another power grab

From: i4freedom
Sent on: Monday, April 8, 2013 9:51 AM

The collectivists/leftists are trying yet another strategy to get more power. And it is another one that individualists/conservatives may support. It is to get "statehood" for Washington, District of Columbia.

The "STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY IN DC COALITION" (also known as "Free DC") sent letters that said the people living in D.C. "are created equal"and "Justice and humans rights demand equal citizenship...". Sounds good but, here are the reasons why this is bad:

1. It is unconstitutional because a) Only Congress is allowed to legislate the "Seat of the Government" not to exceed "ten Miles square". - article I, section 8, second to the last paragraph. If D.C. becomes a state, a governor and legislature will likely be elected and will likely have control over the 3 branches of the federal government which are based (seated) in D.C.. b) It would get a representative in the House of Representatives and 2 senators, giving it 3 votes in Congress. c) D.C. is supposed to be a neutral (not in any state) place for the representatives of the states to meet.

2. If the people living in D.C. want to vote and have other rights and representation of those living in states, then they should move to a state. National representation is based on states rights, not people. Read our constitution. This is the reason for the Electoral College. Some collectivist lobbyists live in D.C.. They do not need any more power over our federal government than they now have.

3. D.C. became a corporation February 21, 1871 - Statutes at Large and U.S. Code title 28, section 3002 (15). So will a governor or a CEO control D.C. and probably everything within the state of D.C.?

4. America is supposed to be a republic (article IV, section 4), not a democracy.

5. Is Free DC a group of grassroots people or rich elite people who will profit from D.C. statehood? According to Free DC’s website www., they support the Democratic Party and involvement by "international bodies and foreign governments" in getting statehood. The D.C. statehood supporters want to get federal government money (our taxes) and fees from "non-profit organizations exempt from taxes". "DC Emancipation Day" is April 16.

6. The cost of adding a star to our flags and all of the other changes needed with 51 states is more than the bankrupt federal government can handle.

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