Re: [ronpaul-93] Amnesty attempt again!!

From: Mike B.
Sent on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:16 AM
This is divisive. Most all the libertarians I 
know support open borders only in a free society 
not in a socialist tyranny as we have now. The 
taking of what belongs to someone and the giving 
it to someone else is the root of our perverted 
system. End the Income Tax, The FED, and all welfare.


At 09:56 AM 1/29/2013, you wrote:

>Open national border supporters such as 
>libertarians should consider the negative 
>consequences if foreigners are allowed into the U.S.A. at free will.
>1. Foreigners divide America with language 
>(verbal, written and body) and cultural 
>differences which leads to misunderstandings, 
>and violations of norms and laws. Birds of a 
>feather flock together. Many foreigners do not 
>want to assimilate to become Americanized. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
>2. Hurts our culture with chaos and 
>disagreements caused by cultural differences, 
>alters our social norms (less defined) and lowers our standards.
>3. Increased unemployment of natives (those born in the U.S.A.).
>4. Cost taxpayers money for translators, 
>government publications in other languages, 
>ethnic and “sensitivity training”, different 
>treatment of minorities, handouts (welfare, food 
>stamps,…), miinority departments at public schools, bilingual education….<
>5. Many foreigners bring their collectivist 
>ideas to America and expect Americans to adopt these unconstitutional ideas.
>6. Some foreigners come to America to escape 
>retribution for a crime or other wrong.
>7. Some foreigners come to America to commit 
>crimes to profit, get even for bad foreign 
>policy (“terrorism”) or “hey, hey, ho, ho, 
>Western culture’s got to go”. Foreigners commit the most crimes.
>8. Open borders would violate current national 
>law and our Constitution article IV, section 4, 
>and encourage the invasion as it did after the amnesty of 1986.
>9. Politicians who want amnesty do so for 
>political reasons (get more votes) only.
>These points indicate that even legal 
>immigration should be stopped. Close the borders (except for tourists)
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Michael Benoit
Ron Paul for President

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