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Clarkston, MI
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Paws N Claws Pet Supplies is working with large brokers who deal with other large pet store chains including Petland.

Their brokers include:
o Mid America in Missouri
o Patrick Fulton in Minnesota.

Seven of the ten USDA licensed breeders have citations listed on their USDA inspection reports.
o Housing
o Cleaning
o Sanitation
o Veterinary Care
o Procurement
o Records
o Health Certificates & IDs

USDA inventory reports show they are large commercial operations (USDA Inventory).
o Linda Brasher 2008 Adult Dog Count 225
o Mid America 2009 Puppy Count 287
o Linda Heinen 2008 Adult Dog Count 262
o Dennis Walles 2007 Adult Dog Count 203
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Clarkston, MI
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These breeders have supplied puppies to Paws N Claws. Below are their USDA Inspection violations.

Jerry Kirby, J& J Kennels
Knobel, AR

Feb-14-08: Primary Enclosures – Two puppies currently housed with the dam were observed on wire mesh flooring with wire spacing 1 inch by 1 inch. In one case no covering was on the floor to prevent the feet of the puppies from passing below the floor surface. The other puppy did have a piece of material covering the floor but the puppy was not on this material. In both cases, the puppies were observed with the feet or parts of the legs extending below the floor surface.

Linda Heinen, Hillside Kennel
Goff, KS

Feb-17-10: Adequate Veterinary Care – Licensee needs to remove all outdated drugs from the kennel area and properly dispose of outdated drugs affecting 250 dogs.

Feb-17-10: Housing Facilities – Outside double decker buildings #2 south side top row starting from the west there is a broken and protruding wire ends sticking out that needs to be removed from the enclosure both outside and inside of the enclosure before injury occurs to 2 dogs.

Feb-17-10: Housing Facilities - Outside double decker buildings #1 north side bottom row starting from the west also has a broken and protruding wire ends sticking out that needs to be removed from the enclosure both outside and inside of the enclosure before injury occurs to 2 dogs.

Feb-17-10: Sheltered Housing – There is one enclosure where the spring is broken and the metal entryway door does not adequately close. Licensee needs to replace the broken spring so that the dogs will have protection from the outside temperature extremes affecting 3 dogs.

Feb-09-04 – Linda Heinen in commerce dogs to Southwest Auction in Wheaton< MO.

Linda Brasher, Elite Puppies
Havana, AR

Jul-29-08: Housing Facilities – The surfaces that the animals come into contact with were dirty with grime and caked on feces. The enclosure floors, walls and doors must be cleaned regularly and the animal wastes removed daily from the enclosures. This would reduce bacterial build-up and help to assure the animal’s good health.

Jul-11-2006 Cleaning, Sanitation, Housekeeping – The back walls of the enclosures, with the outside runs, have a buildup of dirt, grime and caked on feces on them.

Dennis Walles, Ox Arks Kennels
Galena, MO

Aug-28-07: Outdoor Housing – In the outdoor portion of the facility there ware a total of sixteen enclosures whose shelter structures which do not have wind/ rain breaks at the entrances. All enclosures must have breaks to protect the contained animals from the elements.

Dolores Grogan,
Prairie Grove, AR

Jun-10-2008: Outdoor Housing – There was one outdoor enclosure that did not have adequate shelter fro the animals contained therein. There were two boxers with only one shelter large enough for one animal. Licensee must provide more shelters.

Jun-10-2008: Primary Enclosures – There were at enclosures with wire mesh flooring containing puppies that allowed their feet to fall through the openings of the wire. Eight enclosures had wire flooring where the coating was not present in all places.

Mid America Pet Broker
Neosho, MO

Oct-9-2008: Procurement of Random Source Dogs – The brokerage purchased animals from an individual who stated they were not licensed. The ownership did not fully verify that the breeder did indeed meet that standard.

Feb-13-2008: Primary Enclosures – There are 4 puppies in 2 cages, 2 malamutes and 2 boxers that are in 30 x 30 inch cages. These cages do not provide proper space for these puppies. There were 45 puppies in the brokerage cages that did not have the necessary 6 inches of headroom.

Dec-3-2008: Adequate Veterinary Care – The following medications in the facility were outdated (6 listed).

Dec-3-2008: Primary Enclosures – There were 4 puppies, 1 golden retriever, 1 Rottweiler and 2 boxers that did not have the necessary 6 inches of headroom. The cages were 24 inches tall.

Oct-22-2007: Primary Enclosures – The animals in those cages do not have adequate space. There are German shepherd puppies in 30 x 30 inch cages. These dogs are approximately 24 to 28 inches in length. There are Boxers of the same size in the same sized cages. This affects 64 dogs

Patrick Fulton, Fulton Enterprises
Alden, MN

Aug-30-2010: Minimum Age Requirements – On 5/6/10, the licensee transported in commerce 8 puppies that were on 53 days old and on 8/12/10, 3 puppies were transported by the license that were only 55 days old. The licensee transported in commerce a total of 11 puppies that were not 8 weeks old. Transporting underage could affect their health.

