The Blunt Truth Ohio Kevin Sabet Tour

From: RobRyan
Sent on: Friday, March 1, 2013 7:33 AM
I went to the Cincinnati's Marijuana Blunt Truth that was touring thru Ohio.
Cleveland is today, and we have NORML representatives that will be there and
fore armed/warned on some of the so called "Truths" they will hear and how
to best challenge Sabet and his crew.  I have included the Bios of the
speakers and panelist from the Cincinnati event and a handout I created and
gave out.  We had a recent shooting of a high school student  in a marijuana
buy that went bad.

The sound bite I used at the meeting went something like this "Marijuana the
Blunt truth? Are we are going to learn the truth why the government defines
marijuana as schedule 1 drug that is deadly, addictive and with no medical
use?"  That caught people's attention.

It was interesting to have some  members of the county's Alcohol/Drug board
come over and welcome me.  They said they were glad I was there.  Last year
I gave a presentation to the group and about 1/3 actually came out and said
we should just legalize marijuana.  There is quite a divide in that group
between the Prevention and Treatment members.  I provided a couple copies of
some of the Drug War Facts books that I brought with me to those board
members.  There were a few that was outright hostile to me after learning
that I was their opposition.  You can't win them all, but it valuable to
turn "Hell No" to a quiet "no".

There was no audience questions allowed during the presentation, just
pre-selected question submitted during the registration process.  None of my
question were asked (not really a surprise).  I did get to talk to the
various panel member during the break and Sabet at the end.  He is slick,
but not perfect.  In his presentation he made a rather interesting omission
about scheduling.  He only covered two of the three elements of schedule one
definition.  I asked him about the third test (safe use) and he tried to say
only the addictive nature and no medical use are important, but I pressed
back with the facts and stressed that safety of use was a factor and used my
sound bite above.  He wanted to change the subject.  Eventually he was taken
away by one of the organizers.

Rob Ryan, President
Miami Valley NORML
Working to legalize marijuana in Ohio 
Serving the Greater  Cincinnati & Dayton area
Now is the time to act and end marijuana prohibition.
Please consider a donation to Miami Valley NORML

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