New York City Bus Trip 5 Quick Things - AKA Please RSVP Today

From: Brian
Sent on: Thursday, September 30, 2010 9:53 AM

Okay this is it people, we have to circle the wagons.? This is the last call for RSVPing for the New York City / Photoplus Expo on Saturday, October 30th.? If you plan on going on this trip, you need to RSVP (and pay) now.? If I don't fill a large portion of the 22 bus seats we have remaining by this Sunday, I will have to cancel the trip.?

So in lieu of our multi-topic 5 Quick Things email, this email is dedicated to the 5 Best Reasons To Go On Our NYC / Photoplus Expo Bus Trip:

1. Three May Be the Magic Number, But In Our Case 2 Is Actually Much More Fitting

Not interested in the expo?? That's fine because we're making two stops!? That's right, numero dos.? One at the expo center and one for folks who just want to roam around the city for the day.? Two exciting options, same low low price!

WOW!? I had no idea.? I wish to RSVP for myself and five of my non-camera-toting friends >

2. It's The Economy Stupid

Here's just a partial listing of things you couldn't buy for the paltry $36 this round trip costs:
  • A used toupee ($69 on eBay)
  • An MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice Halloween Costume ($50 w/ shipping)
  • A year's supply of bacon-flavored soap ( est. $100 which may vary based upon individual bacon soap usage)
I'll forgo the bacon soap this year and RSVP for NYC today >

3. This Ain't Scorsese's New York City Baby

Did you hear? New York City is now virtually crime free!? In unrelated news, the math skills used to calculate crime statistics have dropped precipitously in the past 20 years.*

Who can argue with fair and balanced facts like that? Time to RSVP >

4. I Hear Joe McNally is Offering Piggy Back Rides to All Expo Attendees!

Enough said.


5. Who Really Watches Citizen Kane Anyway?

If we fill the bus I promise to not bring any of the following movies from my personal collection to watch during our journey:
  • Leprechaun 2
  • Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies (Paul Anka Version)
  • Ishtar (That's right, I pulled not one but TWO old 80's jokes out of the bag, I'm that desperate)
  • Anything featuring the theatrical-stylings of Freddie Prinze Jr.
I would not wish those movies on my worst enemy (or Nikon users).? I must RSVP immediately >

So there you have it.? Hope to see you folks tomorrow downtown.

Till then, keep shootin'


* All official 5 Quick Things statistics calculated by the 8:00 am Monday morning Statistics 201 class at Northern Massapequa Community College in beautiful Western Massachusetts.

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