scrubyt anyone?

From: user 1.
Sent on: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 2:00 PM

Are any of you using scrubyt?

Scrubyt has a forum but it seems near death.

But, this mail-list has a good group of very sharp and knowledgeable rubyists.

I have installed the scrubyt demos:
 - git clone git://­ubber/scrubyt_exampl­es.git

I tried this one:

$ ruby ruby_quiz_189.rb
`download_file': undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass
       from /pt/r1/lib/ruby/gems­/1.8/gems/scrubyt-0.­4.1/lib/scrubyt/core­/scraping/filters/do­wnload_filter.rb:8:i­n
       from /pt/r1/lib/ruby/gems­/1.8/gems/scrubyt-0.­4.1/lib/scrubyt/core­/scraping/pattern.rb­:250:in

I'd welcome any hints on how to debug ruby_quiz_189.rb so it will run.

scrubyt depends on some other gems:


Here is what I have:

$ gem list hpricot

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

hpricot [masked])

$ gem list mechanize

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

mechanize (0.9.3)


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