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Foodie Group Update / Policy Change / Membership Dues

A former member
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Foodie has been such a resounding success because it was so easy and flexible without rules. As organizations grow sometimes they loose the core and then tend not to do too well. Maybe the same rules but a bit more relaxed so we continue to attract new people and not scare someone away.

1. The $5 idea at the third event you attend is a great idea. New people can come try, see what we are about and then decide to join. Even though I can easily afford it I have stayed away from some paying meetups at times when I am not sure about them

2. How about 3 strikes and you are out (or 2 strikes) just so we don't sound too uptight.

Our success depends on numbers and we goto keep on attracting new peeps.
user 12852378
Hillsboro, OR
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Our success of growing the group without clear boundary came at real pain points to lots of our organizers and frustrated members.

I do not share the feeling that membership dues will deter people from joining and checking our group going forward. Having fun is contagious as you can see, and as long as we do our part by providing fun and high quality events to our members, the rest will follow and we'll continue attract high caliber foodies to our group. Membership dues will play part in engaging and involving more of committed members to show up to our events.

There will be some flexibility in enforcement area and I'll use my discretion when it comes to enforcing group policy and rules.

Thanks for your input Nupi and look forward to hear from you.


Brian M.
user 9989496
Portland, OR
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I think these are all good and reasonable policies, and I'm totally on board with them. I would like to bring up something that I don't see addressed here though, because I know I'm not the only person concerned about it - the fact that it is so hard to get into an event.

Usually, when I notice an event I want to attend, it is already full. So I join the wait list, but that doesn't help me much. I work at a job where I can't check my personal e-mail during the day. So I get home at the end of the day, and discover that a spot opened up, but I missed my chance to grab it. In every other Meetup group I belong to, people get bumped up from the waiting list automatically in the order that they joined. I personally think that's more fair. Would you guys be willing to consider switching to that approach? Is there anything else that we as a group can do to make it easier for more people to attend?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to raise this issue, so I apologize if I'm rehashing old business. I can see that the organizers of this group are working hard to make it successful, and I don't doubt that you've put a lot of though into this matter as well. Any insights you can share on the subject would be appreciated. Thank you!
Shannon K.
user 6073374
Redwood Valley, CA
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Hi Brian,
I actually like your idea, unfortunately most people who automatically get moved up, end up being a no show. I always get the excuse, well I never got the email that you moved me, or something similar to that.

Here is my suggestions to you. If you see an event that you really want to attend and are 150% sure you will not cancel. Then send the organizer an email or make a post on the meetup event comment section expressing your interest in attending that particular event.

I as an organizer do move people up to the attending list, even if it's full, but only as long as I know for sure that you are 150% committed to attending.

I would love other thoughts on this as well.
Ann V.
user 16258681
Group Organizer
Portland, OR
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I like Shannon idea about posting your interest in attending if you are 150% sure if you are coming. I have people that are on the RSVP list for the sake of securing a spot without being sure of attending; these people usually drop off a day a head of the event, usually about 20% of the people of RSVP list. I usually emailed people on the Wait-list as reservations become available, very seldom these people were interested in attending, some because they already made plans for something else.

If you are interested and post your interest in coming, as soon as somebody changed their RSVP, you get move to the available spot. This maybe as early as a week before the event takes place. It also let me know if there are enough people that are very sure of attending an event that makes it worth while for me to contact the restaurant for more reservations.
Ronald K
user 6414887
Portland, OR
Post #: 2
I like recent policy change that this group has. There is one more idea, which hopefully could improve Foodies' continuing success.

It is about instant RSVP. Getting an RSVP is a like a race here: do it as quickly as possible, especially if you have a smartphone. I know several persons (and Brian's situation above) who do not have a smartphone and therefore are in disadvantage. By the time they read the new event email, the event is already full.

Furthermore, instant RSVP encourages people to quickly RSVP without being sure of attending.

Is it possible to delay RSVP window to a later time (maybe the next day)? That way, everybody has a fair chance to RSVP and only the ones who "really" want to go will RSVP. My other meetup group (hiking) uses this feature and it works well.

user 12852378
Hillsboro, OR
Post #: 17
This is really great idea, Ronald! Delay RSVP will give more people to read up on the event prior to rsvp and maybe more fair for those without smartphones.
I'll discuss this at next organizers meeting. All your inputs really matters as to how we can shape our group going forward. Thank you friend. :)
Randy W
user 29014292
Sherwood, OR
Post #: 3
Just a thought. ~

I noticed joining this group was a simple one-click process. Most of the other groups I have joined require one to fill out a few simple forms for a group profile prior to acceptance. This may contribute to the rise of membership and an unbalance or false conception of the term "active” member vs “inactive” member. But perhaps upon weeding the group when you begin to ask for the fee, the actual participant count this will become more apparent . I got 5 bucks whatever. Just use it in good faith Kevin, Heidi Burnette, jennifer, K, Lee M. Tague and 18 more… ;)

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