David S.
Washington, ME
Post #: 132
Don't get too worried about the mold. Here is what the CDC has to say.


Then there is this from Tom Volk (who really knows his stuff)


user 3832381
Portland, ME
Post #: 28
Thanks, David for the helpful links.

Mark: What exactly is concrobium mold control spray?? Would one use it in place of unenvironmentally friendly bleach??

And, flower news: our Daphne is blooming and it's such a sweet smelling treat!
Gorham, ME
Post #: 112
Concrobium is a new product available. Spray bottle is just under $10 for a 32 oz bottle. The gallons are $35, but you should fog with that.

Concrobium is indeed bleach free. It creates a thin coating that mold cannot grow on. It kills mold spores in the air when fogged, and kills mold pretty much on contact on surfaces it hits.

Supposedly it is safe enough to drink with no ill effects to people.

Once dried you can leave it in place, prime and paint right over it or just let it be.

HD has a lot of new mold control products now. Some with bleach, many with no bleach, of which Concrobium is one of the best.
user 3832381
Portland, ME
Post #: 30
Thank you for the education! I thought that bleach was the only solution and I'm glad that there are bleach-free alternatives.
Ted M.
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 46
Thanks for the info, Mark and David.

Well, things are slowly progressing in my war on mold (at least, within my house). It's been tested and poked and looked at and now I'm getting to the remediation stage. Looks like walls in two rooms will be coming down and the carpet in the worst room will go. Then the mold will be moldicided and all I'll have left is holes in two rooms.

But hey, at least I'll get a chance to see if I have any insulation in my walls. I suspect 3 inches (it's a 1958 house), but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

All this has led to the source of the problem which is a poorly ventilated attic. It appears that the gable end vents and 3 measly soffit vents are not enough to stop ice dams from occurring. Sooo...now I'm looking at having a ridge vent and more soffit vents installed. Buuut...it's been over 10 years since I last had the roof done and I'm wondering if it doesn't make sense to re-roof with metal roofing. Sooo...I'm thinking, hey, cool...permaculture, perfect for rain barrels. Buuut...I'm wondering whether all metal roofs (rooves?) are the same and how astronomical the costs are. Sooo...I now need to get estimates for mold remediation, reconstruction of the walls, new soffit vents, and potentially a whole new roof.

The motto of this story: If you see water in your house coming from anything but where it should be coming from...sell the house and move!
user 3022592
Portland, ME
Post #: 135
So many of you are very gifted with practical knowledge that benefits all of us! Thank you so much!

Zengeos, I copied what you said about mold, in case we ever need it and filed it in a folder I created called "Permaculture Group ideas" because I'd never remember the info under a "We've got flowers" thread.


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