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Dear Friends,

I'm copying my response to Lisa's added photo of their first frog to be sure this subject doesn't get lost in the photo section.

Do look at her frog if you haven't, and then, this is what I added in response:

We share your joy, Lisa!

Your example of adding a pollinator pad led to my discussing this with Pam who is doing our pond layout. Since our pond edges are more on the steep side, Pam got the idea of using a beautiful rock to create a pollinator pad "sculpture" placed on one of the pond's shelves . She added little rocks around it. Result: One of our 3 froggies hangs out there all day it seems, half in and half out of the water as its nature loves to do!

We adore our frogs.! Pam says they're curious. For example, without her noticing, one of them hid under one of the flagstones Pam was working on and surprised her by suddenly leaping out -- almost halfway across the pond, she said. She let out a little scream. And yesterday when I walked by (since the pond is between our hoop house and garden spiral -- all in close proximity), the frog who had been resting on a flagstone leaped into the water. I could see its wet imprint -- shaped exactly like a frog! -- on the flagstone s/he had just vacated.

But s/he doesn't jump away when I walk by the sculpture. I think s/he is getting used to my presence, and that amphibious spot is real home to her/him.

By the way, yesterday I got a bucketful of water from the nearby Jewish Cemetery's larger pond! As you and I know, when I questioned you about a little girl's desire to bring a frog to our pond when she comes to the Open House, you responded like this: " I don't think it would be bad to introduce a gift frog or tadpole. In fact Patrick Whitefield talks about the option to "innoculate" your new pond with a bucket of life-ful water from a nearby existing pond!"

So thank you for continuing to add to our understanding!


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[""innoculate" your new pond with a bucket of life-ful water from a nearby existing pond!"

What a marvelous idea. Once I consider it, my response is "Of course!" Yet I never would have thought of it myself, even though I imported swamp muck into my vegetable beds for just that reason. Oh the wonders of sharing. Thank you, Elaine,

user 3022592
Portland, ME
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Oooohh, Mary, we could do that too from the cemetery's pond !

Yes, yes, sharing is so enriching!

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