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New Meetup: People For a Future Movie & More

Tom L.
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Sunnyvale, CA
Announcing a new Meetup for Silicon Valley Solar Power!

What: People For a Future Movie & More

When: December 3, 2008 7:15 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: Hour long 1988 movie from the now defunct "People for a Future," short presentation on recent research that suggests their ideas have merit and discussion on consolidating the SV Solar Energy and Green Energy meetup groups. Also ideas for future meetup meetings. Meeting to end 9 or 9: 30 PM.

Learn more here:­
Tom L.
user 5920872
Sunnyvale, CA
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As an introduction to the presentation on Wednesday, I thought I'd share exactly what I plan on showing. The film, so far, is still available on the internet here.

What I plan on adding to their argument is the isotope ratio in pristine cave wall crystals and coral deposits that was suggested as more accurate for dating past ice ages than ocean sediments. Collected in 1988, they show a timing that suggests peak carbon dioxide concentrations coincided with change to ice age conditions. More recent references to research that support the Devil's Hole findings can be found in this pdf:­

The kicker are the noctilucent clouds, ice crystals that get coated by one or two layers of metal atoms or molecules and consequently become highly reflective, the highest clouds, 43 to 53 miles up. They were first noticed at the beginning of the industrial revolution, 1888, near the North pole and have since grown in persistence and spread, to mid latitudes of both hemispheres. There is a short recent video of their annual creation and dissipation over summer months, from a satellite sent aloft to investigate them. Being quite above any carbon dioxide, they very possibly are leading to a net cooling of our planet. It is also interesting that released methane seems to be a primary source of the hydrogen of their ice crystals and that a hydrogen fueled economy would probably lead to more noctilucent clouds. They are called noctilucent because they are highly reflective and being quite high, reflect the sunlight to twilight and night time viewers when the sun is below the horizon.

The way I see it, the ice ages have come at quite regular intervals for about the last one million years, lasting about 100,000 years and punctuated by interglacials of relative warmth and congeniality, for about 10,000 to 20,000 years. They appear as phase states of the planet. The cold one is more persistent and stable, the warm state appears as a relatively precariously balanced set of conditions. I suspect that the sum of humanity's effects have been relatively random as far as impacting climate. Hit a precariously balanced structure with randomness and it will most likely collapse into the normal and stable set of conditions, quite inhospitably cold. This ship is a rockin' and it just might capsize. The oscillations over all of Earth's existence is presented as a sinusoidal curve of basically a damped harmonic oscillation by Frederich Hoyle in his book, "Ice, The Ultimate Human Disaster" from about 1983. Seems there is a possibility that we are experiencing the minimum and regular oscillations that a damped harmonic can proceed through just before coming to rest, finally, after the planet's initial "pinging" some 3 to 5 billion years ago. Looks like if that is the case, the resting point threatens to be what is known as a white earth, all land masses and oceans covered by ice for the rest of the planet's existence. This is quite speculative but a possible scenario that casts doubt on the wisdom of just letting nature take its course.

Alaska just had their first recorded instance of glacier mass increase for a summer. Much of China just had their coldest winter on record for at least 800 years. The UK was just described as "Shut Down" by an early Arctic blast of cold and snow this winter. The Southern hemisphere is experiencing some meteorological events that suggest some violent changes are underway climate wise.

I don't know what the truth is. I do know that I would prefer to not learn of dire repercussions to humanity's carelessness first hand. There is work we can do to stabilize our climate. There is reason to do so.
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