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From: i4freedom
Sent on: Friday, September 7, 2012 3:17 PM

For those of you mad at the Republican'ts, let's end the parties:


Facebook – “End The Parties”


Here is a handout to help "3rd party" and independent candidates (except the last line is for Gary Johnson). 2 fit per page.

The case against the "wasted vote" argument

1. Voting against someone or for a lesser of the evils rather than the candidate you prefer (defensive voting) still yields evil. Hitler or Stalin? Neither. What happened to voting for candidates who are obedient to our U.S.A. Constitution?

2. Defensive voting has never worked. Instead our economy and government public servants are getting worse.

3. Defensive voting usually ignores the best candidate and all except 2 parties. Vote red, white and blue, not red or blue.

4. You sell out your opinion when you vote defensively. You give up your power to cause change for the better. You settle for the status quo or worse.

5. Defensive voting is interpreted to be a vote for the person voted for. No one knows why you voted the way you did except you. It is assumed that the politics of the winner is what people voted for.

6. We cannot predict the future. There is no way to know who will be a lesser of the evils especially since politicians lie. History proves that most Republicans and Democrats (Republicrats) continue to cause evil and harm to America.

7. Voting for a candidate you do not want elected is allowing the media and/or polls to make the choice for you. Think for yourself. Elections should not be popularity contests based on name fame (popular name, unknown person).

8. Voting the same way expecting different results is insane. Don’t be a sheeple. Dare to vote differently.

9. Voting is your "voice". Tell America (or state, county or city) your opinion. Future policy could change with enough votes.

10. Voting for the best candidate will stop the domination of the corrupt and greedy Republicrats and change their platforms.

11. An unprincipled vote is a wasted vote. Principles are not partisan. High standards for candidates is a source of pride.

12. "Third Party" and independent candidates (Jesse Ventura, Joe Lieberman,…) have won elections and have accomplished things when in office. This contradicts Duverger’s Principle/Law, which is a theory by Frenchman Maurice Duverger in the 1950s and has several flaws. Believing they cannot win is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Republicrats want you to believe this rumor. “Can’t never did anything.”

 13. Our U.S.A. Constitution was not made for parties and some of America’s founders disliked political parties (“factions”).

 14. “Voting 3rdparty will split the vote.” Which vote? Two parties split the vote. Some nations have 3 major parties and do just fine. Many American elections are nonpartisan with 3+ candidates. Both political sides (right and left) have“vote-splitters”.


15. If it is true that most politicians are “puppets” of certain organizations, unions and/or corporations, then it does not matter which party or “establishment” candidate you vote for. Most Republicrats are bought/on the take.

16. See “SPOiLER: How a Third Political Party Could Win”. Read DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans by Jesse Ventura


17. Just once, vote for the best candidate. You never know the outcome because you never tried it before. Please vote for liberty and our constitution by voting for Gary Johnson for president of the U.S.A.. www.GaryJohnson2012.com

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