Re: [progressives] Fwd: Shame on Obama, Brown Franken et al.

From: James P.
Sent on: Friday, January 6, 2012 6:07 PM
Maybe I'm overly pessimistic, but lately I'm convinced that our society is circling the drain. Whether we vote democrat or republican is merely the difference in whether we steer into the vortex and go down faster, or steer away and go down slower. In fact, there is something to be said for steering straight across the vortex and maybe, just maybe, we can pop out the other side. If not, what did we really lose, other than a slow demise.

So yeah, let these nuts vote for the numbskulls they think will serve them so well. It'll just be a matter of time before everyone who assumes that they will be on the inside track, that they will be the in-group who will benefit from their candidates' vision of society, will get their wake-up call and realize they are just as despised as all those they themselves despise. When we all find ourselves in the midsts of a vast distopia maybe people will be motivated to take control away from theoturds and profiteering and power-mongering vultures. I can survive until then; I've spent my whole life training by reading post-apocalyptic literature and playing video games set in distopian worlds.

On Jan 6, 2012, at 1:03 PM, G <[address removed]> wrote:

Shame on everyone for approving this. I have been against the idea of not voting or voting third party, but it is incredibly hard to support Brown or Obama after this (not to mention a lot of other authoritarian bullshit). I don't like being assumed to always vote Dem because I have no other choice. That's what the Repubs do to the religious right.
Other people have other viewpoints on this that I find worthy as well. That by being loyal to the repubs, the religious right have gotten far. However, Romney is still being pushed on them over more truely socially conservative fundaloons.
On New Year's eve, a time when no one is paying much attention to politics, president Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act. This was a bill that funded the US military for the rest of the fiscal year. But within that legislation was a provision that allows the US government to indefinitely detain without trial even US citizens, by making the entire world, including the US, part of the 'battlefield' which means that anyone can be picked up anywhere and declared to be an enemy combatant and thus stripped of their rights. The administration claims it has the right to indefinitely detain anyone that they, and they alone, assert is 'at war with the United States', whatever that means. This continues the whittling away at habeas corpus, one of the bedrock protections of individual liberty.
Another article of interest and discussion (not saying I agree yet if at all)-
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Angry that the crazies are taking over?
Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -Attributed to Edmund Burke*
*(precise quote disputed)

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