FYI: Free Codeweavers software TODAY only (Linux/Mac)

From: John F.
Sent on: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 10:00 AM -> enroll today, get serial number emailed to you...

Commercial distribution of WINE to run Windows programs - without a windows OS license - on Linux or Mac. ~$50 value.

FYI: I run SQLyog.exe, RAdmin.exe, and others under WINE on my linux desktop.

It is on today.

Lame Duck Challenge Ends With Free Codeweavers Software For All
Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Tuesday October 28, @06:30AM
from the well-that-didn't-end-as-planned dept.

gzipped_tar writes to tell us that The Codeweavers "Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge" has ended in surprise and free software all day Tuesday (October 28, 2008) at the Codeweavers site. A while back Codeweavers gave President Bush a challenge to meet one of several goals before he left office. One of these goals was to lower gas prices in the Twin Cities below $2.79 a gallon, which has since transpired. "How was I to know that President Bush would take my challenge so seriously? And, give the man credit, I didn't think there was *any* way he could pull it off. But engineering a total market meltdown - wow - that was pure genius. I clearly underestimated the man. I'm ashamed that I goaded him into this and take full responsibility for the collapse of any savings you might have. Please accept our free software as my way of apologizing for the global calamity we now find ourselves embroiled in."

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