Aug-30-2010: Primary Enclosures – Eight pens containing two weaned puppies each and one pen containing one weaned puppy did not provide the minimum amount of required floor space. A pen containing one Sheltie puppy provided only 5 inches of head space. Inadequate head space affects the comfort of the animals.

Kathy Clarke, Clarke’s Hillside Kennel
Yates Center, KS

Feb-03-2010: Adequate Veterinary Care – Dogs need to be observed daily to assess their health. Dogs with Chip # and # need to have the mats, long hair, removed or combed out around the mouth, anal area and areas that hang d own and drag the ire flooring. Mats can cause sore and hot spots that can cause infection and discomfort. Also matted hair looses the warmth insulation that the dog needs during the winter months. Affects 2 dogs.

Feb-03-2010: Cleaning, Sanitation, Housing – Inside housing needs the wall kept clean to help the facility remain disease free. Trash, and discard matter inside of the housing facilities also is a place that can harbor mice. Need to clean the inside of the shelter housing and also the indoor housing buildings to better insure that t he dogs can remain healthy and disease free. Affects at least 50 dogs.

Jan-16-2009: Outdoor Housing – Outdoor shelters must have additional dry bedding with temp is 35 degrees or lower. Present temp is 16: need to add additional bedding to the terrier pen. north end of the west slab pen. Affects 3 dogs.

Jan-16-2009: Primary Enclosures – Primary enclosures must be kept in good repair to protect the dogs from injury. Need to repair the wire enclosures of at least 4 pens on top of the main kennel on the south sides of the east when wire has broke leaving points of wire exposed to the dogs. Affects at least 11 dogs.

Jan-8-2008: Primary Enclosures – Primary enclosures must be in good repair to protect dogs from injury. The 6 & 7 pen from the east of the bottom runs of the south side of the Big Kennel needs to be repaired where the wire of the bottom and partition have broken areas. Also the top pens same side 5 from the east has the same problem. Affects 7 dogs.

Jul-28-2004: Housing Facilities – Surfaces need to be cleaned when needed. The doggy doors and the areas surrounding the doggy doors in the South, Middle, and North Kennels need to have the Grease and Grime removed.

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Clarkston, MI
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This complaint was filed in 2009 with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. A customer observed a puppy having a seizure. Vince, the owner, stated that he had an outbreak of parvo and immediately had the puppies euthanized. The vet reported that he had the option to treat the puppies.



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It appears Paws N Claws doesn't want discuss alternatives to selling puppies. Vince stopped at our protest on Saturday telling us we should protest at the malls.

We decided to start filing complaints. Paws N Claws stopped sending their annual report and fees to the state in 2001. Their status was automatically dissolved. The Attorney Generals Office has been notified.


Searched for: PAWS & CLAWS, INC.
ID Num: 412021
Entity Name: PAWS & CLAWS, INC.
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit Corporation
Resident Agent: GLORIA BRADLEY
Registered Office Address: 19100 E. TEN MILE RD. EAST POINTE MI 48021
Mailing Address: 667 E. BIG BEAVER, STE. 201 TROY MI 48083
Formed Under Act Number(s): 284-1972
Incorporation/Qualification Date: 9-13-1990
Jurisdiction of Origin: MICHIGAN
Number of Shares: 60,000
Year of Most Recent Annual Report: 01
Year of Most Recent Annual Report With Officers & Directors: 01
Status: AUTOMATIC DISSOLUTION Date: 7-15-2004
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Clarkston, MI
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Let me plug Dublin Pub (19080 E 10 Mile Rd, Eastpointe) for supporting our regular Paws N Claws protests with enthusiasm. They not only let us park out front, but we are warmly welcomed. The smokers cheers on. Everyone honks and the owner is adding us to his collection of patron photos! Thanks Jim!!! Bottoms up Dublin Pub!

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This month we plan to protest again every Saturday from 12-3. We are adding two additional protests for Valentines Day weekend. Join us on Sunday from 12-3 or Monday 3:30 - 7:00.

If you live in the area, please help post this flyer­ around town. Thank you.

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Just a reminder Vince, Health Certificates are still required by law. The laws never changed, just the MDA does not provide the forms. I sure hope the puppies in your store are seen by a vet...isn't that what your window states?

Act 287 of 1969

287.335a Prohibited conduct.
Sec. 5a.

A person who operates a pet shop shall not do any of the following:
(a) Import or cause to be imported into this state, or offer for sale or resale, a dog or cat less than 8 weeks old.

(b) Import or cause to be imported into this state, or offer for sale or resale, a dog or cat unless the dog or cat has deciduous (baby) teeth visibly present.

(c) Sell or offer for sale a dog, unless the dog has been inoculated against distemper, hepatitis, and leptospirosis, para influenza and, if indicated, has been treated for external and internal parasites, not less than 7 days before the dog's entry into this state. The dog shall be accompanied by a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, including records of the dog's medication and immunization.

