Midsummer blazing

From: Torvald
Sent on: Monday, June 22, 2009 12:52 PM
By the date of our modern calendar, Summer is now in full swing. Sunna is shining in her fullness and warming the Earth with life-giving light. This also marks the point in the cycle of the year where all folk should be manifesting their talents and exercising their Will to ensure that there is a fruitful Harvest and enough resources to last through the Winter. Those personal intentions (resolutions) that you wrote down and burned in the Yule wreath should be well on their way to completion.

The Midsummer celebration is manifested by the burning of bonfires. In Scandinavian countries, the folk still take pride in fashioning hay from the fertile fields into large sunwheels, setting them ablaze and rolling them down the cliffs of the fjords into the water below. The Germanic peoples call this symbol a fylfot. The Hindu call it a swastika. The burning of fires symbolizes the using up of the remnants of the last year?s energies and increasing this year?s energy to produce a more effective, life-giving Harvest. This does not apply solely to growing crops but all aspects of daily activity that we perform on a yearly basis.

During Midsummer fires, it is traditional to jump over the flames, exposing yourself to the heat of the fire and cleansing yourself of the past year?s fetters that may have held you back from completing future tasks. If you don?t have the resources to participate in such an event, yet still want to perform a ceremony, light a small brazier or even a stove burner. Focus on what you intended to do last year and still have not accomplished. Then focus on what you intended to accomplish at the beginning of this year and may or may not be accomplishing. Wave your hands over the flame, leaving all the ills and struggles behind to be consumed in the heat. Take responsibility and pride in picking up your tasks and feel yourself renewed in your pursuits.

Don?t forget to call upon your ancestral resources and also the land spirits around the land that you live. Pour out a libation to your bloodline and leave a portion of your nightly meal outside for the wights to consume. Giving a gift, especially during Midsummer, is important for completing an effective Midsummer working.

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