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From: Maureen V.
Sent on: Thursday, July 12, 2007 3:09 PM
Hello everyone,

At the end of this email, please find a copy of one of the press releases circulating regarding Saturday?s event at FuD. But first, I'd like to cover a couple of other issues.

"Raw for 30 Days" movie trailer, not the entire film will be previewed on Saturday at FuD, and Sunday at Unity. In addition, the producer is working fast to try to have interviews edited in time to bring them to share with us. Included interviews are, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Dr. Gabriel Cousins and David Wolfe. Mark Perlmutter, producer, is meeting with Beckwith tomorrow (Friday) and will try to get footage edited in time to bring to KC. Cousins and Wolfe were interviewed earlier this week so we have a better chance to see their final edits.

?Raw Religion? NO! (It's time to talk about it) Please, please, please know that this group is not about "Raw Religion!" If that is the impression whether real or imagined I want to make it clear that I work hard to shatter that image. Attaching a percentage to the amount of 'raw' food one eats, to measure what? For the record, I am NOT 100% RAW nor do I need (or want) to be. Some people (like in the film) have to be extreme to get their health back in shape. At the same time I?m not saying the extremism doesn?t exist, I?m very aware of it. The group is still a democracy and I don't control other's opinions or actions. But sometimes I do say, "Lighten up people!?

Brian Clement is confirmed! I spoke with Brian's assistant yesterday. Everything looks good!

Too many emails from meetup? I noticed a correlation between increased calendar activity and membership drop-off. Some of the feedback received was due to meetup's automated email system. If you don?t like to receive every message from meetup (I don?t!) especially if you belong to more than one group, you can change your settings. You have the option to choose ?one daily digest? or ?none at all? by going to ?account? and then ?membership and communications.?

I?m looking forward to meeting Mark Perlmutter in person this weekend. He has many fascinating stories to share with us! See everyone then?..

Sample press release for Sat event:

?Raw For 30 Days? Film Trailer and
F?D: KC?s First Raw Food Restaurant

Kansas City, MO., July 10, 2007 ? Los Angeles film producer, Mark Perlmutter, presents ?Raw for 30 Days? documentary film trailer this Saturday, 6:00pm at FuD, Kansas City?s first raw food restaurant. F?D is located at 1911 McGee, Kansas City, MO 64108 inside Bad Seed Organic Market. The films 8 minute trailer will be previewed throughout the evening, along with open forum with the film?s producer. F?D will be serving raw vegan menu items from 5:00pm ? 9:00pm.

"Raw for 30 Days" chronicles the dramatic journey of Six McDonalds-munchin Americans that swear off junk foods for one month to eat a diet of 100% vegan live foods. The medical results are astounding! Doctors and experts interviewed include Gabriel Cousens, MD & Raw food lecturer and author David Wolfe.

Maureen Veto-Slater, organizer of the KC Raw Food Meetup Group, says that she is living proof that this diet can reverse disease. ?In my mid-40's, my doctor had me on over 14 medications for all kinds of problems. I never got better but I did get fat. When the scale reached 200 pounds and I was feeling worse than ever, it just made sense to do something different.? Slater said that she had to check into rehab to taper off her prescription medications gradually because they were so toxic. ?It was humiliating but worth it! The drugs I was on were much more dangerous than many of the street drugs that others were on! The drugs were replaced with nutrition, and my body healed naturally. The symptoms are gone and so is the weight.?

She is passionate about sharing what she has learned with others and started the Kansas City Raw Food Meetup Group. The group is a social gathering for like-minded to learn and bring awareness to the community. Membership is free.

?Raw for 30 Days? is expected to be released in theatres late fall.

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