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Introduce yourself! (Plus your top 3 films!)

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I'm too forgetful and too fickle to have a top three films, but most recently I loved Star Trek :)
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1. Jaws
2. Star Wars (1977 original)

no clear 3rd
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I'm Rachel. I nearly made the meet up on saturday but all the negative stuff I've heard about Terminator Salvation and having the make it there from my work in Battersea and it was just too much. Trying the narrow down a list to top three movies is not doable. These choice follow in no particular order:

Old stuff

The Maltese Falcon
Double Indemnity
The Birds

New Stuff

The Bourne Trilogy
Fargo/No Country for Old Men (all Coen brothers ever)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Broadway Danny Rose (most funny Allens)
Bringing up Baby

Sci Fi
The Thing

I also confess to a weakness for any film involving a superhero.

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Hi Gabriel,

Getting to grips with the technology to reply. After that world domination beckons.

Now, top 3 films, very tricky, almost impossibly tricky question that I may need to keep returning to to refine. Let's see.

1. Dead Poet's Society, is just a fantastic film, with Robin Williams being genuinely funny and touching at the same time. Pushes loads of my buttons about being free to cut your own path and strive for your potential. Although recommended it to my mum, who managed to get completely the wrong end of the stick and somewhat spoil it. Hey ho.

2. Has to be "The Empire Strikes Back". The opening scene with the At-At walkers is a classic that just blew me away at a youngish age. From then on it is just back to back action adventure stuff, which was amazing for its time, and is still pretty darn amazing now.

3. Who could omit "Toy Story". Just sheer brilliant, wonderful adventure, but with some dark and slightly scary undertones. A true children's story, like Aesop's fables etc.

Shamed to see that I have not mentioned any world cinema. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, was great when it came out. Laputa and Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki. Remember a Chinese film from way back called To Live. Notes from Iwo Jima was an excellent war film, and of course Platoon. Peter Greenaway's are a visual feast, as long as he doesn't get too brutal. Trainspotting was a riot.

Looking forward to meeting up, have a great chat and hopefully seeing a cool film.

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Hi all, i'm James. hope to see some of you soon.

My top three movies:

1. Magnolia
2. Close Encounters of a Third Kind
3. Back To The Future

the list is actually endless...not fair!!!!
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Dylan here. Only in London for a couple months, but hope to make it to at least one of these!

Top three films is very difficult, but choosing just a few favorites:

1. The Royal Tenembaums
2. Star Wars
3. Primer
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Hi, I'm Dan - originally from Birmingham but now living happily in Kennington.

Three? Man, that's tough.

The 39 Steps (Hitchcock)
The Great Escape
Ride the High Country

That's what it is today, anyway. It'll be different tomorrow.

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I do not know all the films mentioned. I like:
'Spirited Away'
'Let the right one in'
'Small town Folk' (for an economy film)
'Time Bandits'
All the Monty Python films
'Edward Scissorhands' Elizabeth Thompson is a great screenwriter.
and many others......

I have written two screenplays myself which I will be shortly marketing and raising finance. That is where I am coming from. So it is a great adventure being on the other side. This time next year I suppose I will know if I have done it.

Author/Screenwriter/ Producer
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