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Sh.t: It's What's for Dinner

Lamar Carter is a cattle farmer. He feeds his cows shit.

He's cited in a U.S. News & World report as buying 745 tons of chicken scat and stacking it 12 feet high on his farm. After it sits for seven to 10 days, it's mixed with a small amount of soy bran... and fed to his hundreds of cows.

He's quoted as saying: “My cows are fat as butterballs. If I didn't have chicken litter, I'd have to sell half my herd. Other feed's too expensive.”

You may have also heard the recent story going around about another cattle farmer feeding candy to his cows.

And I shouldn't have to recount the squalid conditions your beef and chicken inhabit while alive, injected with hormones and antibiotics (half of the antibiotics made in the U.S. are for animals), starved, and then force-fed to produce bigger eggs, wading in their own feces until they die.

I won't even tell you where millions of euthanized dogs and cats end up.

Is it any surprise 80 million Americans contract a foodborne illness annually (over a quarter of the population), 9,000 of them meeting their maker because of it?

Have you noticed there were no warnings for eating undercooked meat or eggs 20 years ago?

But like drugs, where does the regulator's hammer come down?

Surely not on the Hormels, Cargills, Tysons, and Perdues who are so profit-hungry they feed the animals you eat feces... but on the small mom-and-pop farmers trying to make it on their own selling all-natural beef, chicken, and vegetables.

In many states, it's illegal to sell raw milk. In others, small farms have been raided at gunpoint. (By whom? By those lovely militarized police we talked about earlier.)

Guess which operations have enough to bribe the lawmakers you elected?

And then those politicians have the gumption to decry the loss of small businesses during their election campaigns when it's them putting them out of business.

As today is Christmas, and I myself am not a 100% vegan, but a man who believes in intelligence, what we put in our bodies not only obviously affects our weight, but our chemistry, our brains, every thing, thus what animals put in their bodies, affects what they are, and if we humans then down the food chain, put such 'meat' in our bodies, it is thus a 'chain reaction'.

To do things as a group makes it easier for individuals to be motivated to do so. My group participation has been very sporadic over several years, as well as my contributions not always with in the exact rules of this group. My own research has discovered the healing power of fasting. Beyond eating organic vegan foods, to eating nothing, for 24 hours or a week, or longer, to cleanse the body of 'bad stuff', which 'starve' inside our bodies if we do not provide with nourishment, thus achieved through 'fasting'. perhaps a group '24 hour' fast on a weekend, once a month or week would help some, including myself, execute a 'fast' as it is easier for people such as myself who live alone, to do such things with a group, than alone, as it is too easy to be distracted and eat something, just from boredom sometimes.
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