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May 25, 2009

Just why does the sword wielding Sulu become Capt of the excalibur and the Russian guy become commander-in-chief of the federation? I mean they broke as many rules as anyone else!

I have no idea why. Until the new movie came out, I hadn't watched Star Trek (on a regular basis) in over 20 years! Until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know that there was a Star Trek V and Star Trek VI. Sorry.

Did you ever notice...

How in the TOS universe, the only truly happy people are the criminals, like Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones. The desk-bound paper-pushers are always so uptight and miserable. When the military (Starfleet) are the loose canons, society has got problems.

I got into Trek because...

Back in the 60's, everybody in my neighborhood was into Trek. The Nielsen people got it wrong; Star Trek was a hit among kids, tweens and teenagers. The real question is why (at this age) I'm still into Trek!


I had such a great time in Parsippany. Despite the rain, despite the dismal surroundings, Trek lives! I need to talk Trek and I can't wait until April.

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