Serenity Campaign

This campaign is being run by Niel. Stephan(Cap'n), Will(Jasper), and I(Ched) signed on as players.

Your narrator plays Light'n Ched Palmer, best darn pilot this side of Persephone.
Ex-alliance, occasional drunk, ears nearly blown out in the war and mercenary
through and through.

Day 1: Took medicinal type cargo to MK-YMM, a dry as spit lump of rock, that
someone suckered colonists into terraforming. After dumping the cargo at what
passes locally for a hospital Jasper locates us some dirt farmers tired of the
colonizing life. A kindly enough looking couple with two short'uns in tow. Don't
matter none to me as long as it puts credits in my pocket.

"Um, yeah Cap'n I landed the ship right here, see the thruster marks."

"Well, Wo Bu Shin Wo Dah Yan Jing! Were is it?"


Ship got stole right out from under us. This is bad, real bad. I had two cases
of premium core whiskey on that ship.

Day 2: Jasper gets to know the local law while Cap'n and I scope out the morning
folks for suspicious sorts. The sheriff points us to the terraforming company
folks which Jasper gets conversing with. They offer up their radar so we can
triangulate on the "2nd Chance's" beacon.

After driving our hovercraft all over the desert we get a fix. Them ship
rustlers got it hid in a ravine, rigged up on a grav plate and towing our
beautiful ship like some gorrum salvage. A bit of assessing and organizing.
Cap'n comes up with a Tze sah yu ji plan. Him an I "fly" the hovercraft right
over the edge of the ravine all surprising like. While Jasper hangs back with
his fancy rifle and discourages anyone with an inclination to be unfriendly.

"Yee haw!" that hovercraft stuck together even though the landing smashed up the
front end. Cap'n suggested the three rustlers stay down, let us take our ship
back, and be on our peaceful way. They didn't see eye to eye, so Jasper got busy
with the discouraging.

I attract more than my fair share of lead but I pull the hovercraft round to the
tow-truck's cab before succumbing to the black.

Day3: Armor, never leave the ship with out it. I awoke in the "2nd Chance's"
infirmary. After convincing them rustlers of the errors of their ways. Jasper
had rounded up our passengers, Cap'n managed to get into space without breakin
nuttin. I quickly plot a course to Persephone. Hot damn, a real planet, one I
know from personal experience has some right fine bars.

Day 4: How Wrin Bu Lai, Whai Wrin Bu Jwo. A fast, armed interceptor is heading
our way. Cap'n hails them without a response. We are forced to stop which ain't
good as we don't have the fuel to start back up and make it to Persephone. A
real Jei-Jei in combat fatigues gives us the choice of being boarded or gettin
blown up.

We decide to take the third path, let her come aboard and then bushwhack the Feh
Feh Pi Goh. But, things continue to not go smooth. Cap'n gets knocked out by a
stun grenade, Jasper is beat to hell and I spend several hours face-down and

Lady was looking for something, didn't find it, and moved on.

We are nowhere without the fuel to get somewhere.

Cap'n swallows hard and records the distress signal. After punching it for
continuous loop, me and a bottle of my premium core get to know another real well.

End of first session

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