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If you've got free backseat, will you volunteer to take a passenger? Remember the Polls are Anonymous so be honest.

Mar 12, 2007 260 so far

Speed Limit

How Fast you say you Ride?

Mar 9, 2007 274 so far

Comfortable Cruising Speed

I know the speed limit is 55 in this State 65 along some highways. In all reality the average speed down the highway is a bit more. NOT the fastest, but at what Cruising speed are you comfortable riding, and feel you have FULL control of your Bike?

Mar 9, 2007 256 so far

How would you Rate your General Riding Experience?

How many miles do you think you have ridden? Alone or in groups, with or without a passenger

Feb 14, 2007 231 so far

What Kind of Bike do you usually Ride?

Motorcycles of ALL types are of course more than welcome here. Just learning about those we ride with.

Feb 14, 2007 246 so far

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