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New to Goldendoodles and choosing a breeder. Mini? Medium? Advice on size/temperment

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I know this is long but have several questions and I want to be certain I am getting as much info as possible.
I have had dogs most of my life, but husky/husky mixes. I now live in a condo and a smaller dog would be more appropriate. I have an older shiba inu/rescue mix, and would love to add to our family. I am semi-retired and work at home, maintaining and working on web sites so am always with my dog.
Here are my questions.
1. What is best for a condo? A mini-doodle? Could a medium be ok? I don't want to go over app 35 pounds.
2. I have been talking with the breeder at Dazzle Doodles about her mini-doodles and she has been very helpful.
3. I would like a dog that loves attention. Since I don't have a yard, would the walks and dog parks be enough?
4. I do not want a dog that is aggressive to people or other dogs. I thought about getting a pure bred Shiba, but it seems like I just could not be certain about dog aggressiveness. They are also escape artists and they can be very high energy dogs, like huskies.
5. I do not like dogs that bark a lot. (Huskies and Shibas don't bark so that is what I am used to but I realize that is not true of all breeds.)
5. The dog will get three good walks a day and I live near a few dog parks; I think the dog will need off leash play time. Is two-three times a week ok? More?
I am happy to consider rehome/adopt an older dog. I prefer a male; I have a female now and have always had better luck with female/male mixes.
Any thoughts? Comments? Breeders? is the breeder I have been talking to a good one? Does anyone want to rehome a dog?
I am in no hurry. I want the right dog and the dog needs the right home!
Thank you so much!
Seattle, WA
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Hi -

I live in a townhouse and have 2 doodles! Elvis (goldendoodle) is 70 lbs and Pink (Australian Labradoodle) will be 50ish lbs when she is fully grown. I don't have a yard either so walking is our primary source of exercise. They get about 1 - 1 1/2 hours of walking every day, plus the dog park on weekends.

I think temperament is as important as size. I would say that Elvis is the perfect dog for a condo/townhouse - he's a couch potato indoors but extremely active outdoors (he loves to run). Pink is higher energy but still a puppy. I would look for mellow parents and if you're concerned about size, I think anything under 50lbs would be good. Also, after the puppies are born, make sure you communicate with the breeder about your needs so he/she can pick out a puppy that will suit you best for size and temperament.

I got Elvis from Donna Erickson ( and highly recommend her - she mostly breeds mediums now. Pink is from Manor Lake Labradoodles and they were also great to work with. They breed Australian labradoodles in all 3 sizes.

As for sex, I've also heard that you should either have 2 males or a male and female but not 2 females...

Good luck!
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My Goldendoodle is considered a mini and at 9 months weighs in at 45 lbs. however she is the biggest pup from the litter of 3 ( the other two are much smaller). Never barks - not even when someone knocks on the door, just loves people, kids, cats, and other dogs. No aggression, what so ever, you can do just about anything with this dog in the line of grooming, etc. as she is just so gentle. I am retired, so we are together much of the time. Follows me into every room I happen to be in and and just hangs out with me. Loves her daily walks (about an hour each day) and to play at off leash parks with other dogs, (on the rare occasion we go). I have a small yard, but mostly keep her inside as she likes to dig in my flower gardens when left alone too long. Hope this is helpful... oh, and she came from Huckleberry Goldendoodles (north of Spokane).
Bob M.
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Rocky is 65# and 2 yo--and we live in a townhouse. I won;t take up the space it would require to respond to your questions other than to say that goldendoodles fit your bill and more time off leash is better. Rocky particularly loves his one day a week at Puppy Manners running with the pack (and yes, I drive from Seattle to Woodinville every week to accomplish this--and it's worth it). Temperment is an individual thing and I wouldn't buy a pup without having an experienced trainer like Becky or Karen at Puppy Manners help me pick from the litter.
Joe, Wendy & Gizmo...
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We have two mediums, Gizmo and Bailey. Gizmo I think just hit 50lbs and Bailey is around 35-40. The breeder we got Gizmo from, Big Oaks Ranch, asked us about our lifestyle and matched us with a puppy. Gizmo is pretty much the best dog ever and loves to be around you. On the down side...if you leave the room he knows it :) But we could not ask for a better dog. Walks would be good to get the energy out. But I would also suggest since you are a member ....atttend some Doodle Romps, talk with owners and check out all the different sizes, where our dogs came from etc! Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much for your helpful answers! I have contacted two of the breeders recommended and done a fair amount of research. They sound like wonderful dogs and I'm finally understanding the "math." F1,2 F1B,F2B, etc.
It sounds like a Retriever/Poodle mix (first generation) is the best possible mix, but I may be wrong.
I am also looking for a mini-up to about 30 lbs, so that eliminates Donna's Doodles, although they are beautiful.
I had a nice talk with Huckleberry and really liked the breeder and her philosophy.
As I said, I also contacted Dazzledoodles/lil doods and was impressed by Valois as well. I am leaning towards her because we just seemed to be a good fit. But not having meet her dogs, or seen her kennels or how she raises her dogs is always a big question mark when you live a distance. She has invited me to visit, which I think I may do.
I want dogs well homed, nothing remotely close to a puppy mill, healthy, good temperment, and, of course, a puppy who loves me as much as I'm sure I will love him. (I think a male would be better for my current Shiba mix.)
Any additional thoughts and comments are welcome. I am so thankful for your input and helpfulness. I found one breeder at the very beginning of my search and found out she kept multiple dogs in her kennels and that was an instant no. This was actually another breed I was considering (cockapoo). That is just not healthy or kind to any dog. And once I met the Labradoodles on the trail, and found out about Goldendoodles, I was convinced I found the right breed.
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