Full meetups and RSVP-ing

From: Michelle
Sent on: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 9:31 AM
There seems to be some issues lately with understanding our groups policies and some issues with full meetups and RSVP-ing, and posts on the website.

Lately there has been something wrong with meetup.com's waitlist feature. I'd say I'd manage the waitlist myself, but in all reality I cannot. If a space opens up before I can get to it, someone else may be able to RSVP into the vacant spot before I can put you in. So a waitlist is just not practical.

However, I can advise that if you would like to attend a full meetup, wait until a couple of days before the meetup and start checking, as people at that point do start to drop out. This is the best solution until meetup.com fixes the waitlist feature. Once a spot opens up, please RSVP.

I ask you do to this, because if you just show up to a meetup without RSVP-ing and the meetup actually is full (as such is the case with more popular books, like Murakami) then I will have to ask you to respectfully leave. It is impossible to run a book discussion with more than 20 people (it's already difficult with 20). I don't want to have to ask anyone to leave, so please try to respect the RSVP setup.

However, another bit of advice... if you RSVP for the secondary meetup, but see space has opened up in the 1st, please feel free to attend, keeping an eye that if someone else RSVPs the open spot then you are out. But also, please cancel your RSVP for the secondary meetup.

If you do plan on showing up without RSVP-ing for an open spot, please let me know and please be prepared to pay your $2, unless otherwise arranged with me. It's only fair as the other members paid and RSVP-ed and I do have to pay meetup.com for our group.

As a final note on RSVPs... if you cannot attend a meetup that you had said yes to, please change your RSVP to no so that someone else can take your spot. Be aware and respectful that there are other people that would like to attend.

Finally, please feel welcome to post discussions, suggestions, etc. to the group's page. However, please do not post anything encouraging people to just show up to meetups with out RSVP-ing. Also, please check the site for information before you post as your answer may be right there. And if it's a question about changing the dates or times of meetups or complaints, please just email directly to me. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks and hope this clears things up,
Michelle, convicted bibliophile

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