurai. And since he was mainly volunteering to work in the Shintoist Temples Gardens as well as protect them, then his father deried that he be known as a Masterless Samurai to serves the Trees from this day forth and never to use the name "Kosaka" again. When the Sasebo Lord Mori heard of this decrie, he decided to santion it and made it law that the Ronin Warrior who would only serve the Trees, Plants and Herbs of the Shintoist Temples should from that time be known as "Ki No Ronin".

So after about 5 years of tending the Gardens and Temples around the Sasebo Shrines and Temples, he heard that the Shintoists had actually gotten a small shipping concern organized and they needed some men-at-arms to go help protect their ships. During the 5 years that he had worked in the Gardens of the Sasebo Shintoist Temples, he never stopped doing strict practise of his Martial Arts Skills, so he had a word with his Temple Priest that he would be willing to protect such ships and after prooving his Martial Arts Contest fighting against a few other Temple Ronin Men-at Arms, he was approved to go.

It is just that Ki No Ronin had never known anything of how things work on a ship. So Ki No Ronin had always volunteered to do Night Shift watch so in the dead of night, when almost no one was watching, he could learn how a ship works with this Night Watch Crew, who were all experienced Sailors, could teach him how things go together on a ship.

Tonight, they help Ki No Ronin practise crawling up and about in the Rigging. They do some swinging on the ropes, but they must do their activity as quietly as a Ninja so as to not disturb the sleep of their comrads, escecially the Captain.

It had been incredible for the sailors Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San and Yoshida-San to see how fast their shift commander has been at learning the sailor's skills in the past two years that they had been as sea. They are nowadays finding it harder and harder to show anything else for their leader to know. They had practised rigging the ship, splicing ropes, Yari Spear practise, navigating, taking depth soundings, mending sails, as well as climbing the rigging.

After about an hour of practising climbing the rigging, Ki No Ronin decided that he himself would climb up high and keep watch. He climbed up as high into the mast as possible and spent a time watching out to Sea to see if there was anything out there. As usual there was nothing. After spending about 45 minutes to an hour of watching, he came back down.

And with Miyazaki-San still being Helmsman, they set about doing some rope lassoing. That is for when an enemy ship comes close enough for a rope to be thrown and the Captain orders for that ship to be grappled. So they spend some time practising throwing lassoes around a set up Oar that is set up in the bow. They play around with this activity with crewmen taking turns on the Helm until the morning Sun starts coming up over the horizon. When the times comes, Yoshida-San is sent down to awaken the Captain, Yoshimune, and Shooji Chorishi-San. When they are aroused, Shooji Chorishi-San starts making the morning Gohan Steamed Rice, which will be plain except for a squirt of Soyu Sauce.

A short time as they are aroused, the rest of the Crew are aroused and the first Morning Shift is organized with Nishihara-San, YamaShiro-San, and Shimizu-San coming on duty with the Captain himself supervising.

When the Morning Shift is on duty, and Kesa Gohan served out and eaten, Ki No Ronin then goes to his bunk for some rest.
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