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Places to meet, things to do...

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As mentioned, Paris on the Platte downtown is smoker friendly with all the coffee bar treats.

Bull and Bush was fun and I know a lot of the group already knows where it is.

Bowling and Pool (billiards) are activities that I have always enjoyed while drinking which means they are also great for conversations that forces the conversation to move around as 1 person is always occupied.

As smoking is a popular side function we could look for outdoor activities because I hate missing the conversations the smokers have when they are getting their fix. (I used to be one of 'em).

Teambuilding activities, cooking classes, lessons in something new, heck, look at all the meetup options at this place! many options... what would YOU like to do?

Shite, I just wanna go Monday so I can get some direction for this energy..heh
Robert L.
Aurora, CO
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The biggest problem is that the Libertarian Party is often tied down by regulations. However, there's nothing to stop party members, as individuals or in groups, from moving and turning for Liberty.

Of course I'm biased, but I'd always enjoy meeting at the Tattered Cover. If we schedule it well, we could meet just as I'm getting off work. Yeah, I'm lazy. So sue me.

As far as what to do, our biggest challenges are in agreeing on what's most important, and in organizing. After all, two people working together are stronger than four people working alone.

Basing my opinion on this election, I think the most important thing we can do is education. I'd like to set up some kind of monthy "class" on the Constitution and Libertarian principles. The trick is this: people don't like to pay for things, so it's best if it's free. But that creates a major problem in that almost no one will give a meeting room (or classroom) away for free, so we'd have to pay for it out of our own pockets.

The second biggest trick is in generating interest in the classes and promoting them to the masses.

Possible answer to the first problem: fundraising. I've already voted in the fundraising poll, and I think it would be great to come up with a variety of products to sell. That will help fund our operations (whether we're working with the party in this case, or simply helping the party as an independent group), and would help spread the word. T-shirts make people into walking billboards. Books teach people how to communicate libertarian principles. It's a win-win situation.

If we can set it up.

But that brings up another problem. If we actually work as a part of the party, they'll get the money, which is great, but then it wouldn't help our "team's" projects (such as monthly classes). If we work seperate from the party, then we have to actually create a legal entity, with a sales tax license, or we'll be shut down faster than you can say "police state."

Any thoughts?
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I'm pretty sure that with the Outreach Director (Jeff) part of this group as well, we could come up with a plan whereby our fundraising efforts can be earmarked for some of what we do. Keep in mind, I don't want this meetup group to be a separate entity from the LPCO or its affiliates, rather a tool to allow us to communicate more extensively and promote our area events outside the Libertarians so that we have a constantly growing base of supporters and listeners. Our first goal should be educating the public of our existance, we don't need a classroom for that or in the case of Bo, it doesn't cost anything to talk to classes at the schools. This is why getting together is critical, if we can gather Bo and others that have presented Libertarianism to local schools or community groups, we'll learn how its done and have a small army of people to spread the word. We would probably be bogged down just giving Jeff a hand with his master plan.
Robert L.
Aurora, CO
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Yeah, the schools are definately important. I'm not even sure if the teach the Constitution in public schools anymore.
user 3390748
Denver, CO
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Hey guys,

This energy is GREAT!!! DO NOT LOSE IT!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Chris and I have a PAC called the Knights For Constitutional Freedom's. We were one of the most successful fundraisers in Colorado and we did virtually NOTHING. We raised 2,000 dollars and that was it. Most of the money went to cover the costs of the fundraiser and the rest went to start up fee's. The numbers looked good as a gross but the net sucked ass. For those unfamiliar with FEC regulations, any funds that go to promote a political cause must be claimed including fundraising. It is all fairly simple but complicated.

I have been talking a lot with the legislative director lately and I am getting very creative. There are many things that we can do in an educational status and get tax exemption not involving the Libertarian Party at all yet still educate citizens on issues that are important to Liberty.

I am working on a lot of things and could use a tremendous amount of help on what you already want to do, I have the foundations built.

Thank You,

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This is great, I'd love to hear from everybody and as a great starting point find out where we're all coming from and what our motivations are. Based on this we all should be getting great visions and ideas about what we can do next.

Wow, I can't wait for Monday! I have quite a list of questions, add your own if you cannot make it... well wait, new thread on its way.

Keep up the discussion here on places and things we can do and think about.

Chris, we would welcome all the members of your PAC to join this meetup group, especially since we might have a good thrust of Constitutional education plans.

Can your PAC accept donations above $1000? I want to find ways to compete with these other groups out there. One of my questins on Monday will be about fundraising for the LPCO which would fall in line with what we could do for your PAC.

Have a great weekend!
user 3390748
Denver, CO
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Can your PAC accept donations above $1000? I want to find ways to compete with these other groups out there. One of my questins on Monday will be about fundraising for the LPCO which would fall in line with what we could do for your PAC......

We can accept donations up to 5,000. However we are limited on what we can spend on campaigns and how we can spend the money. Competing with other PACS is very hard as most PACS generate money out of "Pocketbook Decisions"

Most PACS offer a direct return on a members investment. We don't do that. Politics today are more about big business than they are about a cause. For example if I were in the top 10% income bracket I would have a lot to gain by donating 5,000 dollars to "republican" PACS in tax cuts that would be worth more than my 5k investment.

Sorry I haven't been active on the board lately, I've been working all week and haven' been online. We are also not connected to the Libertarian Party in any way even though we share some mutual goals.
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So we are now meeting every Thursday at Machu Pichhu Restaurant in Central Aurora and this seems to be a great mix of the best activists of aurora/arapahoe county, most of which are not on this meetup group site.

Keep me updated with your location preferences for day and night and after these strategy sessions over the next couple weeks plus the start up of the Colorado chapter of the United Americans for Separation of Church and State (which we have 4 of 5 needed board members) we can reconvene to get the message out and I'll post relevant info up here on the boards to share.

I also encourage all of you to send me emails with questions, comments or requests for more info as I prefer communicating directly with everybody.

Happy Holidays out there and see you at the meetings!
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Lets keep this updated with favorite locations and not just in Arapahoe County.

Especially since the joint with the best true Italian style pizza is Via Baci just over the border in Douglas County!

Now, favorites in specific genres of cuisine are so all over the place that there is no way to isolate the best in any category that will please even a group as small as ours, but I want to hear about them.

Best to call me on my favorites, it doesn't always last....

but when a place actually has a limit on the number of Margaritas they can serve guests...there is something to be said about that...and worth checking out (Rio Grande - lodo and Park Meadows)

And when you go out...find out if the Owner loves Libertarians or is actually pleased with his tax liability and new minimum wage laws... biggrin
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...And when you go out...find out if the Owner loves Libertarians or is actually pleased with his tax liability and new minimum wage laws... biggrin

OUCH! That's Pithy! Damned funny too! biggrin

Okay, laughter aside, and for what it's worth:
I like an Italian restaurant called Mama Alvino's on Colfax & Chambers. (NW corner by the King Soopers)
(15179 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora)
More Info

There's a French Quarter Bistro called Mimi's Cafe at I-225 & Alamedia that I like too.
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