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April 1, 2013


Just why does the sword wielding Sulu become Capt of the excalibur and the Russian guy become commander-in-chief of the federation? I mean they broke as many rules as anyone else!

don't ask don't tell was long ago repealed so sulu can fence wherever he wants, captain or not! as for the Russian guy, who knew more about nuclear wessels?

Did you ever notice...

Hair styles and fashion suck in the future.....

I got into Trek because...

Honestly i saw star trek 4 first, loved it and when i saw 2 and 3 i became irreversibly hooked. I'm a weird trekkie, though I like VOY the bests (except salamander episode) Janeway was badass as a captain! - but i loved them all for different reasons. My three favorite Characters, 7 of 9 (Voy), Garek (DS9), Spock. MY favorite episodes Scorpion 1&2 (VOY), Who's watching the watchers (TNG), In the pale moon light (DS9), Best of both worlds (TNG), Year of Hell (VOY), trouble with tribbles (TOS)


I'm Grant Ryan, Captain of the USS Artemis - a small lightweight racing shuttle designed to hunt down the lead of triathlons in the moon light! I'm also a Healthy Eating Specialist, marathon runner, and lover of all things science!

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