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the NEW evangelion movies... opine

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So after years of obsessing over Rei Ayanami but not having access to Neon Genesis: Evangelion, I decided to buy the series box set and watch it start to finish.

Overall, I enjoyed it. But the ending was lame (typical Gainax funding problems), and didn't make much sense to me. The pacing was almost painfully slow sometimes and way too fast others. Watched the movies as well..

A friend of mine brought up that they were re-releasing the series as a collection of movies.. reorganized, new characters, better pacing, cleaned up story, better special effects, etc.

I've seen You are (not) alone, and you can (not) advance.. and they were fantastic. A lot of the issues I had with the series seems to be completely resolved.

has anyone else seen them, and what did you think of the changes? I know Eva is a classic anime, but I feel the changes were massive improvements over the OAV.
Justin Prince M.
Tenafly, NJ
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I've seen the Eva retelling as well. Many of the key plot elements have changed slightly, but I still really like it. I'm actually one of the few people who really likes the original series including the last 2 episodes. I know it was done because of Gainax running out of money, but with what little money they had, I thought they did a good job finishing the story even if the last 2 episodes take place in Shinji's head. Shinji is the protagonist after all. (He's also my favorite character in the series.) I thought the universal questions raised and the way they were raised about freedom, reality, and life were awesome; you don't see much of that in any TV show.

If you are referring to the ending in terms of what actually happens as shown in End of Evangelion, then I'd definitely agree with you, particularly the "Adam and Eve" moment. I always forget that's the last scene of the movie. If only it didn't have that part, I'd have been completely satisfied. The movie would have matched the last 2 episodes of the series, and it would have been all good. But NOOOOOO... Anno Hideaki and the screenwriter needed to also have a choking!

I would agree that the pacing was not good in the original series. The pacing in the retelling is a remarkable improvement. Then again, the retelling is done in just 3 movies (4 parts). If you condense and retell a 26-episode series plus a movie into just about 6 hours, the pacing better be good.

Evangelion is a sentimental favorite of mine as it was what I consider to be my first anime. I mean technically DBZ, Sonic, and Pokemon were among my first anime, but I didn't get into the medium until I saw Eva.
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eva, or more specifically, Rei was what got me interested in anime. I saw her, loved the look of her character and was like what is this stuff?? Who is she, and where does she come from?

So for me, Eva is sort of like my anime 'beginning'.

Another random question.. it seems like the adam-and-eve thing is sort of a cliche'... i've seen a lot of anime that ends with that basic jist... is it sort of played out, or is it just me?
Joseph S.
West Orange, NJ
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It's just not anime really, but a lot of other works have Adam and Eve as an ending including episodes of "The Twilight Zone."­
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