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? NJ & NYC Psychic Development Combined Meetup Program. Some of the Participants

We are emailing this to you because you are a member of the NYC Psychic Development Meetup.? This is an update of a special event held October 13th and 14th, 2007 in the Meadowlands, NJ.? Information is also included on Meetups coming up in NYC as well as Exercises you can try.

A Special Program…


Your Wants and Needs

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Some members of the NYC and NJ Psychic Development Meetups joined together this last weekend for a workshop to unfold their psychic abilities and make this more useful in their lives.? One topic covered was the Wants and Needs. Here are a few of the highlights. ?

?         The purpose of this program was to use their inner (psychic) insights to clarify their wants and needs, and to balance them in their lives.

?         There are physical needs to keep the body functioning (such as food and oxygen).? There are also spiritual needs which the spirit of a person requires to be more alive (i.e. enthusiastic, loving, joyful, etc).?

?         The wants could be a new home, a change in one’s work, a relationship, or any number of other desires.

?         Balancing them is when a person is taking care of their needs and wants in the appropriate proportions that works for them (i.e. not spend so much time on the wants and leaving out some needs, nor are they leaving out their wants).???

?         Behind each want there is an underlying need.? For example, wanting a loving relationship can have behind it the need to connect with one’s clear inner being and the good, kind, caring soul of another individual.

?         A number of people in this workshop were discovering that their journey in life was actually a bridge between their wants and needs.? Their desires were leading them to truly know and take care of their physical as well as the needs of their inner being, soul (or whatever your prefer to call it).

?         Through regrouping and using techniques to bring out the inner insights, participants were confirming or uncovering their own particular wants and needs.?

?         They were looking at how to be balanced in their wants and needs, to take care of the essentials and truly enjoy their journey.?

?         Learning to align the wants and needs meant they wanted what they needed and needed what they wanted.? The more they did this, the more they opened up the flow of clear energy in their lives.?

?         This created a positive “snow ball rolling down the hill” effect.? As they became more energized and involved in what they needed to be doing, the more opportunities, helpful people, and other backing came their way.

?         When the obstacles and challenges arose, they were able to go over, around, through or in some way better deal with them.

?         It was remarkable to see all the light bulbs going on and the way people were able to heal and connect many of the dots of their experiences by using their inner sensitivity.

It was quite a weekend, to say the least, as you can see from some of the people who attended (above). This special workshop will be repeated in other parts of the country.? Here is the schedule and locations for the remaining ones to be held: October 20-21: Atlanta, Ga,? Nov 3-4, Las Vegas, Nv. Call the office for more info [masked]-8008.

An Exercise to Try

Here is a suggested way to use this for yourself. Take a clean sheet of paper and draw two vertical lines so that there are three columns.? At the top of the left column write WANTS. Write JOURNEY at the top of the middle column.? Write NEEDS at the top of the right side column.? Take a few minutes to list your wants, i.e. the physical goals you are investing your time and energy in.? Then list your needs in the right side column.? You may want to include your physical (i.e. your body’s needs as well as the needs of your spirit or soul).

After you are done, you can get a sense of how balanced you are.? Are you investing what you feel is the time that is best in these two areas?? Are you spending too much time in your wants and not enough with your needs?? Are you ignoring many of your wants that you really would like to pursue?

If you want to go further with this, you can write in the center column about your journey.? You could note some key items about what you have been doing in the past, at the present time, and where you are heading from here.? Include in this your involvement with your wants and needs. As you do this, you may gain a bigger perspective in this important area. You may even see how your wants are leading you to your needs as a soul here on planet earth.

This will be examined further in the upcoming programs.? There are also private consultations that will determine what is holding you back from pursuing (or over doing it) with your wants and needs.? A balanced attitude in these two areas will show up in your physical body.? As you open up the energy flow in your wants and needs these particular energy centers or chakras will be more relaxed and healthy (i.e. the mind-body connection).?

A private consultation will tell you where all your energy centers are at and how to heal or open any area of your consciousness that may be closed or limiting the full flow of positive energy in your life.? Energy Centers that are shut down will show up as tension and eventually as disease in a particular area of the body.? More will be covered on this at these Meetups.


Programs held at TRS, 44 E 32nd St, 11th Floor (between Madison and Park Ave)

A Profoundly Enlightening Experience


Patrick Kilhenny is originally from NY. He lived in Hawaii for 14 years where he worked as a Nuclear Engineer. Patrick began attending meetings with the Honolulu Chapter of the Inner Peace Movement? Programs. He learned to balance his intellectual and feeling natures to tap into his clear inner insights. Since then he’s found his life to be an on-going adventure.? He has traveled extensively and has had successful businesses in both Hawaii and NYC. He currently tours nationally with the program and has been a frequent guest on TV and radio shows and featured in newspaper articles.?? He is in NYC to do this series of Meetups and related consultations until mid November.


Joan Deasy came to NY from Ireland 15 years ago where she was involved in the Practice Technique Sessions (Step Three of the Meetups).? She is a Licensed Practical Nurse and has a healing and psychic consulting practice. She enjoys showing others how to unfold their own practical healing and intuitive skills and holds a number of related workshops in the New York area and elsewhere.


