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Ask Lady Raven

Lady R.
user 7296114
Greenfield, MA
Post #: 12
Greetings all:
I am Lady Ravan.
I have been in extensive communication with Priestess Tala and we have discussed how we may improve the group experience. There are a great many people here and many new to the craft in an active fashion. I love Tala's pagan social gathering idea. What i would like to do is open a discussion forum for anyone to post questions about ritual, magick or energy work in any fashion. This will be a serious forum for serious and in depth questions. What i can promise is i can answer questions from my own Celtic Mystic tradition and from what knowledge i have gathered from a dozen or so other traditions. I expect Tala will be monitoring this forum and we ask that everyone maintain a courteous and professional demeanor here. Beyond that no question will be considered stupid, meaningless or unimportant.
i have set this forum up so i get several daily updates to my personal Smart phone and home account. I hope to get back to every question in a timely fashion.

As for my qualifications...

Nearly 20 years with a Group of Celtic Mystics.
1 year to first degree
3 years to 2nd degree
5 years to third degree
7 years probation before i was able to represent myself as a fully vested Mystic of third degree.

During this time i was selected from among my piers to become the rarer still Guardian.. an incredible honor.

After that time i started my Coven of White Haven, for ten years where i have had many students rise to beyond first degree.

In the interim of my degrees with the Mystics i also studied in addition to their training:

7 years Herbalism western and a little eastern ideology.

6 years Crystals and gem stones for vibrational healing and color therapy.

Study of Angelic resonance and celestial alignment.

Doing live light trance Readings for people impromptu, in store fronts and on the phone.

I am a master of the Hindu Chakra Advanced system.

Sensing subtle energies and earth polarities.

Practitioner of advanced energy work in Divination, Alteration and Invocation and Evocation

I am gifted in Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience.

Global Energetic Absentee healing, laying on of hands live touch healing.

I can speak to plants, animals, faeries, energetic entities, ghosts, Angels and ancient ancestors

Done several banishings of severely haunted locations where poltergeist level of activity was active.

I am open to questions about my qualifications but for the most part i am here for You to answer Your questions about what matters to you.

Lady Raven
A former member
Post #: 293
Lady Raven,
I too, am Clairvoyant. However, my Clairaudience is slight and mostly muffled. I have asked my spirit guides and teachers to help me clear it up with no avail. Do you have any suggestions on the fine tuning and raising my vibration higher. Perhaps to ultraheight? The ultraheight will keep my body low and slow with a more energetic awareness.

Assistant Organizer
Wheeling Witches Meetup Group

Lady R.
user 7296114
Greenfield, MA
Post #: 15
Greetings Robin: In going over your question, you mention that you have asked your guides and spirit teachers for help. I will go out on a limb and say i sapose you had a conversation with them and the answers were clouded and indistinct. I have been very gratefully gifted from childhood with a very well developed set of senses, so i did not need to sharpen them at all but to say i had to at times ask my guides of which i have nine, for quiet as their voices at times thundered across my mind.
I would suggest as a matter of course to have non crucial conversations with them about non pressing matters and just talk to them more often. Ill make no assumptions on your part but many people think in error that our spirit friends, guides. teachers, have no interest in hearing from us unless its (important), i have found this is not only not true but They collectively enjoy talking to us more as family than just advisers. If this fails to bring results then i suggest asking then to speak up. This in effect asks them to connect stronger to us and in effect speak louder. I have found they are certainly able to speak softer... connect in a lesser way. Also If you posses a master healer guide or Angel ask them to align your energies. This should feel a bit disturbing at first as a possibly uncomfortable pressure from your crown chakra down for a moment, they usually wont do this unless asked.
I hope some of this helps and please write back if you wish to discuss this further
Lady Raven
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A former member
Post #: 294
Yes, thank you, I will try this. The communication from spirit comes through when the messages need to be said, but I try to carry on a daily meditation and keep my chakras balanced. Most messages are like a thought, others are pictures, and the darn audio is on the fritz. LOL. I know we aren't all clairaudient, but I figure if it comes through sometimes, then there has to be a fine tuner I am not keying in on properly. My guides have changed over the years and I never have known my main guide. So, I'll keep on keeping on. Thanks again.
Lady R.
user 7296114
Greenfield, MA
Post #: 16
It is certainly true that most people have some talents that are more developed or that they show a predisposition to excel at more than other talents. To play the other side of the street, when i was young my head was swimming in energy signatures and input from each and every person even 50 feet away from me. My mind was cast in an ocean of sensations and information that made me feel that at times the very fabric of my mind my collapse under the weight. Having all the talents at work at equal strengths... for me was a liability. I'm sure for those more blessed with silence of the mind it doesn't feel like such a gift but it could be. I do wish you well with the things i mentioned and in your quest to accelerate your abilities.
Lady Raven
A former member
Post #: 296
Yes, Lady Raven. I , too, have had such discernment. At times the "bull-s" factor feeds through me so fast, that I judge people so quickly. I know it is not my place to judge, but the feelings are so strong...that is why I have asked for your help as well. I recieve different types of messages. Be it empathy, actuality, spirit communications, teacher alerts. I just have the darnedest time concluding the true nature of the thought or feeling. My own? Spirit? Message? Suspiscion? I really give my best messages after a few drinks. I feel that there is some relaxation I cannot concieve in the normal conscienceness. I always only allow the highest and the best. I allow no negativity to enter, but I really would love to give the wonderful, on the spot, messages totally sober. This is my delima. I have helped so many people but, as I said, it is like a thought, not clairaudience. But with your advice, I am working on it.

