TX Senate Home School Vote TODAY -- talking points

From: Lynda
Sent on: Monday, April 8, 2013 1:40 PM

Tell your teams that TODAY is the day to call -- NOW


PLEASE POST TO YOUR CALENDARS AND ALERT YOUR TEAMS.  This session is as important as state convention.  Each one of us is vital.  This is a BIG week.  We have Obamacare, TSA, smart meter data collection and opt out, and many other liberty issues at stake.  Here is the list of hearings again:

Hearings scheduled the week of April 8, 2013, for certain bills of
interest.  NOTE: Hearings are sometimes canceled and/or rescheduled. Do
not assume any hearing will be scheduled or rescheduled with significant
notice. This is politics.

This is in no way all the bills being heard, just some of the ones that
seem to have the most impact to state sovereignty and the defense of
individual life, liberty, and property.

This is a CRITICAL week for hearings.  Bills attempting to define and
regulate home schools in Texas in certain situations will be voted on in
the Senate Monday and heard in House Committee Tuesday.  A bill attempting
to resolve the problem with pipeline owners claiming they are common
carriers so they can utilize eminent domain authority and bills allowing
people to opt out of smart meters and restrict how the information
collected by smart meters is used will be heard Tuesday.  David Simpson's
TSA anti-groping bill will be heard Wednesday, as will several bills and
resolutions relating to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and a bill
outlawing abortion after 20 weeks.  There are also a couple of bills that
would affect the integrity of the voter registration system and several
open government and transparency bills.

Remember, PLEASE make an effort to travel to Austin once or twice during
the session either to speak on the bills that concern you the most or at
least to put your name down in support or opposition.  Committees hold the
power over these bills at this stage and showing up to the committee
meeting is the most effective way to affect the outcome.  The lobbyists
WILL be there and if we are not they usually win.

Monday, April 8:


Elections, 10:00am, E2.028
HB 960, Sanford, "Relating to ballot language for a proposition to approve
the issuance of bonds by a county." (must list total and per capita
current debt owed on a ballot for a bond election)

HB 961, Sanford, "Relating to ballot language for a proposition to approve
the issuance of bonds by a city." (must list total and per capita current
debt owed on a ballot for a bond election)

HB 962, Sanford, "Relating to ballot language for a proposition to approve
the issuance of bonds by a school district." (must list total and per
capita current debt owed on a ballot for a bond election)

HB 3049, Springer, "Relating to the uniform election date." (removes May
elections in favor of a single yearly November election)

HB 3177, Bohac, "Relating to requiring a candidate nominated by convention
to pay a filing fee or file a petition as a qualification to appear on the
ballot for the general election for state and county officers; imposing a
fee." (requires state and county candidates nominated by a party
convention to meet the fee or petition requirements of those filing to
appear on a party primary ballot)

HB 3593, Burnam, "Relating to the determination that a voter is ineligible
to vote." (prohibits the Secretary of State determining a registered voter
is deceased or a non-citizen based solely on matching certain information
such as "an exact match of first name, last name, and full social security
number", etc.)

Government Efficiency & Reform, 2:00pm, E1.026
HB 3200, Larson, "Relating to a suit for a writ of mandamus compelling a
governmental body to make information available for public inspection
under the public information law." (prohibits filing for a writ of
mandamus for release of public information before the AG has ruled on if
the information must be released or the time period for requesting an AG
opinion has elapsed)

HJR 112, Laubenberg, "Proposing a constitutional amendment limiting the
authority of the state to collect, receive, or store certain consumer
information." (prohibits the state from storing information on
individual's income, debts, purchase history, or credit rating without


Finance S/C on Fiscal Matters, 9:00am, E1.036
SB 1598, Zaffirini, "Relating to the authority of the chief appraiser of
an appraisal district or a representative of the chief appraiser to enter
the premises of a business, trade, or profession for ad valorem tax
appraisal purposes." (allows the appraiser to send a representative;
requires the owner consent to the entry and inspection)

SJR 47, Eltife, "Proposing a constitutional amendment increasing the rate
of the state sales and use tax and dedicating revenue derived from that
rate increase to repaying certain transportation bonds." (increase the
sales and use tax by 0.5% from Jan 1, 2014 to Sep 1, 2030 and dedicate
that increase to pay transportation bonds)

State Affairs, 9:00am, Senate Chamber
SB 315, Uresti, "Relating to electronic voter registration." (allow online
voter registration)

SB 1398, Estes, "Relating to rules governing the allocation of delegates
to a political party's national presidential nominating convention."
(change the way the state requires a political party allocate its national

Open Government, 2:00pm, 2E.20
SB 667, Seliger, "Relating to a study on the feasibility of requiring
certain researchers to make research papers available to the public."
(study on requiring researches funded with state or federal funds in Texas
to make their results publicly available)

SB 1563, Ellis, "Relating to the definition of and access to public
information." (expand and modernize things considered public information)

SB 1650, Campbell, "Relating to Internet broadcasts of open meetings held
by governmental bodies, including regional tollway authorities, regional
mobility authorities, and metropolitan planning organizations." (require
that internet broadcasts of meetings be free of charge; require the three
listed types of entities broadcast their meetings)

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security, 2:30pm, E1.012
SB 1400, Estes, "Relating to the municipal and county regulation of air
guns." (allow regulation of the discharge of air guns)

Tuesday, April 9:


Public Education, 10:00am, E2.036
HB 1374, Dutton, "Relating to equal opportunity for access by
home-schooled students to University Interscholastic League sponsored
activities; authorizing a fee." (will define "home school" for its
purposes and establish testing and other standards so home school students
can participate in UIL activities)

Transportation, 8:00am, E2.012
HB 2420, Elkins, "Relating to the authority of a local government to
impose a civil penalty for certain failures to obey a traffic-control
signal." (exempts right turns from red light camera penalties)

HB 3179, Phillips, "Relating to the licensing of minors to operate a motor
vehicle." (allows a minor to have their driver's license revoked if they
are reported absent for 20 consecutive school days; lists "home school"
separate from "private school")

Business & Industry, 1:30pm, E2.014
HB 3547, Oliveira, "Relating to standards and procedures for determining
whether a person who owns, operates, or manages a pipeline is a common
carrier, authorizing a fee." (stipulate when a pipeline owner or operator
is a common carrier; provide a hearing process, etc.)


