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From: Matt C.
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I hope everyone can join me at the LPAC conference again this year!

It's always lots of fun,


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Subject: Leave the competition in the dust
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Dear Matt,

When a sports team wins a championship, we see huge smiles, glory, and plenty of ceremony.

It’s easy to forget the time behind-the-scenes - the sweat, sacrifice, focus, and countless hours repeating the basics - that went into putting those athletes at the top of their game.

You could be as talented as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson combined, but if you don’t hone those abilities – if you don’t refine skill into reflex (like they had to) – you’ll just be a very entertaining runner up.

Statists know this.

That’s why they dominate the national political discussion, government institutions, the media, academia, and more.

They wanted a world with a bigger, more aggressive government.

So they made one.

Remember – when you watch Harry Reid, President Obama, and their allies in both parties congratulating each other on their latest achievement, they didn’t just wish victory into reality.

Everyone involved worked long, hard, and intensely over years and years and more years while sticking to battle-tested tactics and strategies meant to build intense pressure to shift the tide their direction.

And they didn’t let any hurdle or setback discourage or stop them from building their dream.

What’s your dream?

If you’re ready for a restored, vigorous nation – a land of prosperity, opportunity, and hope for you, your kids, and your grandkids – then let’s make one.

But just like the statists, we can’t wait for a genie to grant us three wishes.

And those we’re competing with to reach hearts and minds are very good at what they do.

At the 2014 Liberty Political Action Conference (taking place September 18-20 in Alexandria, Virginia), we’ll show you how to leave our Big Government-loving competition in the dust, no matter how much power they have – or think they have.

You will learn:
  • about the biggest lie in politics, how the political class uses it against you, and how to see through it;
  • how to build your local group and/or effort;
  • what it takes to win on Capitol Hill, in your state legislature, and at your local city council;
  • more about the victories your fellow C4L members are achieving, and the tactics they use to succeed against the political class’ best attacks;
  • how to effectively communicate the freedom message in print and at the microphone;
  • the liberty-based perspective and facts on the major issues facing our country you won’t get on the nightly news.
And much more!!

Click here to get your ticket(s) today.

Passes to all three days of General Session events are available through July 4 at the heavily discounted price of only $89 (regularly $139)!

Students can reserve their spot for only $40!

One of the highlights of every LPAC is the chance it offers to spend time among like-minded grassroots Americans.

Such an opportunity helps remind us all we’re not alone in this battle.

And there’s no denying that the energy LPAC generates is encouraging and motivating as each of us returns to our work!

Will you take advantage of this opportunity?

In addition to C4L Chairman Ron Paul, you’ll hear from other leaders and issue experts in our movement who have spent years on the frontlines carrying the liberty banner.

And our activism teachers are battle-tested veterans who can help you avoid common pitfalls while empowering you to make change happen.

Big Government’s defenders are well-prepared, well-trained, and well-motivated.

But when the final whistle sounds, you can emerge the champion.

Learn how at LPAC 2014.

If you’ve already purchased your ticket(s), please invite your family and friends to join you!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S.  Like an athlete striving for a championship, achieving victory in politics means training, making the basics second nature, and maintaining intense focus and dedication to overcome any obstacles or setbacks.

Statists worked long and hard to create the Constitution-shredding, big-spending status quo we’re living in.

But the 2014 Liberty Political Action Conference will show you how to leave our Big Government-loving competition in the dust and achieve lasting victory for the freedom message.

Learn more and sign up today to join us this September 18-20 in Alexandria, Virginia, for LPAC 2014!

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