New Meetup: Kunlun Nei Gong Seminar with Red Phoenix lineage transmission

From: Kunlun-Jas
Sent on: Saturday, November 21, 2009 10:55 PM
Announcing a new Meetup for NJ Meditation/Yoga/Reiki/Kunlun Nei gong/ Qi gong/ Zen Group!

What: Kunlun Nei Gong Seminar with Red Phoenix lineage transmission

When: December 12,[masked]:00 PM

Price: $100.00 per person

171 Arlington Dr,
Fords, NJ 08863

See details and provide any questions / comments at Kunlun Nei Gong 1 Seminar

By Kunlun Jaz

Location: Central Jersey - TBA
Timings: 1-5 PM
Cost: $100

Anyone that has attended a previous Kunlun session with me, can attend for $25

1. Introduction to Kunlun Spontaneous Nei Gung (Level I)
with Lineage Kunlun transfer/transmission

Participants can expect to learn:

* Kong Jing - a special form of mediation to allow one to be empty, receive and ground oneself.
* Maoshan 5 Elements Chi Gung - this breathing and standing Chi Gung will allow one to balance the five main organs of the body.
* Beginning level of Kunlun Spontaneous Nei Gung
* Initiation Transmission - I will transmit a portion of my magnetic energy to everyone so that one can be activated and use their own energy from within.

In this nei gung method the dormant potential of the students body, mind and spirit are awakened. This method is also referred to as the "spontaneous bliss" practice and is the subject of Lama Dorje's first book

Kunlun Nei Gung is a rare form of Taoist breathing practice that has its origins in the 7th century. This practice was created by a Taoist nun while searching for self re-enlightenment in the Kunlun Mountains of China. This practice - the search for the secret - has both inner and outer meaning. It signifies the universal inside (microcosm) and universal outside (macrocosm) which through practice become one, revealing to the inspirant the "secret within the secret".

This treasure of re-enlightenment is composed of three basic levels of breathing. The first level opens the body's nervous system, which is comprised of 72,000 nerves or nadis. The result of this opening is the awakening of the golden dragon, or magnetic body.

The end result of Kunlun Spontaneous Nei Gung system is to awake the practitioner's magnetic potentials, the "bliss-body", the expression of the dormant potential of the mind, and to understand the one law that governs all matter, energy, and form.

This practice is not written in any form. It is an oral tradition and must be transferred from teacher to student by a "mind-to-mind" form of transmission. There are hidden keys given to the inspirant after each level of practice is mastered. With over 30 years of Taoist, Tibetan, Mongolian, Hawaiian and American Indian traditions, I am able to improve and improvise on the original practice and make it more adaptable and useable for modern men and women.

What to Expect

When the Level I activates, practitioner will experience tremendous heat and sweating. Uncontrollable trembling, laughing and crying may follow this. This is due to the body is being physically and mentally purified through the process. Other manifestations include, speaking in other tongues, light manifestation around the body, levitation, and inner, or third eye opening. Many will have heat experiences, some may have visions of divine beings, others will have the third eye open so that they will see a bright golden-white eye of light. These are but a few of the experiences.

Throughout practice, some people are able to experience "death". This simply means that the sacred light is "divinely" touching the practitioner. The heartbeat will disappear, the breathing will stop for a period of time, but the person is in one of the five levels of bliss, and smiling as this is occurring. Because this is the natural state of a human being as we have go through a deep cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

Further, the magnetic current that one experiences during the practice is not Kundalini, but a more refined form of energy. Basically, one is tapping into the cosmic energy. This energy can sometimes be referred to as ultraviolet-3 radiation, which can only be found in the depths of space.

Of all the years I have taught about this practice, the result has been amazing. People who come into this class with an open mind and are willing to "surrender" will attain almost immediate results.

Remember the old master's saying that "for every great high point in your awakening, there will be low points". You have to come back to your normal world and life. You will see things within yourself that you don't want to see. The mind and body trash that you have hidden away will be shown to you. This is part of knowing yourself, you have to see the negative things in yourself, and change them yourself.

Everyone who has learned this method has been transformed in many special ways. When you change your magnetic energy, the D.N.A. of the body changes and gives the body a new program that will lead to higher purpose or enlightenment. As a result, you change environment so that you are supported both inside and outside yourself (i.e. the balance of micro cosmos and macro cosmos).

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