Business & Commerce, 8:00am, E1.016
SB 241, Carona, "Relating to the authority of an electric customer to
choose not to have a utility's advanced meter." (allow opting out of smart
meter installation)

SB 1219, Davis, "Relating to a customer's right to privacy of smart meter
collected data." (require written authorization to share data collected by
a smart meter)

HB 1600, Nichols, "Relating to the continuation and functions of the
Public Utility Commission of Texas, to the transfer of certain functions
from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to the Public Utility
Commission of Texas, and to the functions of the Office of Public Utility
Counsel; authorizing a fee." (PUC sunset bill that already passed the
House and still allows some emergency cease and desist power)

Criminal Justice, 1:30pm, E1.016
SB 892, Carona, "Relating to the application of certain concealed handgun
license laws to the attorney general and to assistant attorneys general,
United States attorneys, assistant United States attorneys, and special
assistant United States attorneys, and to the authority of those attorneys
to carry certain weapons." (allow the AG and assistants and United States
attorneys and assistants to carry in court where others cannot)

SB 1052, Carona, "Relating to search warrants issued in this state and
other states for certain customer data, communications, and other
information held in electronic storage in this state and other states by
providers of electronic communications services and remote computing
services." (defines procedure for warrants having to do with
electronically stored information held by companies wholly or partially
located in the state)

Wednesday, April 10:


Agriculture & Livestock, 8:00am, E1.010
HB 1382, Simpson, "Relating to the regulation of food prepared, stored,
distributed, or sold at farms and farmers' markets; limiting the
applicability of a fee." (further restricts regulatory overhead that may
be applied to food sold directly to consumers by a farm or farmers market)

Urban Affairs, 10:30am, E2.016
HJR 123, Dennis Bonnen, "Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing
the foreclosure of a lien on homestead property for costs incurred by a
municipality relating to a dangerous structure on the property." (removes
constitutional protection against being forced to sell your homestead to
cover costs claimed by the state related to a dangerous structure on that

HB 2757, Dennis Bonnen, "Relating to authorizing a municipality to file a
lien on homestead property for the costs incurred by the municipality
related to a dangerous structure on the property." (enacting legislation
for HJR 123)

State Affairs, 1:00pm, JHR 140
HB 80, Simpson, "Relating to official oppression; creating offenses." (TSA

HB 2364, Laubenberg, "Relating to abortion at or after 20 weeks
post-fertilization." (outlaw abortion past 20 weeks except "to avert the
woman's death or a serious risk of substantial or irreversible physical
impairment of a major bodily function, other than a psychological

Federalism & Fiscal Responsibility, 2:00pm, E2.036
HB 3185, Laubenberg, "Relating to prohibiting the establishment of a
health benefit exchange in this state." (prohibits any state agency or
subdivision from taking any action to implement the Exchanges described in
the ACA)

HB 3709, Bell, "Relating to creation of the Health Freedom Act.",
(interposition against the ACA)

HCR 32, Stickland, "Urging Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services to cease imposing contraception mandates on private

HCR 60, Zerwas, "Urging the United States Congress to modify the Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act to allow cost-sharing payments and
premium tax credits to be made available to the Texas political
subdivision health care benefit pools on the same basis as those for
health plans participating in the new federal exchange."

HCR 64, Creighton, "Requesting the comptroller to conduct a study to
determine the costs to the state of instituting the Affordable Care Act
and a projection of the number of Texas residents who would lose health
insurance coverage as a result of the ACA."

HCR 72, Creighton, "Rejecting unlimited submission to the current
administration and Congress, reaffirming the sovereignty of our state, and
opposing taxes imposed on the citizens of Texas by the passage of the
Affordable Care Act."

HJR 48, White, "Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the
rights of individuals to choose or decline to choose to purchase health
insurance coverage."

HJR 59, Creighton, "Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the
rights of individuals to choose or decline to choose health insurance

HJR 109, Laubenberg, "Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing
certain payment for health care services and prohibiting requiring
participation in a mandatory health care system."

HR 1247, Walle, "Recognizing that the Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act is now the law of the land, as per the Supreme Court decision of
June 28, 2012."

Thursday, April 11:


Homeland Security & Public Safety, 8:00am, E2.010
HB 375, Guillen, "Relating to peace officers commissioned by the State
Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners." (allow the veterinary board to
commission peace officers)

HB 3143, Anchia, "Relating to the creation of certain offenses concerning
firearm sales at gun shows; authorizing a fee." (requires NICS background
checks for sales at gun shows)

County Affairs, 10:30am, E2.016
HB 2517, Springer, "Relating to the authority of counties to require a
person to notify a local fire department before starting an outdoor fire;
creating a criminal penalty." (allow a county to require people notify the
fire department before starting an outdoor fire)

HB 177, Larson, "Relating to housing prisoners in a tent or other facility
in lieu of a county jail." (allows housing prisoners in tents for their
entire sentence)

Criminal Procedure Reform, 10:30am, E2.028
HB 2804, Toth, "Relating to the creation of a commission to review certain
penal laws of this state." (creates a commission to review the
non-criminal parts of the Penal Code, the Controlled Substances Act, and
the motor vehicle laws

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