(d) Sell or offer for sale a cat, unless the cat has been inoculated against feline panleukopenia (cat distemper), rinotraecheitis and calici viruses and, if indicated, has been treated for external and internal parasites, not less than 7 days prior to the cat's entry into this state. The cat shall be accompanied by a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, including records of the cat's medication and immunization.

(e) Sell or deliver a dog or cat without providing to the purchaser a health certificate signed by a veterinarian licensed by this state, for the dog or cat. The certificate shall include a health record indicating the date and type of vaccinations which have been given to the dog or cat.

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Eastpointe store denies puppy mill allegations

Published: Sunday, February 13, 2011

By Catherine Kavanaugh
Macomb Daily Staff Writer

Animal activists continue 3-month protest, promote adoption

Every Saturday since Thanksgiving, Sordyl has organized supporters of the southeastern Michigan chapter of Puppy Mill Awareness to stand with signs that say “Adopt not shop” and “Beware of the puppy store” outside Paws-n-Claws, 19100 E. 10 Mile Road.

As one pet supply customer left, she rolled down her car window and asked, “Why are you doing this? It’s none of your business.”
[ps This women was 'with' the store. She was seen unloading from Vince's car.]

Sordyl shouted over traffic, “My cause is large commercial breeders. I believe responsible breeders never sell wholesale to pet stores. It’s not good practice if you don’t know where a puppy is going. They want to know the pride of their work is going to a good home.”
[ps I actually did not yell this statement to her, ..we never mention reputable breeders to passer-bys]

Sordyl said she goes to Lansing every three months to track shipping records and interstate health certificates required for every dog that comes into Michigan to show it was vaccinated.

“I know where their dogs are coming from since May of last year,” Sordyl said of Paws-n-Claws. “I’ve tracked 12 breeders all from out of state and four have over 200 dogs. That screams puppy mill to me.”

A puppy mill is a commercial dog breeding facility operated with an emphasis on profits over animal welfare. Dogs and puppies often are kept in small cages and deprived of exercise, food, veterinary care and human contact.

Vince Sanna, who works at Paws-n-Claws, said the store deals with credible breeders that meet criteria set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He denies allegations that any are puppy mills.

We are selective about who we buy our puppies from,” Sanna said. “They are USDA-licensed kennels and their licenses have never been revoked or suspended. If any get a violation, just like a restaurant, it is corrected for them to continue to do business. They remedy the situation and abide by the guidelines.”

Sanna said the store is meeting the demand of pet owners who want to bring a certain breed of dog into their household at a young age.

It’s about availability and affordability,” Sanna said. “I’m filling a different niche. I’m not against adoption, but I’m leaving it to other organizations that are established and have better means. I’m providing a service to provide a specific breed.”

Paws-n-Claws has nine separate animal enclosures lined with shredded newspapers not far from the cash register. On Saturday, three puppies aged 12 to 14 weeks were behind the windows of three enclosures. A Pomeranian, a morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire terrier) and a puggle (pug and beagle mix) all were priced at $499.

Sordyl said the store isn’t filling a need, it’s creating a demand.

“When people go in there to buy pet supplies, they see dogs they want to rescue and that creates a demand that doesn’t exist,” Sordyl said. “There are so many healthy dogs, great dogs, pre-trained dogs ready for adoption. He could promote that.”

Sordyl said USDA licensing requirements are minimal and mislead customers into believing a breeding facility is a good operation. She also contends there’s no reason to bring puppies into Michigan when area shelters and rescues are filled.

“If you’re fixated on a certain breed, there are a lot of pure-breed rescue groups,” Sordyl said. “Nonprofit groups are another safe way to go.”

Many rescues and nonprofits post homeless pets of all ages on Petfinder.com. A Saturday check of the site using the Eastpointe ZIP code for search words Pomeranian dog brought up five “baby” and eight “young” matches on the first page of search results. The puppies and young dogs are in Hazel Park, Troy, Redford, Canton and Ypsilanti.

Also, among the first page of 25 matches were three “baby” Pomeranian mixes and a “young” cocker spaniel/Pomeranian in Hazel Park, Detroit, Canton and South Lyon. There were 1,817 matches in all.

Sordyl said the online listings show there are no availability and affordability issues when it comes to finding a certain puppy.

“We don’t want to put Paws-n-Claws out of business, just quit selling puppies,” she said.

If a customer does want to verify where a puppy is from, Sordyl suggests they ask for a health certificate or registration papers. However, she said the seller doesn’t have to provide the information.

“There is no disclosure law,” she said. “That’s another thing that needs to change.”

In the meantime, Sordyl said her group will be back in front of the store at noon Sunday and 3:30 p.m. Monday, speaking out for “dog breeding mothers in puppy mills and commercial breeding facilities working overtime to meet seasonal demand.”

Pam Sordyl said she and other animal activists will continue to protest outside Paws-n-Claws in Eastpointe in an attempt to halt the practice of selling canines produced by out-of-state puppy mills and encourage adoption from local shelters. Macomb Daily staff photo by Craig Gaffield
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Clarkston, MI
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This article ran in both the Macomb Daily and Oakland Press just in time for Valentines Day!!! Thank you Catherine for doing such a great educational piece.

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