Exciting Changes for 2009 !

From: Debra
Sent on: Sunday, January 4, 2009 5:28 PM
Happy New Year Everyone!

Our Raw Organic Group has exciting changes for 2009.

First, our club is now named the Santa Barbara Organic Raw Food Meetup Group.

Second, we now have our own website address, that will lead you right to our home page ? so it's super easy to tell others where to find us! How awesome is that!!!
Here is our web page address: www.meetup.com/raw-food

Thirdly, together, Heather and Debra have maintained the SB Raw Food Group for about 4 years. Debra is now the ?Organizer? and Heather will now be a Leader in one of our new branches, ?Organic Lifestyles.?

Lastly, our membership has grown to a size where we are now able to expand beyond our one traditional monthly event (the Raw Gourmet Potluck). With more people and interests, we?ve compiled a list of possible branches and the activities within each, (please see detail outline below.) This now creates an opportunity for other members to fill additional key leadership roles to expand the scope and activity level of our group.

Joyfully, we announce, in addition to Heather becoming the Organic Lifestyle Leader:
Lisa Moore is now our Education and Raw Lifestyles Support Leader with Greg Sinicrope, and Michael David is our Raw Spirit Liaison with Happy Oasis.

There is sooo much more!!! Our group is looking for Leaders for branches 1 through 7, recapped here (with detailed descriptions at the end of this message.) If you are interested, or would like to lead another branch not listed here, please attend the meeting Debra has set for January 18th at 4:00 PM at her home (or send an email thru meetup.com to Debra. Debra is looking forward to and encourages your input : )

1. Gourmet Raw Organic Potlucks
2. Children?s Activities
3. Produce Exchanges
4. Raw Restaurant Committee
5. Raw and Organic Political Action Coordinator
6. Kindness Coordinator
7. Social Events - Debra Bredican, looking for assistants
8. Raw Spirit Festival Liaison ? Michael David
9. Education/Support - Lisa Moore and Greg Sinicrope
10. Organic Lifestyles - Heather Baker
11. Other (?) Tell us your ideas!!!

The purpose of the January 18th meeting is to:

? Come and share ideas you have, what would you like to see happen in our group? What needs would you like to see met?
? See if you would like to take an active role in organizing/coordinating
? Maybe you would like to coordinate a single event OR would like to Lead a branch!

We are very excited! Our raw family has really grown and we?re looking forward to lots of fun times, learning and growing together. Our group members will increase even more in June when our Santa Barbara community participates in Raw Spirit Fest!

Come and join us!!! Come have fun! Feel support and love on your raw journey! 2009 is the BEST year EVER!

Heather and Debra

Detailed group branch and leadership descriptions:

1. Gourmet Raw Organic Potlucks (our most common activity these last four years)
Leader is needed, please contact Debra to volunteer
a. Identify monthly potluck hosts
b. Coordinate date and time with potluck host and Organizer Debra
c. create text to announce the potluck and email it to Debra at least three weeks prior to scheduled potluck date for posting on the Meet Up website
d. Coordinate with host regarding chairs/set up/clean up
e. Coordinate with children?s activities coordinator (if we have one) for children?s events at the potluck (if there are to be any)

2. Children?s Activities
Leader is needed, please contact Debra to volunteer
a. Coordinate volunteers or at larger public events, perhaps professional care for kids at Raw Meet Up events, perhaps organized group games in the yard or at a park or bookreading for example.
b. coordinate child-oriented raw events ? for example, kids raw food preparation party, play day at a park, or museum outings that are focused on raw parents and their kids socializing together
c. Goal: For parents to more easily attend Raw events where there might be speakers or movies creating need for quiet times or challenging homes for kids (lots of breakables, for example)
d. Goal: For kids to be able to socialize with other raw kids (and thus gain their own support network too)

3. Produce Exchanges Coordinator
Leader is needed, please contact Debra to volunteer
a. Coordinate event postings with Mesa Exchange.org or other produce exchange groups

4. Raw Restaurant Committee
Leader is needed, please contact Debra to volunteer
a. Lead Restaurant Committee meetings
b. Goal is to organize energy towards someone or a group starting a raw restaurant in SB

5. Raw and Organic Food Political Action Coordinator.
Leader is needed, please contact Debra to volunteer
Raw foodists face regulations that hamper our lifestyle: rules to destroy most almonds and prohibit fresh dairy sales have been passed. Genetically modified food is insidious in our foods supply and Obama?s appointments to the Ag. Commission will be important. School?s food is influenced unfairly by large SAD food conglomerates. Larger subsidies are given to the meat industry than to our local farmer?s markets, our food costs are disproportionate to that of the larger population as a result. Labeling laws are not as helpful as they could be. Our medical system and taxes dole out pills instead of organic raw foods and exercise. Together, our group can politicize for raw foods lifestyles to be supported in our larger community.
a. Monitor publications for important alerts: Organic Consumers Association, newsletters from David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, etc., Pesticide Action Network, Co-Op America quarterlies, raw food radio shows, etc.
b. Make announcements at events regarding relevant political organizing needs.
c. Bring relevant petitions to club events for signatures.

6. Kindness Coordinator
Leader is needed, please contact Debra to volunteer
Sometimes raw food member get sick (yes it can still happen to us sometimes too) or overwhelmed in life. Good things also happen to club members too that it might be fun to better track and celebrate. Would it be nice if someone was on the alert for members in distress, and might be able to bring a left over plate of potluck food to that person? Or perhaps coordinate cards for club members to sign if there is a significant event in someone?s life? Is there an angel in our club that would like this role?

7. Social Events
(Debra has volunteered to lead this section, thank you Debra! Debra is still looking for volunteers to suggest, assist Debra or organize an event on their own.)
a. Hiking
b. Group Dinners at LA Restaurants
c. Foraging
d. Sail Boat, Picnics, Plays, etc.
e. Group Raw Food Preparation (RawWork)

8. Raw Spirit Festival Liaison
(Michael David has volunteered to lead this section as a liaison for Happy Oasis)
a. Encourage members to attend Raw Spirit Festival, June 4 ? 6 at Live Oak Campground
b. Distribute Raw Spirit Festival flyers at events and around town
c. Coordinate staffing for Meet Up booth at Raw Spirit Festival
d. Coordinate a special welcome potluck event immediately before the Raw Spirit Festival (?)
e. Coordinate with Raw Spirit Festival Staff

9. Education/Support
(Lisa Moore has volunteered to lead this section in partnership with Greg Sinicrope, thank you Lisa and Greg!)
a. Book Study
b. Cooking Classes
c. Movie Nights ? Raw Food Movies
d. Raw Life Support Meetings
? How do you incorporate raw into your life
? What challenges do you have
? Members share with each other challenges and successes
? Foodless event ? easy for everyone to attend

10. Organic Lifestyles as a complement to a raw foods diet. Organic raw foods minimize toxins and maximize health support, and so can our immediate environment, through our skin, breath, etc.
(Heather Baker has volunteered to lead this section, thank you Heather!)
a. Workshop to make organic beauty products
b. Workshop to make organic cleaning products
c. Organic spa party
d. Essential oils aromatherapy workshop
e. Organic clothing Los Angeles shopping trip
f. D?cor organic makeover for a home event
g. Coordinate eco-lodging for Raw Spirit Festival with local hotels
h. Educational talks on health benefits of organic clothing, personal care and home decor
i. Study books on compliments to raw lifestyles, for example: ?Beauty by Nature? by Bridgette Mars and ?Your Right to be Beautiful? by Tonya Zavasta

11. Other (?) What else is there that would be great for our group to do? Tell me!

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