Volunteers Needed, esp. Facebook and Twitter types

From: Kevin P.
Sent on: Sunday, January 10, 2010 11:47 PM
Enough Libertarians have stepped up to run for office that we should have almost every partisan race covered in November. There are two things that remain:

1. We need to jump through a few minor hoops to get these candidates on the ballot. We need between 90 and 150 signatures depending on the office to avoid the filing fee, and we don't want to spend a penny more than necessary. We need your help with this. If you are a registered libertarian, you may be receiving a "petition in lieu of filing fee" in the mail. We need you to fill that out and return it. If you have recently re-registered, or have registered in a different party and are willing to switch back to Libertarian, or if you just want to make sure we didn't miss you, I can email you the documents and instructions and you can print them out and mail them to us. If you are in a precinct with three races (for example, State Assembly, State Senate, and US Congress), and you sign those three petitions, you will save our candidates almost $50 in filing fees.

2. We need to make these campaigns count. Some of these races are winnable, if the stars align just right, but mostly we do this because it gives us a platform to get the word out to people who aren't happy with how things are going and show them that there is another option, and there is a party who truly stands for the individual against the state. If you can help stuff petitions into envelopes, we need that. If you can make phone calls, we definitely need that. But given the venue, I'm especially looking for people who can help run the electronic side of a campaign.

If you know your way around Twitter and Facebook, if you can help them set up a blog, or anything along these lines, you can help our candidates get incredible amounts of free publicity. Or maybe videotape a candidate at a public appearance and post his speech to Youtube. Please email me if you have even a few hours a month to help out. Social media takes time to build up and we need to get started now.

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