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Easy ways to get STARTED campaigning

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The most important thing you can do for the Ron Paul campaign is to help them acquire information about your local voters by becoming a precinct leader. This is a vital key toward winning every delegate in the state. It is very easy and consists of calling the voters in your precinct and asking them a series of questions and then entering the answers on Go here to get started.

Another thing you can do, with the help of the grassroots function on the campaigns website, is door-to-door canvassing. To do this you need reading material. I may have slim jims available for you so contact me and I'll give you what I can. In the meantime you can go here and print your own material.

For those of you uncomfortable with direct dialogues, and also for those who are, here is a list of other ways to circulate Ron Paul literature:

- Gas pumps are a great place to ronpaul because people are typically miffed about the inflated gas prices and Dr. Know is anti-inflation. You can tape a flyer to the pump, put them in the plastic boxes on top with credit card applications or metal signs with cardboard inserts, or just stick them in the pump handle.

- In a meeting room at the doctor's office, car wash or service station, stick fliers in the magazines, or just randomly on tables. Airplanes are also a great place for magazine stuffing.

- Newspaper stands - put in your quarters, open the door and stick a Ron Paul flier in every newspaper!

- It's Tax season! Grab a stack of instruction booklets for filing tax forms 1040 and 1040A. Go to the Files section and print copies of the Tax Booklet Flier and put a copy in each booklet. Then bring the booklets back to the post office for people to pick up

- If you get credit card applications or other junk mail with pre-paid postage envelopes in them, stick something about Ron Paul in the envelope and mail it back to them. Just don't forget to remove any identifying numbers or bar codes first. Also include material with the bills you pay.

- When dining out, be sure to leave a Keep the Tips slimjim or flyer with your generous tip!

- Get some shoe polish and write on the back glass of your vehicle "Who is Ron Paul?" Bumper stickers and/or car magnets are good too.

- Buy some sidewalk chalk in either can or stick form and write messages about Ron Paul in your neighborhood, local park or school campus.

- Other places to ronpaul: post offices, public restrooms, waiting rooms, bank drive-thru cylinders, hotel rooms, bulletin boards for posting business cards or other flyers, parking lots (in car door jams or under windshield wipers) - it's good to find vehicles with bumper stickers that display views that agree with Dr Paul's views.

- Write a letter about why you like Ron Paul and email it to everyone you think would be willing to listen. You can also send snail mail and when you do, include some printed material. I also suggest including a stamped envelope and add to the letter, "if you agree that Ron Paul is what this country needs, please use the enclosed envelope and send this material to someone else you think would agree."

- It's also good to write sincere letters to the editor of your local newspaper. If you listen to news radio that takes callers, give them a call!

- If nothing else, walk up to a stranger on the street or in the grocery store and say, "Excuse me, I'd like you to have this. Have a nice day!"

Just as important is communicating with the group. Please make an effort to check this board regularly and participate in the discussions. Any other suggestions you have please share!

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