Thanks Again,
47 Vista Ave
Wheeling, WV 26003

Lady R.
user 7296114
Greenfield, MA
Post #: 17
I wouldn't fret over the clairaudience ability... im sure it will come in time. I would suggest that this ability may simply not be where your strengths lay. The other abilities may simply be stronger because this is what you are best at and how you best process the world and its secrets.
I do wish you well in overcoming this small hurdle.
I believe that each and every one of us are a piece of the divine and as such are connected (hardwired) into the realms of the gods. We spend our lives trying to relearn what it means to be grounded angels and (call home) reconnect to our real homes. I am a Scorpio and i am admittedly hyper critical and over judgmental of both myself and the world at times. One thing i have found is that suspension of the mind and it many layers and filters can open us up more than trying so very hard to attain a state of oneness. Simple reminder to let go and just BE at peace and connect to our birthright our inner Angel.
Lady Raven
Lady R.
user 7296114
Greenfield, MA
Post #: 24
Sally Posted Dec 2, 2009 4:27 PM
Quote in reply
user 4882555
Hubbardston, MA
Post #: 3
Hi Lady Raven, I too am a scorpio and I'm not sure where I fit in here if at all. I am told I bring people peace and make them feel at ease. And I've always been connected to up above and angels, though I have no idea how to communicate with them. Im filled with feelings, sometimes overwhelming at times. I can sense goodness, white light, and also darkness. I can't even begin to interpret people as I am too naive and trust too easily with some. I guess I see too much good when it's not always there.

I have been studying a little with crystals and feel a strong connection to them , especially the angel crystals. I believe in their power, but not enough in my own. Not sure what to do about that. Your connection to angelic energy and everything angelic has me wanting to know more. I have completed the level 1 & 2 SHamballa classes with Tala. It was wonderful. I was unsure of myself while I was there, but have felt some amazing vibrations at home. I usually figure things out more so when I'm in private.

My computer was about to crash yesterday, I panicked and said the shamballa mantra and in an instant my computer unfroze, undid what it was doing, and went back to normal. Its been fine ever since. THAT shocked me! My phone which has been giving me fits since I got it also corrected itself and is now fine. Odd......

I have been told by several different psychics that I'm a healer from another time... as well as this one. nd that I have an arch angel with me. Im not sure what that means, but there is so much I want to learn. I just dont know what my path is... I only know what I've felt from as young as I can remember. And the feelings....... such strong feelings that I can't interpret.

I'm not sure what I'm asking you here.... I'm not sure where I fit in all of this.

Greetings Sally: Since your question was for me i moved it here... If you wish it removed please let me know.
Firstly...Relax... Existing as a being of light isn't so much a matter of learning.. its a matter of "being" you just know you are...
Secondly... yes there are disciplines to connect directly to the Angels, Gods, and spirits. They are not generally for beginners, as they create a connection back with the Common Collective that generally troubles the souls still here who practice it. There is a sort of "disconnect" that happens with us as we incarnate... there is a purpose to this. As we need to focus in the here and now in a way that becomes more difficult as we "reconnect" back with our source. I have met a great many people that consider themselves, as i do, grounded Angels. And we are here to serve the other souls that are still on the path on enlightenment to discover their own wings again.
Yes there are others who come "prepackaged" so to speak with "voices in their head" and a preexisting connection to the Angels, as i did.
Blessings on being a Scorpio! it means you are already very sensitive to the world around you in a deep and moving way. i was troubled at times in my childhood for how very much i sensed and "knew" about the world around me.
I could conduct an "attunement" on you that would have to be done in person that i sense Tala has in some way already done. i would say give it time... you have new sensory "toys" to play with and get used to from the Shamballa classes... You are actively searching on the path of the enlightened and its obvious you already have a connection to the Angels in a way that brings you inspiration and subtle guidance on a daily basis...
(Perhaps you already ARE that which you search to fervently to become) Relax, Breath... your already well on your way.
Lady Raven
A former member
Post #: 1
Hi, Lady Raven are you qualified to cast and read the runes?

Best Regards Jeff
Lady R.
user 7296114
Greenfield, MA
Post #: 26
Greetings Jeff: It has been a fair amount of time since i last cast runes... Tarot, Tea leaves, hazel nuts or any other form of physical divination. I have a very old set of Cards passed down to me and i have made my own runes and even added to the set with my own symbols and meanings. Truth is i am well past this form of physical divination now, As i have a free connection to the Collective and to my Angels that i speak to regularly. I give impromptu light trance Readings for people on street corners and in businesses. As well as offer Cleansing and banishing services for un balanced and haunted spaces.
Is there a question i may answer for you..?
Lady Raven
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