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October 27, 2007


Do you read Java code to your children to help them fall asleep?

No I read (javascript) its a bit more confusing not as portable. They say they always have nightmares if I read anything older than C languange to them. So I stick to exciting HTML, XHTML and when they have been bad I read them 60 lines of CSS....

What's with all the beans?

Dont Know much abount beans (but someone) told me they are components and I left it at that... I build several distributed and parallel processes before so I figure the beans come in handy in the Java world... Other than that I love beans.

Why do you like/love/hate Java?

I like/love(*\^$hate.*) Java because it fights the evil empire (MS). In my mind .NET and Java are fighting for world supremacy and I want to be on the right side of the fence. Besides. I think Java is the way to go for large projects and open source.

Who is your favorite Java Developer and why?

dont have one.

Is networking important for Java professionals?

I believe networking is important for any professional. I have programmed for a while and regardless of the programming language the way to survive and to expand your abilities is to socialize and establish good working and lasting relationships.


Hi, I am Manny and I have been programming for a while now. I have worked with various scripting languages (ksh, perl, cache, awk, javascript, c, c#,Laszlo) and I love them all. I am looking to network within the Java community and make some friends.

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