Short notice - no cost workshop

From: Lorna L.
Sent on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 4:21 PM
Some of us who have moved away from the religions of our youth feel a gap or an emptiness at times when our friends and colleagues are practicing rituals from those same religions. We feel left out and wonder why our new spiritual beliefs don’t offer us a way to participate.
So I wanted to offer this 40 day practice to fill that void. 40 Days to Freedom is a series of affirmations that will come to you by email that help you reflect on and release qualities that no longer serve your highest good – whatever you decide that to be.
We don't believe in suffering or sacrificing to increase our worthiness or to make God love us more because God could not love us more than she/he/it already does. But we do believe in letting go of all things that don't serve us, in letting go anything that separates us from God. And we believe in turning within and looking within, contemplating the qualities of God so that we can bring forth more of these qualities into physical expression through us.
I am offering this 40 day mini-workshop on a love offering basis because I want to make it accessible to everyone. You will receive a brief affirmation each day for 40 days in your email, beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22. All you need to do is take it into your heart and reflect on it.
You can sign-up here to be on the list to receive the emails. Signup and participation is free. In a few days a button will be provided where you can make a love offering if you chose.
I’m really looking forward to doing this and I think this is a great season to release anything that separates us from being the brilliant beings that we are.
Please join me.
Brightest Blessings,

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