Plato or Aristotle? The underpinnings of Western Philosophy - Which influenced your world view?

From: Gui
Sent on: Thursday, March 8, 2012 9:39 PM

      This next meeting will focus on a pivotal point in the history of Philosophy, the differences between Aristotle's and Plato's world views. As we will discover as we move through Russell's historical time-frame, most all freshly emerging philosophers will build their worldview on either one or the other of these two initial philosophical approaches.

     Since there are major shortcomings, foundational flaws, in each of these two sets of philosophical assumptions, what distorting effects will these two philosophical starting points have on the next 2,000 years of philosophical inquiry? Are you more Platonic or Aristotelian in your worldview? Can you trace the tread you follow back to its origin? Bring your insights into the complexities of this fascinating bifurcation. Join us next Wednesday, March 14.

Los Angeles/Long Beach

Orange County

Plato teaching Aristotle

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