Guild Meetup Policies

We the Guild organisers, put allot of time and effort getting these Meetups together for you, our Guild members. We want to keep our Meetups' fun, and more importantly, keep them going on. As time goes on we see things we need to address before they get out of hand. We're human, we learn. We don't want to police the event, but experience has shown we need to lay some ground rules.

Disruptive Elements
At some point in the life of any semi-public gathering you get a disruptive element. As a group of RPG gamers we tend to learn a certain tolerance of other peoples eccentricities at the game table. So, it may take some time before what might be an eccentricity, shows itself to be disruptive.
Disruptive antics will not be tolerated, especially as it might jeopardise other members, and/or our use of the venue.
If we feel someone is being disruptive, we will have a quiet word with them. If the activity continues, they will be asked to leave and possibly asked not to come back (no saving throw). No one bad apple can spoil the barrel, so if you do not want to play, feel free to find another activity for the afternoon.

Snacks and Drinks
We are usually in a private room in a bar. This means that we can bring our own Snacks and Drinks. Soft drinks are ok, but please be discrete in front of the bar staff.
Bringing your own beer or other alcohol is frowned on, and possibly illegal, and so will not be allowed at this time.
Members bringing their own alcohol may also cause problems with us using the venue. We will revise this rule at a later date when we know more.

Noise - Keep down the Shouting!
15 or more people in a room all talking at the same time generates a huge amount of noise. We would ask that Players and Game Masters try and keep general noise levels at a speaking volume, and the shouting at a minimum. It's understood that it may be necessary for dramatic effect, but its also distracting and can spoil the flow of the other games in the room.

We are committed to making sure that members who have RSVP'ed, get a game. But, we can only make that kind of promise to members who arrive before the game starts.
So please try and come along to the meetup on time. We understand public transport is a pain and that members come from all over. We'll do our best to try and accommodate everyone who shows up. It's just very hard, and often frustrating, to organise games when members turn up well after the games have started.

Under 18's
Currently Members must be over 18 to be able to legally play at the Bar venues we have access to and can afford. Please read the FAQ for more information on how to change this.

As of July 1st 2008, all indoor venues are smoke free. If you are a smoker, please inform the Game Master beforehand so that they can accommodate you going outside for a cigarette. Please make them quick so as not to use up too much game time!

Use of Drugs
We want everyone to have fun, but the organisers can not tolerate usage at the meetup venue. This is for practical not political or ideological reasons. It is hoped that members come along able to play, and not be disruptive. If a member is disruptive or unable to play, the same rules apply as described in the disruptive section above.

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