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Plants to Share or Plants in Need

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I'd love some comfrey and valerian. I hear comfrey is great for compost piles. BTW, I may have mis-spoken about Egyptian onions. I got a 4 inch pot of them several years ago and now I have a 4-foot round patch of them. I always have more popping out of the ground then I have room to transplant. But I wouldn't say they are invasive.

Gorham, ME
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Are the egyptian onions good tasting?

I've been on a little search for the bocking hybrids of comfrey as they have higher allantoin levels, apparently. I eventually want enough to plACE AROUND MY FRUIT TREES YET TO BE PLANTED....

oops caps lock typo.

Tansy yay!!!
Gorham, ME
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As things stand right now I have 4 seedlings of stevia that seem to be growing. One is a little weaker than the others, but it is growing. I should have 1 or 2 plants available for trading if anyone is interested in Stevia. I would prefer it go to someone with diabetes as it is supposedly an excellent sweetener for diabetics who can't take sugar.

So now I should have:

Small seedlings of yellow and purple coneflower (echinacea)
chamomile hunk o seedling
and various other seedlings for those in need or want.
Lisa F.
Group Organizer
Portland, ME
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Mark - my stevia absolutely thrived in my herb spiral last year. i didn't protect it for winter nor did i try to bring it inside, so i lost it and will have to plant again. the best time to harvest the stevia leaves are when it just goes to flower and the bees (who generally know best) start coming in... dry the leaves as you would any herb and then store (airtight, cool, dark if possible). You can crush some up into flakes and add to your teapot with whatever tea you're steeping and it's a great way to sweeten. processing stevia into that convenient white powder is another thing altogether, which i haven't tried.

stevia rocks!
Gorham, ME
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I took a nip of one of the leaves today..not too sweet...but definitely some sweetness there. The big plant I plan to keep, and will probably keep it potted in my herb garden so I can bring it in over winter. Will need to research the overwintering aspect. Only have 2 or 3 rosemary seedlings, so probably won't have one for trade. The Spilanthes is ready to be potted up into larger containers though, and I should have 3-5 of those to trade or give away to someone.

While I have loads of echinacea germination, none seem to be going beyond their baby leaves yet, but then, the Stevia sat for nearly a month before finally starting to grow adult leaves.

Surprisingy, most of my wintersown leeks, onions, etc haven't begun to sprout yet, except the bunching onions. Growing from seed means no crop until next year, probably.

Many of the wintersown herbs haven't sprouted yet either, but I expect some will start poking through over the next few days if weather stays warm.
user 3022592
Portland, ME
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Zengoes, I never heard of bocking 14 hybrid comfrey! So I googled and what I learned made me want to buy some too. All along, after reading Gaia's Garden, I've wanted to plant it around our 8 fruit trees, but never acted on this because of regular comfrey's taking over properties. But the bocking 14 version!!

Have you had any luck locating any yet? I see it can be ordered from Horizon but they're in Oregon.

On another site I saw that someone got some from E-Bay! But that was in 2006.

Let me know if you find a local source, and I'll let you know too.
Thanks for the education!
Gorham, ME
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Sounds like a plan Elaine, will do! Thanks!

It's amazing what you can learn online,isn't it?!?!
Aaron P.
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Falmouth, ME
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I have these things in such abundance that anyone who wants them can just come by and take pretty much all they want:

  • Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
  • Oregano
  • Catnip

I also have quite a bit of st. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum).
Lisa F.
Group Organizer
Portland, ME
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I have Solomon's Seal to share. Can come by to dig some roots or I can bring some to the May meetup.
Bath, ME
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I have some wild blackberry, raspberry, some various trees, bushes etc.

I'm looking for Carpinius (ironwood) for a tall hedge/trellis for privacy.O'Donals sells them for $200 each.I will need about four- got any? Heather
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