Re: [nycpython] Gilt Groupe "Exotic Programming Languages and the Web" Event

From: Gloria W
Sent on: Friday, October 14, 2011 10:33 AM
> hey guys, let's not get to so worked up over this.
> 1. An unwanted post is followed up by Gloria's "that's against our 
> policy" email. In other words, you've received not just one, but two 
> pieces of useless email. (in some cases more if the original poster 
> pushes back)
When I don't send the reply to the public, others reply, or reply 
directly to me, asking if I had taken action. So I can't win either way. 
I need to either take action in a visible way, or respond to everyone 
else who asks me to do so publicly and privately. I choose the former, 
because it's easier for me, and will actually _reduce_ unnecessary 
emails down to at most one "useless" reply.

> 2. There is no way of filtering out unwanted posts before they hit the 
> mailing list without a moderation system. I do not know what sorts of 
> moderation features Meetup provides, but we probably want to take up 
> the least amount of Gloria's time as possible. (is there something 
> that requires an extra confirmation for the first time a user posts to 
> the list, in which case we send along the policy then?)
This is a good point: I can change the welcome message a person sees 
when they first sign up, to make it blatantly obvious. Let me do that.

> The point is, some people will want non-Python content, some want only 
> Python content, hell some even want recruiter email. *But it doesn't 
> matter because the violators aren't even reading the existing policy 
> in the first place!* I'd bet a beer that any change we make to the 
> existing policy will not substantially affect the amount of unwanted 
> email in our inboxes.
> Wes

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