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GET /oembed
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Host: api.meetup.com
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api version 1

oEmbed implementation

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Request Parameters

This method does not require authentication. It requires only a url parameter and responds according to the OEmbed specification. Any of the following base URLs may refer to embeddable content:

  • http://www.meetup.com/
  • http://meetup.com/
  • http://meetu.ps/

An optional maxwidth parameter may be provided.


maximum width to display


url of resource to be embedded


Returns the rich type of oEmbed resources defined in section 2 of the oEmbed specification in JSON format.

Sending the X-Meta-Photo-Host header set to secure or making the omebed request over https will result in https photo links in the embedded content.


Return an embeddable representation of a the ny-scala group


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