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NPR and their slanted headline

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On June 13th on my way home I usually listen to NPR because I lose 88.3/the Jazz station as I get closer to home. I heard the announcer say: "The evolving battle to keep creationism out of public school's science class". here's the link if you want to listen to the item: http://www.npr.org/te...­

Why didn't the announcer say something like: "Here's yet another attempt to teach creationism in a public school's science class, all you Atheists and Agnostics hold onto to your seats". This is more of an accurate headline. Some of the guests straightened him out by pointing out that creationists are merely slanting their ideas to make it appear that Evolution is flawed, thereby getting their own way again, this time in the name of "fair and balanced education".

His headline announcement implies Atheists started the battle and it's "really not that bad" to teach creationism in a public school. Friggen NPR....whatever....
Greg P.
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I heard that and had exactly the same thought. That was an unconscionable lapse. I will say that on Science Friday, Kenneth Miller, who has written a terrific book on evolution ("Only a Theory"), did a wonderful job of answering questions and explaining the fact of evolution. Miller himself is a theist--Roman Catholic--and I think that makes him a very special ally in the battle for science and rationalism. He is evidence that one can accept all that science shows us and be a theist on other grounds. Now, philosophically and existentially I have monumental issues with what he considers those grounds to be, and I think that Miller is profoundly mistaken. But I'm also very glad to have him on our side because he (along with Francis Collins and a few other non-ID scientists who believe in a god) renders the argument that science education is just an atheist plot ridiculous. I think that people who understand that natural processes explain all that needs explaining about the existence and diversity of life on earth are more FREE to become atheists (and many will do so on philosophical grounds), there is nothing in science (despite what the wonderful book, "God: The Failed Hypothesis" says) that NECESSITATES atheism. It's good for us to be reminded of that, I think.

But back to NPR for a second...they need to be called on that. That was a really inexcusable tipping of their hand, and not only that, if they're going to pick a side, it's hard to imagine they would WANT it to be the fundamentalist's side. There are plenty of Christian radio stations--KKMS, KTIS, etc. People who like reality-based programming need somewhere to go, too, and if it's not going to be public radio, I can't imagine who else it would be.

Except, of course, Atheist Talk on Sunday mornings at 9AM on Air America, 950 on your AM dial.
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I don't know, maybe I'll email them a letter you know, calling them on it. It was totally slanted, as if I wouldn't notice.....The other guy/host was out naturally, but maybe it's the writers that decide. I'll keep it general, I won't blame any one person.
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