Here are the programs that Patrick and Joan are presenting in NYC:


Meetup Step One- Tuesday, October 23, 6:30pm

Topics explored in this 1 ? to 2 hr program:

?         Your spiritual energy or aura. How to sense it and use this to benefit yourself and others. Why are you here on Planet Earth?? This is about going beyond the outer beliefs and using you inner sense to understand how you truly feel about topics like this.

?         Understanding how to balance your intuitive sense with your thinking part. Most people analyze too much, and talk themselves out of their hunches and first impressions.? ESP comes through the feelings so we need to unfold that side of us in balance with the intellect to understand the feelings we have. ?

?         Everyone has ESP. Have you ever thought of a person and they call you on the phone, or you happen to meet them “unexpectedly”.? Many people have this happen, but do not take time to know why this is happening.? Your psychic sense will tell you what is really going on so you always know what’s best.

?         Awareness of energy, negativity, or confusion that you may feel from the environment or people. ?How to buffer yourself from this and stay relaxed and tune into your clear and accurate insights.

?         Developing your four spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling. Your ESP cones though these four avenues of communication.

?         Clarify and opening up the energy flow of your wants and needs.? Bring out what you are truly about within, while you are enjoying your stay on planet earth.??

?         The 7 year cycles of life- stages of spiritual development. Brings meaning to your daily experiences. ?Using your sensitivity to understand the lessons that you are going through.?

?         There will be a technique to experience directing your energy. You discover how to use this to accomplish more of what you truly desire in life. You also can practice receiving psychic impressions from another person.? People who have never done this before can often do it quite well. They are often times amazed at how psychic they are.?

?         The fee is $10 (helps cover the cost of the room)

Combined Step One -1pm to 1:30pm & Step Two Meetup (Psychic Sensitivity Workshop)- 1:30pm to 5pm? - Saturday, October 27th


The first ? hr is a more compact version of the above Step One Meetup.? In the second part, there are techniques and slides to understand and know how this can be useful in daily life. The cost is $35 for both Step One and Two. (If you attended the Step one Meetup already, it is $30 for just the workshop. This program includes:


  • Spiritual Cleansing Your Aura- a technique to buffer yourself from the negativity, pressure and stress that can be around.? Learn to tune yourself like a radio to receive a clear and accurate signal, instead of static (confusing thoughts and feelings).????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Thought Transference – Practice receiving thoughts and feelings from a partner you do this techniques with.? You will be able to know what are yours and what you “pick up” from your environment or from other people.? Once you do this, you will be able to know and trust your own psychic insights more.
  • Oneness Technique – Sense the good, kind, loving and wise inner being you are.? As you come to realize this more in yourself, you will recognize this more in others.? Feel a connection with other people while you maintain your own identity as the true being you are.? Enjoy the good clear part and release the rest.
  • Regrouping and Slides – Clarify areas such as coming to planet earth with a life plan, the people who raised you and how they fit with your unique plan, your inner guidance, psychic sensitivity and how to maintain a clear inner connection. This workshop also examines your inner motivation (the kind that lasts), healing through understanding the mind body connection (energy centers or chakras), and how your state of mind attracts to you what you have in your life. Know the easy and lasting way to make the changes that you want.



Practice Technique Sessions (Step Three)

Arranged at the above Psychic Sensitivity Workshop

These meetings go through various techniques, regroup your progress, and find ways to use this more. It often takes a few months of practice to make it a habit of staying relaxed and "tuned-in" to your psychic abilities. This provides a watering hole of clear positive energy for you to tap into, as you strengthen your connection with your psychic sensitivity. Each meeting is $10.

Unique to these Meetings are techniques that help you experience your own truth and absorb it into your feelings. The techniques cover the following areas and more:

*Instant relaxation.
*Power of your thoughts.
*Reduces stress and anxiety.
*Freedom from self-imposed limitations and early childhood programming.
*Opening your mind to your clear and accurate psychic sensitivity for direction and solutions for daily living.
*Discerning positive and negative energy in your environment and clearing negative thoughts from your mind.?
*Aids in communicating with yourself, your psychic sensitivity and with others (outer).
*Inner rather than outer security.

This is an enjoyable step by step way to clarify and do more of what you have come to planet earth to do. Go faster if you desire, or at whatever pace you want. This enables people at all levels to receive what they desire. There are also two booklets available for these sessions. They outline the meetings, the techniques, and a bigger picture of unfolding your psychic abilities. The two booklets cost $11 total.

From time to time, you will be invited to other related events (join our mailing list- see below), healing sessions, social fellowships, retreats and psychic fairs could be on the agenda!

For more information feel free to email or call us: ??Patrick [address removed] ?917 [masked],? ?Joan ??[address removed] ?????? 718 [masked]?

Send us your email and your first name (to direct it to), and we will be sure to include you on all our future emailings.


Patrick and Joan are also available for private consultations.




NYC Psychic Development Meetup – ????

IPM international Inc, a non-profit educational program that provides tools for individuals to unfold their Psychic Abilities. See ?????????????????????????

NJ Psychic Development Meetup – ??????

There are similar Meetups and related programs in numerous US cities. Call for further information[masked]

?2007 Alley Copyrights Inc. and GFI Services.? All rights reserved.





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