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Sent on: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 11:14 PM
Announcing a new Meetup for Spirituality 101 - Starting on the Path!


When: Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:00 AM

Price: $350.00 per person

Where: (A location has not been chosen yet.)

Guidance During a Period of Global Transition


Free Open Presentation of the Knowledge on Friday, September 10th at 7PM
Saturday September 11th from 10-7 and Sunday, September 12th, from 10-7
Cost: $350.00

We live in time of big changes, a special period that has been named by Masters as ?the period of global transition.? Due to these changes many people feel lost and without a clear understanding of their purpose and path in life. These times of uncertainty manifest in our daily lives through problems in our jobs and finances, inharmonious family lives and relationships, lack of self motivation and confidence, low energy, stress, depression and diseases.

This workshop is dedicated to teaching us how to go deep within ourselves to develop our power and act in accordance with our highest selves. We will learn how to navigate through this period correctly so that we are not draining our energy, but rather building our energy, opening to new perspectives and moving from a place of apathy and fear to a place of freedom and joy. We will gain a better understanding of our purposes and mission during this time. Participants will gain an understanding of energetic processes and self protection, along with developing individual power and purpose.

The roots of the knowledge of this workshop come from ancient Tibetan and Altaian (North of the Himalayas) healing practices, raja yoga, and other esoteric schools. Will be able to access this ancient wisdom and practice selected energetic and practical techniques to help every participant improve her or his life. This wisdom and practices have already helped thousands of people around the world who have experienced deep healing and self transformation through seminars like this.

Topics of the Seminar include:

* Connecting with the ancient wisdom to better understand the changes we live in now and how this relates to our personal life.
* Freedom from external misunderstandings and manipulations.
* How to build harmonious relationships between partners, family and friends according to cosmic laws.
* Freedom from addictions using Tibetan techniques.
* The Art of freeing our mind from external programming to employ conscious decision-making in all areas of our life.
* Techniques of self protection in the modern world and for everyday life.
* Art of integrating different life purposes purposes, such as finances, relationships, health? in accordance with a deep study of your mission.
* Special selected techniques to develop mental stability and concentration.
* The Power of Attraction?techniques to generate strong energy in order to achieve personal purposes and avoid problems.

All of the teachings and techniques are integrated into a dynamic program that begins the process of personal transformation during the seminar and enables participants to use these in their daily life.

We are very pleased to welcome Stella, a Master teacher, healer and 9th generation shaman, to New York.

After achieving many successes in the business world as a lawyer, Master Stella observed that many people did not have happiness and harmony in their business relationships: that there were hereditary (karmic) problems that people were unable to overcome. These problems led to divorces, stealing, rape, murder and more. Social laws were not solving the problems.

She began to look at the deeper issues underlying problems of both her clients, and humanity, and started to look for true solutions to the suffering she witnessed. Her search led her to the sacred places of Altai, where the secrets of natural and cosmic laws were revealed to her - laws above social and judicial laws. She learned of the laws that govern all processes on earth.

Using the knowledge, Stella has helped hundreds of thousands of people, from many different countries, to find harmony in their relationships, to be free of loneliness, to recover their beauty and vitality, to become more youthful both physically and in spirit, and to achieve financial independence.

She is a master of ?Aharata? (school of energetic martial arts and psychological protection), Shamanism, Tantra, & The Art of Goddess (liberating the feminine essence ? Shakti ? and restoring youth, beauty, health and empowerments to fully realize the potential of the feminine self).

A direct student of her enlightened Teacher, Alid Faske Natva, she has received the highest direct initiation in healing and is working with the deepest health, emotional and psychological issues and is achieving remediation and cure of many ?incurable? diseases.

Master Stella will be offering diagnostics and consultations which offer insight into your past issues (past lives and how they effect this current life) how karma is effecting your choices, behaviors and thoughts & what are your gifts to be manifested in this time and how to manifest them. She will also be doing healings. For more details, please call Severny Olen, [masked].

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